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Nancy Levant
January 14, 2006

What does it mean to be �conservative?� What does it mean to be �liberal?� Furthermore, who invented the definitions of political conservatism and liberalism? I will tell you who defined them � your television sets and their talking heads, who are owned, operated, and forced to say what their owners mandate. Hence, you now have 2 political parties, which have been totally �re-created� by corporately owned media to 1) relay to you your political opinions, and 2) to insist upon your political illusions. Herein lies the problem; you don�t really know or understand your political opinions, as they have been �manufactured� for you for decades.

One of the primary and orchestrated scams that pulverized the American citizen, American nationalism, and the power of the American vote was and is abortion. This issue split the traditionally religious from the non-religious, and it turned citizens on both sides of the issue into haters. It also put all women into precarious political positions. No one likes or approves of abortion until their daughter is raped and impregnated by a beast. Right suddenly, the legal right to abortion comes to the forefront of the soul. And the decisions to be made are painful, soul-searching decisions. But even barring all this, the fact that the abortion issue turned �the 2 sides� into opposing haters is factual.

What is interesting to me is how people can rage against abortion, and at the same time totally ignore and refuse to read Agenda 21, The Earth Charter, to understand sustainable development, traitorous governance, and the current and systematic corralling of mankind. I guess we can call this selective morality or maybe political morality.

Another orchestrated scam that pulverized our national sensibility was and is the issue of immigration. This is, by the way, a masterful scam. As America historically welcomed the poor and huddled masses, and was exemplified by its acceptance of all people from all nations, and as America was built by people from different nations and religious backgrounds, the current immigration issue is fascinating, indeed!

Are you conservative or liberal if you allow America to accept all foreigners and help them get started? Are you conservative or liberal if you want all borders closed and foreign immigration to cease and desist? Are you conservative or liberal if you want to secure the homeland from the �terrorism� you are told is rampant and bankrupting our nation, while our national borders are not only held open for all terrorists and criminals, but are also being secretly dismantled? See the Inter-American Democratic Charter, adopted in Peru on September 11, 2001, for details ( The media somehow permanently missed this story.

Or how about the orchestrated scam that is working furiously at crumbling our national solidarity called devious and manufactured environmentalism? Are you conservative or liberal when it comes to the melding of the Biosphere Reserves in the U.S. � the ones that are surrounded with �conservation corridors,� and then re-surrounded with �buffer zones?� And as these Biosphere Reserves, their conservation corridors, and buffer zones begin to physically overlap; and as we the people are no longer allowed to buy or occupy these Reserves, corridors, or zones, are you a conservative or a liberal when you discover that your physical nation is being bought up and administered by global organizations, their global eco-partnerships, land trust organizations, and NGOs?

And are you conservative or liberal when you discovered that your elected representatives treatied, chartered, compacted, and signed Memorandums of Understanding decades ago that gave birth to the system that allows foreign entities and global corporations to purchase the largest land tracts and watershed systems in our nation? And when you discovered that the United Nations has called for the global control of ALL fresh water AND has called for the permanent end of ALL private ownership of property � stating specifically that all land and fresh water should be owned and controlled by global governmental entities, tell me�are you then a conservative or a liberal?

And when you discovered that all the Biosphere Reserves, globally, their conservation corridors, and buffer zones are ALL bubbling above AND beneath their surfaces with oil, natural gas, coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, platinum, palladium, phosphates, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, potash, silver, tungsten, zinc, petroleum, fresh water, and/or timber, the most valuable natural resources on the planet, what affect did that knowledge have on your conservative or liberal values?

And then there are the public schools. Are you a conservative or a liberal as you shell out more and more money to fund the deliberate intellectual damaging of your children? Does forcing sexual curriculum and questionnaires upon your elementary-aged children create and support your conservatism or your liberalism? AND the Medicaid-school-big pharma partnerships that guarantee schools do everything in their power to get your child addicted to drugs in exchange for Medicaid funding; do these facts support your conservative values or your liberal values?

As you might realize, we the people have a very serious problem with our �opinions� and ourselves. We don�t know what is going on in our nation, and our conservative AND liberal �elected� are dismantling our nation and our form of government directly beneath our noses. And all the while, we proudly boast of our �conservative values� or our �liberal values.� This is the biggest joke of all, and we are not only the brunt of the joke, we are paying for our nation�s dismantling, paying for Communist social systems to overtake our nation, and at the same time are the actual victims of our insane ignorance. No wonder our Red and Blue leadership is always smiling.

