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By Nancy Levant
July 17, 2009

Electric fencing, shock collars, GPS tethers, sub-dermal chips... don't you love animal control? And speaking of animals, Michigan's Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative is investing a few bucks into GPS tether devices so that our communities will be safe when criminals, who were sentenced to serve time for crimes against communities, are set free and given counseling, mentoring, jobs, and GPS tethers. Wow. They land jobs, in Michigan no less, with tracking collars. What a concept…and one that has worked well for cattle and swine. I suppose tracking technology might as well be used for people….in order that communities are safe.

As usual, what we don't see or comprehend is staggering. Tagging animals and tagging humanity is good for our communities? That is what our New Society think tanks (government), corporations (government), and their financial parasites (stakeholders spies) would have us believe.
We are told that tagging people, which means implanting digital devices beneath the skin or otherwise placing micro-devices into or onto human bodies, is a wonderful thing. Much like tagged dogs and game, we can now track children and equally spy upon their minute-by-minute activities. We currently tag elders in case they wander off - much the same as we tag our released prisoners who also tend to wander. So, let us be clear: We tag the youngest members of society with biometric ID cards, which they are required to carry/wear at school, and with the same ID cards arriving into our homes every day when our children are released. We tag employees of corporations with biometric ID cards, which they are also required to wear, and which go into homes every night upon the bodies of their human resources. We tag prisoners who are required by law to wear tags, and we tag senior citizens because we are good, kind, and wonderful people who don't want to lose our elders or to have a mix-up with their pharmaceutical cocktails.

All university students and staff are required to carry biometric ID cards. All hospitals tag employees and patients with ID cards and bracelet tags of many sorts, widths, and colors. I believe welfare recipients and those collecting unemployment receive ID cards to access their benefits, and in many, many, many buildings of many, many, many sorts, you cannot enter into rooms or offices or hallways without biometric ID keys, with the same being said for hotels.

Then we must consider biometric pricing. Several years ago we remember when our favorite Chinese super-store decided to "tag" some of its merchandise with biometric wizardry for "inventory" purposes, and to test a tracking system that could tell the store and customers when supplies were dwindling. In other words, if I buy 6 cans of tagged green beans, the super-store can somehow determine and relay to me that I need to buy more green beans. And, once again, with nano-tagged grocery and store items sneaking into our homes in shopping bags. We'll call this a Tag In a Bag shopping experience.

The ramifications of invasive technology are huge and very complex, ladies and gentlemen - particularly where health, food, mandatory supplies, and metered water usage are concerned - but our privacy lies at the heart of this matter. If we can't eat in private, we certainly can't buy or sell in private, which, of course, we cannot. Biometric panoptical technology ensures our digital photographs exist simply by driving down the street - much less the 20+ cameras inside and on top of each and every corporate store of international acclaim. Auh….the ambience of prison-style shopping…. This is what happens when all the world's a prisoner and "communities" become passive prisons.

And then, of course, there are the biometrics of transportation. Have you looked at your driver's license or your car's license plates lately? They are simply little masterpieces of technology. And have you considered that your automobile is required to be "licensed" and you, as it's driver, owner, and maintainer, also have to be "licensed" to drive your licensed car? And then, of course, you have to insure your licensed car and yourself as its licensed driver in case either you or your car or your neighbor or a drunk driver or a hail storm or rock or grocery cart or a tailgater or your neighbor's pine tree or a teenager or a senior citizen, etc., etc., etc., happen to cross paths with your automobile or another automobile -- keeping in mind that both you and your automobile are biometrically ID'd/licensed under order of law. So, the question begs:

If driving is a governmentally granted "privilege," and you are forced to pay for the car, pay to license yourself, pay to license the car, pay to fuel the car, pay to insure the car, and pay to maintain the car, are you the owner of the car… or are you a slave of yet another government system of Ponzi-style theft enforcement with 6 layers of taxation included? Please re-read the first sentence of this paragraph before continuing.

Then consider the wonderful GPS technology in our newer automobiles, which have eliminated the need for maps and map reading skills, as they simply tell us where to turn and how and when to arrive. The very polite computer voice activation is a pleasant touch - particularly when that sweet voice contacts "authorities" when your biometric car determines it is in your best interest to do so. A Civil Car in a Civil(ian) Society, I suppose, but there is more to consider. Our cars can not only detect and report our constant locations, but they can automatically reduce speeds and stop operating altogether when they determine the need to do so, and equally by remote control when law enforcement determines the need to do so. Doesn't that make you feel in control of your automobile? Oh, and one more thing. The government, having taken over the automobile industry, makes it official that driving is at the discretion of New Society departments and officials. It is my understanding that the U.S. Federals and Canada own our former auto industry, so I guess the driving "privilege" is now a matter of international interpretation AND ownership.

My favorite technological invasion, however, is the GPS communications systems. Wow. What an international accomplishment. The entire world's privacy destroyed in the course of two decades. Very, very impressive…and yet…also comical and ironic. We the stupid, being unable to do without computer systems, land lines, cell phones, text phones, Internet, gaming, and chronic and multi-generational tell-a-vision addiction, choose GPS tracking to privacy. Why? Because slavery is tattoo cool, dude. And, since you have no money, devices are your friends, which is why you are stressed and uncomfortable when they are turned off, much the same as your children. Can you say psych-ops, dude?

