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Nancy Levant
April 18, 2006

Intellectualism has always been problematic because it creates classism. On the one hand, highly educated people are needed, but as the sheeple know, most collapse immediately into the same psychology as new money � a superiority-based arrogance.

Since 5 �supreme� people in our entire nation declared the demise of U.S. private property rights, and since this was not an issue upon which the nearly 290 million American citizens were permitted to vote, �appointed� power becomes dangerously problematic. Most people are now realizing that America is no longer operating Constitutionally, but rather according to the dictates and profits of elitist intellectuals. Historically speaking, freedom is, and always has been, based upon land and gun rights.

I have spent many years responding to irate Americans. And the question that is repeated is, �Why are they doing this to us?� And, of course, the short answer is globalism. The enhanced version includes the central banking system/cabal. Between the two are the United Nations and Agenda 21, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the Federal Reserve Corporation, the International Monetary Fund, national cleansing, monitoring, profiling, and databasing, and high-tech genocidal technologies.

The problem not only for American people, but also for people of all nations, is that we are not privy to truth. All humanity, in fact, lives in a perpetual state of propagandistic, high-tech, educational, and religious manipulation. Mass media is the greatest tool and weapon that the globalists have used, to date, to fuel the ignorance and apathy of human kind. The question of �why� is simply said � money and power. Sadly, it is, in fact, money and power that are accomplishing totalitarian and global domination.

Intellectualism is a quandary, for what has it given mankind? Mankind is sicker than it has ever been. Mankind is witnessing the demise of freedom and liberty on a global scale. Mankind is angrier than it has ever been, and on a global scale. Entire continents and nations suffer endlessly and to no avail. Poverty is widespread and greater in percentage than in any other time in human history due to debt � from national debt, orchestrated war debt, state debt, local debt, to personal debt. This is an important concept for Westernized people to understand. If you carry a mortgage, a car payment or two, and credit card debt, you are completely, functionally, totally, and this is key - permanently bankrupt.

Our government has been strategically bankrupted to meet very specific and global ends and means. Elites, their puppet politicians, their central banking systems, their bureaucracies, and their corporations created our national bankruptcy to disassemble our Constitutional government. The intellectual elite, the ones who now determine the fates of entire nations, and ours in particular, are the world�s wealthiest people. They are primarily white multi-millionaires and billionaires. These are the people who own the corporations and philanthropic organizations that select and elect politicians - globally. In America, an honest vote was corrupted decades ago and is now only a token tradition. The candidates of elite choosing are our only options. Either political party � the elite globalists win.

Intellectualism has degraded into elite commissions, councils, and groups who meet behind closed doors to implement illegalities that ensure the continuance and growth of their power and wealth. In truth, the world is encased in a class war between the educated super-rich and the rest of humanity. The aristocrats, who absolutely believe they are superior beings, are subjugating humanity and turning all into debt-ridden and relentlessly taxed and landless tenants.

It is fascinating to watch as these elites attempt to explain to the world their intellectual schemes for globalism. It is fascinating to watch C-SPAN as members of U.N. commissions, The Brookings Institute, and heads of state wince and squirm through televised appearances. Their lies and arrogance demonstrate not only their contempt for humanity, but also their fear. And this is why they have given so much of our tax dollars and corporate profits to genocidal research, new paramilitary groups, orchestrated wars, and weapons technology. They are very fearful, for they know exposure is forthcoming, as is pure hell on Earth, which they strategize to a tee.

Our juncture is upon us, and theirs upon them. Their greed and arrogance is dark and pathological, but their ultimate missions are also to be enacted upon every man, woman, child, and acre on Earth. What we are witnessing is the expression of an absolutely mad intellectualism that grew from the fears of the world�s richest people. It�s them and our stolen money against us.

It�s their globally funded ecology and post-normal, grant funded scientists against our rights to own private property, to reproduce and have children, and to co-exist with our planet. Many of these scientists anxiously await the media darling called �pandemic.� Many await the perfected and manufactured super viruses to help that dream come to fruition.