Anyone who continues to support Democrats or Republicans EVER AGAIN is not only a fool and an ignoramus, but also a fully brainwashed and manipulated tool for the globalists and their specific intentions to take down the U.S. of A. And mark my words - all you conservatives and liberals � you will live to see the day when you will never again be a conservative or a liberal-minded person. You will live to see the day when you are told what your opinions will be in exchange for food, housing, and water. You will be told that you are a Communitarian or you are an enemy of the �common good,� which is the ultimate goal of Communism and corporate profit. You will live to see the day when the Constitution is, first, suspended, and then kicked to the curb and replaced with the Communitarian Manifesto � aka the Communist Manifesto.

Under both Bush�s and Clinton, the quintessential conservative and liberal manipulators, we have lost the most valuable landmasses in our nation. Nearing 90% of the Great Lakes region, 90% of Alaska, nearing 85% of the American West, the Appalachian Range rapidly following suit, and ALL coastal regions and major rivers in the United States, where, at best, only deed-restricted living is now allowed, we are literally losing our physical nation to FOREIGN controllers, who are bankers and corporations. AND these same people hold ALL of America�s debt � ALL of it. We are a purposefully bankrupted nation with no industry left to repay these globalist debtors. They are taking our physical and cultural nation in repayment, and this is directly a result of our Democratic and Republican Party leadership and their global wheeling, scamming, and dealing.

American people, we have to unite, in mass, against the machine. To hell with conservatism or liberalism! We have got to stop feeding our egos with these �manufactured� labels that were specifically created to divide us AND OUR POLITICAL POWER TO CONTROL OUR ELECTED! If we don�t tell them, together, and in one voice, to step down, then we are going to serve Communism in the United States. We are going to be Communists called �Communitarians,� which is the sugarcoated term for Communists. If you can�t see the writing on the wall and the land masses now administered by the United Nations (World Heritage Sites), then you are literally blind and out of your minds. If you can�t see the nightmares in the public school system � the one�s destroying your children�s potential and their futures � then, again, you are literally out of your minds.

The next �catastrophe� will be the final catastrophe for the United States of America. If Martial Law is declared in this nation, and all systems are �go� for that decision to be made, it�s over, folks. We will never again get back our nation, our constitutional freedoms, and civil/human rights. From that point on, the globalists WILL take over, and we will be their victims. Then see what your conservatism or liberalism will do for you. By then, your right to any opinions, whatsoever, will be permanently taken. If in doubt, read history or, better yet, read Beverly Eakman�s Chronicles, October, 2004, pp 28-29, which report:

�In Aug., 2003, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced the results of their $1.2 million tax-payer funded study. It stated, essentially, that traditionalists are mentally disturbed. Scholars from the Universities of Maryland, California at Berkeley, and Stanford had determined that social conservatives, in particular, suffer from �mental rigidity,� �dogmatism,� and �uncertainty avoidance,� together with associated indicators for mental illness.�

Here�s the future of your opinion, your conservatism, and your liberalism. If you disagree with the machine, the machine will diagnose you, medicate you, and/or place you in a receptacle or center or cell or camp where you won�t influence anyone. If traditional opinions are now diagnosable via �scholars� whose �research� is funded by globalist philanthropic groups and their corporations, then we are all in very serious trouble � conservatives and liberals, alike. Anyone who disagrees with the world�s most wealthy and elite globalists is slated for physical and/or pharmaceutical �retention� in one way or another. You will also find this same �scholarly� system operating in every public school in the United States, thanks to Bush�s New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health.

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Better wake up and smell the vast criminal enterprise. Your nation is being destroyed from within by your vote and your party loyalty. That 2-Party loyalty is rapidly, and very systematically, destroying your Constitution and your Constitutional rights. The Republican Party AND the Democratic Party ARE the Globalists. They are UNITED globalists.

� 2006 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed 'The Collapse of Intuition', a non-fiction book about the decline of instinctual and intuitive abilities in American women. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.











What is interesting to me is how people can rage against abortion, and at the same time totally ignore and refuse to read Agenda 21, The Earth Charter, to understand sustainable development, traitorous governance, and the current and systematic corralling of mankind.