Freedom requires responsibility - the personal responsibility of every single living adult. It is called duty. If you truly believe in freedom, you have to believe it exists beyond the whims of wealth and independent of government or governance. You have to believe it exists as mankind's inherited legacy - all mankind - including the people, cultures, or individuals you could do without. If freedom is not for all, you have instantaneous classism, which is slavery, which is government, which is war, which is classism, which is slavery, which is government, etc., which is mankind's tragic, murderous, and on-going history of hot-headed hatred.

If you are a dog because your opinion differs from another, anger is preferred to peace and love. If you are not free to peacefully act according to your desires, you are enslaved by someone else's domination.

Freedom is free will. It was given by God to all mankind in order that he might choose the course of his physical and spiritual life. If you don't want it….well….there you go. If you need to dominate others, you are typically cruel. If you choose digital/biometric convenience and mind-numbing entertainment to self-determination and privacy, and you prefer being filmed, tracked, observed, over-heard, and treated like a test a test animal. However, don't come crying for help when you were perfectly willing to let my freedom go down the drain. Keep that in mind, ladies and gentlemen. Freedom is not a shopper's saving card, nor is it to be ignored for convenience or safety's sake.

I suggest you understand mankind by reading a Bible, because you are being caged. One more time…you are being caged. Freedom is necessary to choose who and what you are. Again - freedom is necessary to become yourself and to become a decent human being. If you are an electronic zombie, you are already locked up on top of being pre-tattooed and physically and spiritually deadened. Equally, you have inadvertently chosen a side. If you are a hateful controller, you are definitely on the wrong side of love. "Let him who has ears to listen, listen."

If you are unfamiliar with this line, contact the sole remaining Christian in your family, and ask him/her/them for some fellowship time. That means that two or more people come together, read a few verses, and talk about God. Just do it. Turn off the envisioning devices and just do it. If you want to be "spiritual," then actually give it a whirl.

I end by saying this: I believe that every person, no matter how corrupted by money, culture, education, opinions, arrogance, anger, substances, attitudes, devices, or people - I believe everyone knows, through observance of the natural world and/or by the tremendous sadness and emptiness of lives about which people are often forced to lie - everyone knows that something greater than human beings exists. Let's face it, human beings are clearly the most rotten, devious, vicious killers and spoilers of happiness on the planet. Nobody on God's green Earth can deny that. If mankind is as good as it gets, then groundhogs ought to be the elite Establishment and the kings enthroned in corporate world headquarters.

I believe that every person senses the essence of a life-force that is far greater than their own and hopes that life-force will or can acknowledge their existence. Mankind is pathologically cruel, devious, and profoundly stupid as a rule. Trouble is, it is the pathologically cruel who are history's constant winners. Facts are facts. So, here's another question for you: are the rabble masochists?

Faith is not weakness. Faith is mankind's hope for truth. Aren't you so very tired of all the daily lies in your lives - personal and global? Aren't you tired of hating and hiding who you turned out to be? Aren't you tired of the anger and the hatred that is clearly demonstrated in every word you speak? Aren't you tired of the daily fear of people discovering who and what you really are and how you actually live your life - and then trying to defend your misery?

"Let he who has ears to listen, listen." Find a believer. Find some fellowship. You can believe in science, but the rich have always confiscated, corrupted, and controlled science. Most "science" is commissioned, developed, tested upon, and used as weapons against mankind. And the science that exists in today's world cannot be controlled by mankind, but it can be controlled by the secret powers of wealth and wealth-controlled military. This is not a good thing. Historically, the rabble never fares well under such mysteries. In fact millions of them die horrible deaths, each and every century, over and over and over again, as the historical patterns continue to unfold.

You can believe in hocus-pocus, but the truth is that hocus-pocus is simply a way to look cool and unusual, unique and rebellious, and a way to draw attention to your shallowness. And it is also a way to upset the true God by insulting the true God. Or, you can believe in computer modeling, but….get real. Computer modeling isn't even a clever attempt at clever lies. Computer models exist to further political/financial agendas by manipulating the beliefs of the rabble - period. So again, and with time feeling short, find some Christian fellowship. I even give you permission to go straight to the Book of Revelations. Go ahead. Drive right in. Go to the last book first. Pick it apart. See what you think. Remember that the Bible is about interpretation - personal interpretation. Your interpretation is just as good as anyone's interpretation. Remember that.

Faith in God is about a personal relationship with God. It is not about a canned or forced opinion shoved down your throats by anyone (remember freedom), and most particularly, by think tanks. I believe, with all my heart, that your individual understanding of the Bible is the understanding God is waiting for. He waits for you - specifically you, and he cares that you suffer beneath the unbearable weight of your sad and miserable lives. Go to the Bible. Find some fellowship. Discuss and ponder together. And turn off all the GPS garbage in your house. And, for the record, one day all those devices will betray you. Surely, you have to have figured that one out by now. If you haven't, re-read this article because you missed something.

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Freedom requires responsibility - the personal responsibility of every single living adult. It is called duty. If you truly believe in freedom, you have to believe it exists beyond the whims of wealth and independent of government or governance.