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Nancy Levant
April 25, 2006

�Visioning� is the 21st Century art of enhanced propaganda science. �Envisioners� are also called �facilitators,� and are trained in consensus building, community manipulation, homeowner association strategies, land and watershed confiscation, corporate intention, and eco-non-profit and partnership-based community management � or, in other words, Communitarian Law.

Visioning facilitators are people trainers. They manipulate people into consensus mindsets who then willingly agree to pre-packaged outcomes, which are ultimately corporate or profit-based outcomes. And many, many facilitators have set up shop in each and every one of America�s communities. Facilitator/trainers come disguised as experts in land and community development, local government, non-profit human service, business development, environmental experts, and in community �partnerships.�

Envisioning facilitators set up community meetings, with pre-designed meeting agendas, and devise the necessary scenarios to convince local people to agree with pre-defined and pre-funded goals. Envisioning the people in this manner is called psychosocial engineering. They use the same �instruction� strategies that are now used in all American public schools called �consensus building.� These strategies create new breeds of non-voting and groupthink citizens.

Envisioner-facilitators work to establish local area changes that are desired by co-joined governmental and corporate entities. They are the foot soldiers, so to speak, that prepare the way and the minds of local people for major changes forthcoming to their communities � all unbeknownst to them. This is what is called �public-private� initiatives � when local government joins together with corporations in efforts to pave the way for events, which have been pre-determined, funded, and planned for local communities. And this is why all changes to all American communities are identical.

For instance, planned communities, gated communities, deed-restricted communities, pedestrian walkways, road closings, commons areas, new parks, conservation initiatives, large carnivore reintroduction, conservation and buffered corridors or zones, historical designations, �green� environmental initiatives, etc., are the national and pre-planned efforts of governmental-corporate entities, and they all involve the permanent taking and locking down of American land that was formerly private property. Envisioners come into your cities and burgs to convince you that their plans are for the �greater good� of your communities. This is the Communitarian system of governance and law in action, and envisioners have been very effective, as this same strategy has been used to alter the entire American landscape.

But what about the people who don�t attend meetings and training sessions, or in other words, most of the American population? How have envisioning facilitators been able to reach most of America�s people when they do not attend local land planning or commission meetings?

�Visioning� has been used against us for a very long time. Remember when visioning was in black and white, and had only 2 or 3 channels? Now we have hundreds, maybe even thousands of visioning channels, AND we have remotes. We don�t have to leave our couches and can attend non-stop envisioning meetings without interruption to our mesmerization education.

Tele-visioning has been psychosocially upgraded, and it, too, has worked like a social re-engineering charm. Hence, we have become a blank, disinterested, and non-challenging citizenry.

We eat while envisioning. We allow our children to be baby-sat by the envisioner � morning, noon, and night. We buy them stacks and stacks of envisioning videos and games (we like to call them �educational� toys), and we support our schools so that they, too, can provide our children with school time envisioning screens and tele-visioning curricula.

When we get up in the mornings, we turn on the envisioner to be told if we can drive in snow, rain, or wind. We pay strict attention to our Emergency Broadcast System buzzer announcements. We watch the same morning shows - over and over and over again � each and every morning. Then we flock to our computer screens for email and gaming entertainments.

After work, we return to our envisioner to watch our local envisioning news about �community� efforts to make our neighborhoods �green and safe.� We watch and listen to our local movers and shakers, and their �green and safe� plans for our �communities.� We hear about all our �community partnerships� and funding � thanks to our �green and public safety-minded� state governors.

We watch the envisioner�s commercials. They charmingly show us new and wonderful �drugs� that Pfizer and other corporate bastions of human integrity have developed for experimental use by we, the hypnotic and easily addicted sheeple. And we watch the mantra commercials, with high-tech, flashy, and addictive visual and audio effects. We know all our commercials by heart.

Then we view our weekly addiction shows � you know the ones. Some with the one or two color backgrounds � like the mostly blue shows. The unending corpse shows, the graphic slice-and-dice murder shows � crime on an envisioning dime programming � I like to call it - and all in the company of our children, who take it into rote memory, over and over and over again.

Dear Americans, I would like to call for a moratorium on tele-visioning. In fact, I would like to see American people take their TV sets and drop them off at their cable companies, Washington D.C., or, better yet, into eco-recycling dumpsters. The damage that those boxes have caused to the American intellect is beyond all comprehension.