So, the question of the value of contemporary intellectualism and �expertise� stands directly before the world�s masses, especially as we are the thorns in the sides of the world�s elites. Perhaps there are simply too many of us to ensure their continuance as undisputed leaders. And we, too, have fallen victim to ourselves in our continued support of those we have also considered to be �superior.� Maybe it�s time for the intellectuals to stop waggin� the dogs � meaning us. Maybe it�s way past time to pack up and bite back.

Seriously, folks, if they are crazy enough to believe they can micro-manage all of nature � meaning every living creature - plant and animal - then don�t you think we�re looking at severe and extreme mental illness, to coin another one of their global initiatives? Who, exactly, should be �screened� for pathological arrogance, for oppressive over-mastering including genocidal ideations? Every American school child and citizen, or pathological liars who smile at us on television while knowingly lying and planning to steal freedom and rape the planet of its natural resources for MORE profit?

As a fellow patriot so aptly stated, when someone delivers dollars unto you with the right hand, keep a close watch on the left. There are those amongst us who, while seemingly fighting for freedom, have also foolishly partnered themselves to radical environmentalism, deep ecology, Gaia, and the like. Many, many people have been caught up in the �Save Mother Nature� movement. The land that is being locked down for �nature�s sake� is going to be directly delivered into the hands of the world�s global mega-corporations � mining, lumbering, fresh water, gas and oil, etc.

If you�re taking grant money to �protect nature� from mankind, you�re fallen into the globalism trap of eliminating freedom. You�d better investigate your grantor partnerships. It�s pretty much guaranteed that they will lead you to Agenda 21�s one-world government and public-private dictatorship. Once you�ve succeeded in locking down all land, your �ecology� efforts won�t be needed, and your grant dollars, along with your gullibility, will dry up like the Klamath Basin. If you think for 5 seconds that your corporate and/or philanthropic money masters are interested in preserving �nature,� then you, too, need a mental health screening. And the same goes for the �Faith-Based (aka globalism) Initiatives. Watch the left hand.

Keep a very close eye on all your �local� elites, movers, and shakers � particularly your county commissioners or, board of supervisors as they are called in some counties. If you are experiencing �parks initiatives� in your towns and burgs, and if new land developers, land trusts, and land funds are buying up your local lands, AND if mineral rights are locally wheeling and dealing, WATCH THE LEFT HAND of your county commissioners. �Partnership-ing and stakeholding� pads local pockets and bank accounts. Keep your eyes wide open and attend all county commission/land use/planning meetings.

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Demand to know who your commissioners are working with and with whom they partner, and disallow any �trading� or �selling� of local land. This is not the job of county commissioners. And remember; keep all findings very, very public. Scamming is the modus operandi for 95% of all governmental agents, elites, and land venturers. The reason we are losing our power as citizens is because we are losing our land rights. The landless, in all nations, and in all of human history, are the powerless and the victimized. As previously stated, freedom is directly tied to land ownership and gun rights. Dictatorships are historically and irrefutably tied to aristocrats, elites, their political puppets, and their governmental and bureaucratic sorcery. Partnerships and stakeholders ARE the left hand, and they are permanently taking your land from YOU.

Read Devvy Kidd, Michael Ruppert, Edwin Vieira, Steven Yates, Niki Raapana, and see Aaron Russo�s new documentary �America: From Freedom to Fascism.� For the first time in your lives, be a dutiful citizen, and prepare yourselves for self-reliant living. When chaos is strategically planned, plan for chaos.

� 2006 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed 'The Collapse of Intuition', a non-fiction book about the decline of instinctual and intuitive abilities in American women. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.










If you�re taking grant money to �protect nature� from mankind, you�re fallen into the globalism trap of eliminating freedom. You�d better investigate your grantor partnerships. It�s pretty much guaranteed that they will lead you to Agenda 21�s one-world government and public-private dictatorship.