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Get Off the Globalization Grid, Part 1

The Eco-Con That Keeps on Taking






By Nancy Levant
June 26, 2009

During the June 13th broadcast of Govern America (Republic Broadcasting Network), Darren Weeks and I talked with Niki Raapana (Anti-Communitarian League and author of 2020: Our Common Destiny) about Communitarian governance and self-proclaimed Communitarian Guru Amitae Etzioni (real name Werner Falk). Communitarianism is a tough subject to tackle during a 2-hour guest spot because American Communitarians have no idea they are Communitarians having been hoodwinked into entertainment-based (but rapidly transforming) slavery.

American Communitarians have no clue that individual opinions vanished with group and consensus-based education coupled with lifetimes of tell-a-visions. What was once an ability to logically conclude the difference between truth and mass-marketed group think was replaced by today's Communitarian citizen who lives paycheck to paycheck for TV, computer screen entertainments, corporate junk food, and a whole bevy of trendy substances. Yeah, baby . . . life is good when you are addicted to everything the government has forced upon you in exchange for your servitude, wealth, and brain.. How's that vodka and marijuana treating you? How about your Jager and Red Bull cocktails? is pretty amazing when everything you crave is a mini-mart or phone call away as long as you sacrifice your brain power, sobriety, and free will. You, being yourself, without group clones behind you, are a Communitarian no-no. In fact, being yourself is a morality crime against the greater good of identical creatures in "a civil community." You are, no doubt, better off staying as loaded as all those high spraying jets.

Feeling secure in the clone collective, and performing morality obligations like National Service/Americorp/Vista/Peace Corp/Universal services (a.k.a. armed services or armed service support on the global scale), what would happen if a really big crisis struck—you know– like a a global pandemic, for instance? Would clones cheer foreign troops on Maple Street, USA, in Region 6? What might the collective do when tell-a-vision quits telling them what to think, eat, wear, talk about, believe, and do? What if there were no more screens to numb them when food is rotting in grid-less refrigerators, and cell/text phones become as impaired as the clones have been their entire lives?

In a world of electronic entanglements coupled with behavior modifiers of every make and measure (pharmaceutical and black market drugs, alcohol, "enhanced and modified" food and drinks, TV, and education) , what will the clone collective do? They will cry for their benevolent government to save them. But guess what, fruit won't. The government will, however, have individual profiles readied for crisis and community-based relocation appointments. And you will be relocated based upon your data-based profile - YOU having entered most information on your favorite narcissism sites, YOU having uploaded your most flattering photos and all your ego-filled half-truths that eased the tragic uselessness of your enforced consumerism lives. Funny how life becomes a leg iron with simmering anger and escape instincts infiltrating daily emotion...with screens somehow filtering the pain ...

See, here's the deal with narcissistic, high, stupidity-based arrogance, screen blurred, flat broke, and anger-based people....they don't do much of anything. Nor do they believe much of anything minus the instant gratification of their anger, their cravings, and mean-spirited arrogance. It's a sickness thing. And I suspect, much like the gurus of the entertainment-based slave system, that master and slave alike suffer from very similar psychological illnesses, behaviors, and self-motivations.

Here is reality, folks: any group of people - no matter how rich or politically or economically motivated - who attempt to drug mankind into submission while stealing everything he has under the guise of high crimes and misdemeanor crises and call it moral authority or a paradigm shift or a civil society or a new religion is sick -- really sick -- AND we have recently witnessed the 20th Century where estimates of 100,000,000 people were slaughtered by the same social pathology. Let us never forget the numbers of people who lost their lives beneath the very same system. THERE HAS BEEN NO SHIFT IN POWER.

The 21st Century version is just dolled up in Communitarian nature magic, but comprising the same political intent. If you think for five seconds that mankind has suddenly transformed from 20th Century barbarian to 21st Century utopian gods of goodness and nature BECAUSE THE VERY SAME POWER STRUCTURE SAYS SO, you are a freak show.

You are witnessing mankind at his pinnacle of sickness...not goodness....sickness. This is just another game of power lust to win or to lose. This game has been tried over and over again throughout history, and it is the preferred game of the world's power brokers and cartels, with the world's people as the constant victims of these insidious and murderous power grabs. And, as in all written history, "spiritual leadership," which today includes mystical gurus, think tanks, pharmaceutical partners, faith-based non-profits encompassing every religion known to mankind - is insisting they are the world's new and improved moral authorities - and ALL MANIPULATING THE GLOBAL PUBLIC AS THEY HAVE FOR ALL OF WRITTEN HISTORY WHILE BEING PAID BY THE POWER BROKERS TO DO SO - they have another moral code in hand. And here we go again.

All this Earth-loving, harmonic spirituality coupled with global drugging, reproductive poisoning, human experimentation, food and water modification, weather modification, and manufactured's one heck of a nature-based spiritual platform. One can imagine that 100,000,000 people eliminated last century could pale in comparison to this century's very sci-fi, chemical religion-based, population reducing global laboratory plan(s).

Global pandemic, they tell us? I have no doubt, whatsoever, about that scenario. But, what if we woke up and chose to be thinkers versus followers, sober versus addicted, and decided that we wanted to think our own thoughts and to be what we choose to be versus following weird little self-named gurus who call themselves trees of Zion or knowledge, Hitler, Stalin, and/or any number of pathological elites? What if we stopped taking corporate-governmental substances? Perhaps our immune systems might sober up along with our brain cells.

All I can tell you is what I always tell you: We...not cavemen in the Middle East...WE are the enemy. We are the bad guys. Get that through your heads. FEMA and Martial Law are for us - you and me. Following Martial Law, the rounding up of constitutional defenders and/or freedom-based individualists, and following the full implementation of cyber weapons and technologies that will make conventional weapons look like pillow feathers...following all this, you will find transhumanism waiting for you with open armed scientists in lab coats. Welcome to the Paradigm Shift, nature lovers.

By integrating nanotechnology, bio-technology, behavioral and pharmaceutical science, and computer or information technology, a new you is in the wings. Word has it that you will be completely "enhanced" and very easily controlled, so keep this in mind: you can't un-discover science. Once discovered, it keeps going and going. You cannot make it go away. But real terrorism lies in the fact that mankind remains an immoral and barbaric species. And barbaric men, empowered with governmental control, money, and cutting edge toys, historically speaking, are sociopaths. See the 20th Century for details or, for that matter, pick any century in written history. The Freak Show continues...

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All I can tell you is what I always tell you: We...not cavemen in the Middle East...WE are the enemy. We are the bad guys. Get that through your heads. FEMA and Martial Law are for us - you and me.