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Nancy Levant
January 31, 2006

I received an email from a reader who raked me over the coals. In a nutshell, he asked me what my problem was, pussyfooting around the severity of our tyrannical crisis. He asked me why I wasn�t �sounding the alarm� that our country could be, at any moment in time, captured by Martial Law and our new and readied paramilitary systems, with the immediate (and permanent) suspension of the United States Constitution.

He asked me why I hadn�t told the American people to stock up on guns and ammunition, to immediately buy and store 18 months worth of food, water, alternate heat sources, fuel, and lighting, medical supplies, and all other needs in the event of a full-blown power grid failure. He asked me why I hadn�t told people to get out of the heavily populated areas.

In my defense, I wrote him back and told him that I had written many articles to that effect, and equally, I went back to reread those article to ensure myself that I had done what he had demanded. And sure enough, I had suggested that people understand preparedness, and to begin the process of self-sufficiency. But lo and behold, in the tone of these articles, I had not sounded the alarm � not in earnest, and not to a serious enough degree to light fires beneath the citizenry, which, as you know, is the nature and intent of my articles. In fact, I have pussyfooted around the issue of preparedness. Therefore, to this reader I say, touch�! You were (are) right. Therefore, today, I�m going to sound the alarm.

Here is the alarming call to my countrymen: Our president has given himself, and himself alone, dictatorial powers over this nation. In doing so, he has broken the laws of this nation. It is the DUTY of Congress to begin hearings and provide a special prosecutor to investigate these criminal activities to initiate the impeachment process. They are not doing so, and I suggest they will not, being complicit players in the illegal activities of this administration. Treason is afoot.

Executive orders, issued by many presidents, have also provided singular, dictatorial powers, and the right to declare Martial Law in this nation, which will suspend ALL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of every American citizen. FEMA has been raised to a paramilitary organization, the Department of Homeland Security has been raised to a paramilitary organization; the cross-training of local law enforcement with military, foreign military, and military arsenals and weapons has been accomplished, and, through the Department of Justice, a fully funded Community Oriented Policing Services has implemented spying initiatives in cities, small communities, and deed-restricted communities all across America � all in the name of �terrorism.�

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft stated, in defense of the USA Patriot Act:

For those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this:

Your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve." (Source: Press Report, Center for Public Integrity)

FBI Director Robert Mueller stated before the Senate Committee on Intelligence, February 16, 2005, the following:

�The right-wing patriot movement�remains a continuing threat to America today.�

Also, read the Special FBI Report, The Megiddo Program. See what knowledge of globalization means to American citizens working to prevent the overthrow of the American government. SEE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE A POLITICAL OPINION IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Read about your right to dissension:

Also, consider the following that is now standard fare, or up and coming in this, our nation:

  • ELF and HAARP technology
  • RFID technology
  • Verichips, Real ID

Compulsory Mental Health Screening of ALL people (New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health)

  • COPS (Community Oriented Policing Service)
  • Psychotronic/electromagnetic weapons technology
  • Partnership/Stakeholding/NGO bureaucracies
  • Eminent Domain
  • GPS
  • GIS
  • Global Mapping
  • Digital Video Recording Systems
  • Stun Guns
  • Internet/search engine monitoring
  • Spy camera technologies
  • Legislated weather modification
  • Civilian Labor Prison Camps
  • Operation TIPS
  • TIA � Total Information Awareness
  • Panoptical technology
  • DNA collections and databases
  • The Premises ID by new lawmaking body
  • The USDA
  • The Patriot Act II

You get the picture? Now, let us also stomach and face the following:

  • The U.N. Global Compact
  • The World Trade Organization & International Monetary Fund
  • The Federal Reserve Corporation
  • The International Criminal Court
  • FTAA
  • The Inter-American Democratic Charter (adopted on September 11, 2001) via the Organization of American States Regional Governance (Executive Order 11647),
  • The Trans Texas Corridor � Mexico to Canada
  • The Rio Earth Summit
  • The U.N. Biological Diversity Treaty
  • The Millennium Development Goals
  • The World Economic Forum
  • The Group of 8
  • The Commission on Global Governance
  • Agenda 21
  • The Supreme Court Kelo vs. New London ruling
  • The Congress for New Urbanization
  • Seville Strategy of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves
  • The CFR and Trilateral Commission
  • Communitarianism

Well, let�s see � terrorism on the one hand � planned and enforced global government on the other� Create crisis - implant new government on the one hand - or terrorism on the other? You decide. Re-wire the thinking of American people by the total reinvention of public education on the one hand - or terrorism on the other hand. Iran and nuclear ambitions on the one hand � or the international oil markets - the largest markets in the world are global oil and gas trades. Stop Iranian nukes or try to avoid the total destruction of the NYSE�

And now for your continued reading displeasure, the American Biosphere Reserves, as per the command of the United Nations. This list does not include the �conservations corridors and buffer zone acreages, which re-surround these reserves. Following the reading of lands that are no longer ours, though we continue to be taxed for their maintenance, you decided if the permanent taking of this land from we, the people, is about �terrorism� or global government. Also note that 1 hectare = 2.47 acres:

U.N. Designated Biosphere Reserves in the U.S.