Tele-visioning has deteriorated our thought and logic processes, our efforts, our caring, our parenting, our personal relationships, our ability to converse, write, and read, our physical conditions, our ability to cook, and our thinking. Night after night, year after year, decade after decade, we are plugged into TVs and headphones to the point of drugged and mesmerized retardation. We know how to do nothing. We�ve lost the ability to perform standard skills and we�ve lost our ruggedness. This is by no accident.

And now we have our �representatives� enforcing mandatory �screenings� and �drugging� of children, pregnant women, new mothers, senior citizens, and eventually, all the rest of us. I refer you to the New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health, and it�s intention to have ALL AMERICANS �screened� for mental illness. They�re getting very, very close to completing that goal.

People! Year after year, we are sitting and watching heinous crime and dead bodies FOR ENTERTAINMENT! We are voyeuristically watching sex FOR ENTERTAINMENT. And for all you public tele-vision watchers, you are fed a steady diet of think tank-invented, land confiscation, science-for-profit scams FOR ENTERTAINMENT! Is there an American citizen who is capable of reading a book or Agenda 21 or the pending legislation in this nation? Is there an American citizen who is capable of turning off the tele-visioner without feeling uncomfortable with silence? Is there an American family who is capable of talking away the evening? Is there an American child who can function without a tele-visioner video, or a box with buttons and a joystick, or hypnotic and repetitive video games?

Turn them off, America. Turn off the damned things. It�s destroying your minds and all capacity to be useful people and parents. Read books. Study and create self-sufficiency. Read, as families, our Constitution and American history. Understand from whence you came and how we arrived at this dismal point in history. Understand freedom and understand it well, because the tele-visioning in both homes and schools have left the American populace ignorant, non-communicative, and highly controlled.

Add to this your beer, prescription drugs, restaurant addictions, and the cleverly imported black-market drug entertainments, and what�s left? Does the term �slave� ring a bell? How about the term �non-functioning?� Does the word �manipulated� come to mind, or maybe you just don�t want to talk about it. Maybe tele-vision, computer games, videos, debt, spiritual emptiness, and sustainable boredom float your boats.

Watch out, America. Psychosocial re-engineering is a daily fact of life in your homes, schools, and within all community planning. Turn off the tubes � lest you and/or your children can�t without a mental meltdown. Tele-visioning and gaming is, after all, a great way to ignore misery and a meaningful life. You are self-serving your apathy and your boredom. Perhaps you also take anti-depressants to further remove yourselves from any feeling or meaning whatsoever. Perhaps you could be chemically numb and blank all the time, while others force their politics and missions over your life, your children, your future, and your freedom� while you remain incapable of caring.

Get your brains out of the tele-toilets and computer games. Visioning programming is erasing your ability to think, to act, and to raise intelligent children. Read your scriptures, read history, and re-open your hearts and spirits. The brain will follow.

Remember that �visioning� is not new. We�ve been successfully tele-visioned for 70+ years. The damage is multi-generational � as the condition of this nation so aptly demonstrates. And now, professional envisioning facilitators and trainers are re-wiring the minds of your local officials and movers and shakers, AND they are connecting and entrapping your communities to grant-based partnerships that will become YOUR community masters and dictatorships.

Tell-a-vision. Get that vision implanted into the minds of the people, who are considered to be in the way of corporate profit. Manipulate and change sub-human locals into corporate servants of profit. Get them to give up their private property and to live as directed. These are the missions of America�s new stakeholding leaders, and we are losing our nation due to our media-mindless willingness to follow.

Tell-a-vision is just that � an electronic envisioner that is de-programming America, Christianity, and Constitutional freedom right out of your heads � exactly as the public schools are doing in each and every American classroom. Tell-a-vision is an epidemic virus that is destroying the ability of the people to save their nation and freedom. If we don�t beat this addiction to screen entertainments, this nation doesn�t have a sovereign prayer, and neither does your freedom.

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It�s more than dumbing us down, folks. It�s psychiatric consciousness transformation using every means and mode of visual and audio anesthesia. Your TV is a hypno-drug, and it�s turning American people into subservient and incapable citizens. This makes easy work of taking down America and your Constitutional rights. This fight demands nothing short of active citizen participation, united by knowledge, and in massive numbers. If tonight you�re sitting on your butts watching TV, you�re inactively destroying this nation by succumbing to the weapon of mass media envisioning, and you are losing your freedom!

� 2006 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed her new book "The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female." to be released May 2006. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.










Tell-a-vision is just that � an electronic envisioner that is de-programming America, Christianity, and Constitutional freedom right out of your heads � exactly as the public schools are doing in each and every American classroom.