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By Nancy Levant
August 7, 2009

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is not a new concept. It is, however, a new-age term for the Hegelian Dialectic. Call it what you want, the global results are the same.

In order to achieve one-world governance, existing systems all over the globe had to be dismantled and eliminated. For instance, national sovereignty, national loyalty, national patriotism, personally selected lifestyles, individual beliefs and preferences, and naturally occurring communities versus socially engineered "communities" had to be dismantled, eliminated, and redefined by think tankers financed by philanthropic and government money.

In order to achieve such a tremendous undertaking, money (specifically wages) had to be strategically controlled. Hence, the wildly successful America had to eliminate its jobs. Jobs = wages. Wages = personally selected lifestyles, individual beliefs and preferences, and naturally occurring communities.

Next, the one-world think tankers told us that love of country and specifically patriotism led to "ethnic" battles, conflicts, and domestic terrorism. They also told us that the political expression of and belief in individual freedom was the religious concept of chronically stupid and terrorist-leaning radicals. Keeping in mind that America always accepted immigrants from every country - immigrants and their religious beliefs - the wealthy think tankers decided to incorporate illegal immigration in order that America could be far more "multicultural" and at the same time elevate "racism" to new definitions and levels.

Multi-million illegal immigrants + multi-million jobs eliminated + multi-million nationals losing jobs and homes = a new and improved recipe for racism. Why, you ask? The reasons why are obvious: 1) People are blamers by nature, 2) "race cards" have always been political manipulators and weapons for all kinds of people and agendas, and 3) all people are more comfortable around life-kinds, which is exactly why the world is divided up into like-kind regions. It is called human nature. In the natural world, it is called biology. However, in the world of social engineering on a global scale, it is called the collection of private property, individual freedom, privately owned guns, personal opinions, and middle class wages. It is called the assured collecting of global wealth and natural resources from the world's people. It is called socially engineered theft on a highly professional scale. The wealthy think tankers and the Caucasian powers behind them claim they stand for fairness and equity for the rabble work forces of the world. However, the world remains embroiled in non-stop wars, genocides, death by unusual disease and unnecessary hunger, and growing poverty--except for the world's top and constant one or two percent.


Creative Destruction commands the slow death of nature. In order to achieve the global collection of private property under corporate global governance, nature had to become terminally ill, so we were told, by the merciless treatment of the land-owning rabble. However, before we the rabble were told of our merciless treatment of nature, hundreds of millions of acres all over the world were locked down, without our knowledge, in the form of Biosphere Reserves, conservation corridors, and World Heritage Sites. (To this day, ask your neighbors about Biosphere Reserves. They've never heard of them).

Add to these hundreds of millions of acres every individual burg's watershed systems, state, local, and Federal parks, all the "governed" wetlands, not to mention 90% of the American West and 95% of the State of Alaska and the "international territories" of the Great Lakes "region," Cascadian "region," and the now infamous Southwestern International Border "region" where America's first Third World guerilla war between international drug cartels is currently taking place as the Creative Destruction mechanism for assisting the United Nations to eliminate the Second Amendment. Isn't it amazing to watch America become a Third World loser nation by Creative Destructive design? Who would have thought it, and it took a bunch of Ivy Leaguers to come up with this extraordinary plan to enrich themselves through financial service to their billionaire masters. You go, boys and girls!

Creative Destruction is actually an excellent oxymoron - certainly one of the top ten best of all time - but it is still and only the Hegelian Dialectic. For me, it is sad to think of those who could have stood for and funded truth. Imagine what could have happened if the world's criminal governing cartels would have been exposed by their many insiders, flunkies, prostitutes, and the few who surely understood The Plan in action. Specifically, think of America's wealth in Hollywood, for instance, or in the music or publishing businesses. Think of the many people who were blessed with great success in this country. How sad that not one person came forward to champion freedom from criminal governing cartels and elite thieves. How sad that they ran with the pack to protect themselves instead of championing truth and actual freedom for the world's people. How sad that we are crushed over and over and over again by the mind and heart-numbing sin of greed. How sad that wealth-based arrogance leads to the fear of humanity, which always leads to inhumanity.

As we walk ourselves straight into another dark period of human history, freedom will disappear from our consciousness as we experience the Creative Destruction of the potential for global human freedom. Once the best government that the world ever produced is forgotten, and the last generation of Constitution-understanding people is gone, Socialism/Fascism/Communism, or as the wealthy think tankers like to call it - Communitarianism - will once again try to repress the world's masses by reducing them to useful (translation: lowly paid) laborers for the sole advantage of the world's one percent. This we call democracy.

Creative Destruction has produced world democracy. And this is why America now hires and operates a homeland paramilitary consisting of international forces - a new system which holds practice drills in our cities and rural areas in case of, what?...who knows? Ask the wealthy think tankers. My guess is the much advertised pandemic, which will make triple billionaires of even more pharmaceutical corporations while ensuring the democracy of massive global depopulation goals. At any rate, I'm sure the paramilitary connection is thoroughly mapped out as that reality continues to internationalize its growing forces.

It is also important to understand that Creative Destruction works in unexpected ways. For example, you will find this article disturbing:

Couple this article with current military plans to assist FEMA with new and forthcoming quarantine laws, and the plot sickens. Just realize that something is afoot in this new nation of ours, and all is seemingly planned. There should be nothing as frightening to you as 1) a seemingly planned pandemic, 2) a new homeland paramilitary for American civilians, 3) forcing vaccines into your bodies, and 4) plans to force-quarantine (translation: imprison) American people for being sick with a designer virus.

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Creative Destruction? I would say so.

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In order to achieve one-world governance, existing systems all over the globe had to be dismantled and eliminated. For instance, national sovereignty, national loyalty, national patriotism, personally selected lifestyles, individual beliefs and preferences, and naturally occurring communities versus socially engineered....