Aleutian Islands, Designated: 1976
Beaver Creek, Designated: 1976
Big Bend, Designated: 1976
Cascade Head, Designated: 1976
Central Plains, Designated: 1976
Channel Islands, Designated: 1976
Coram, Designated: 1976
Denali, Designated: 1976
Desert, Designated: 1976
Everglades & Dry Tortugas, Designated: 1976
Fraser, Designated: 1976
Glacier, Designated: 1976
H.J. Andrews, Designated: 1976
Hubbard Brook, Designated: 1976
Jornada, Designated: 1976
Luquillo, Designated: 1976
Noatak, Designated: 1976
Olympic, Designated: 1976
Organ Pipe Cactus, Designated: 1976
Rocky Mountain, Designated: 1976
San Dimas, Designated: 1976 Area (hectares)
San Joaquin, Designated: 1976
Sequoia-Kings Canyon, Designated: 1976
Stanislaus-Tuloumne, Designated: 1976
Three Sisters, Designated: 1976
Virgin Islands, Designated: 1976
Yellowstone, Designated: 1976
Konza Praire, Designated: 1978
Niwot Ridge, Designated: 1979
University of Michigan Biological Station, Designated: 1979
Virginia Coast, Designated: 1979
Hawaiian Islands, Designated: 1980
ark Service
Isle Royale, Designated: 1980
Big Thicket, Designated: 1981
Guanica, Designated: 1981
California Coast Ranges, Designated: 1983
Central Gulf Coast Plain, Designated: 1983
South Atlantic Coastal Plain, Designated: 1983
Mojave and Colorado Deserts, Designated: 1984
Carolinian-South Atlantic, Designated: 1986
Glacier Bay - Admiralty Island, Designated: 1986
Golden Gate, Designated: 1988
New Jersey Pinelands, Designated: 1988
Southern Appalachian, Designated: 1988
Champlain-Adirondack, Designated: 1989

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
Mammoth Cave Area, Designated: 1990,
Land Between the Lakes Area, Designated: 1991

Also note that the United Nations calls for �new Biosphere Reserve� nominations each and every year. Big ecology organizations and their corporate and governmental partners are nominating more of our land - annually. And the �Administrative Authorities,� are United Nations �partners� as the world�s Biosphere Reserves are the invention and mandate of the United Nations. Look up MAB.

Okay, America. Have I sounded enough of an alarm for you to ACT? Do you get the BIG picture? Are you ready for what is coming in this nation? Do you understand that the current condition of the United States of America and its new paramilitary system has something to do with planned elimination of our Constitutional government so that the global government may step in to physically own and govern this nation? Do you understand the chartered and treaty�d theft of our rights to ownership of private property? Now how do you think we missed the boat, the information, and the hidden and buried legislation that has allowed for this tyranny? I�ll tell you � terrorism � the daily, non-stop creation of fear that has sidetracked our national intellect and brainpower. The Inter-American Democratic Charter was adopted on 911, folks � September 11, 2001. Its adoption was not reported � not to us.

Should we fear �terrorism?� You bet � and especially when it is used to destroy our nation from within. Will we be attacked by the �terrorists� again? Well, let me put it this way � absolutely. To finish the job of permanently destroying the United States of America via a declaration of nation-wide Martial Law, another national �crisis� will absolutely be required. That way, we can all cower and rally around the new American dictators and whatever decisions they enforce in the name of security.

You want security? Force each and every one of your state legislatures to reinstate their Constitutional militias, as per the homeland security instructions in our Constitution. Arm the American masses. Then you will see security against insurgents and tyrants. Otherwise, cower on and permanently lose your nation, along with your 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, and the others - one way or another.

Get ready for crisis, and get yourselves prepared. I am sounding the alarm. The global government is coming. And frankly, it could come at any moment. Watch for the pull out of the stock market (eyes open?). Watch for upper echelon American investors to leave the country. Watch for an invasion into another Mid-Eastern nation, which will almost certainly bring retaliation to the homeland. Watch the Mid-East switch to an Islamic gold dinar standard or the euro. Watch for Martial Law and the subsequent �help� of the United Nations. Watch your Federal Reserve notes die a permanent death. Watch American politicians go underground and appear only on television (which we are very used to). Watch the total economic devastation of America due to its debt � thanks to the Federal Reserve Corporation and the international oil markets.

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Now, the question is � are you prepared for the permanent take-over of this nation? Once done, you won�t get it back � surely you know this. And hopefully having satisfied my reader, I suggest to you that our days (not years) to act are numbered, and particularly so since the current administration is being sued, via multiple law suits, for their illegal activities AGAINST and contrary to the laws of the Constitution � you know, that g-d piece of paper. The alarm has been sounded. Get yourselves ready for self-maintenance for a good long time. 6 to 18 months is my guess. I think our world is about to change - more.

� 2006 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed 'The Collapse of Intuition', a non-fiction book about the decline of instinctual and intuitive abilities in American women. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.









Get ready for crisis, and get yourselves prepared. I am sounding the alarm. The global government is coming. And frankly, it could come at any moment. Watch for the pull out of the stock market (eyes open?). Watch for upper echelon American investors to leave the country. Watch for an invasion into another Mid-Eastern nation...