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By Nancy Levant
June 12, 2009

Have you read the 10 planks of Communism lately? How about the 45 current Communist Goals? Have you wondered about the cast of characters occupying the stage of Washington, D.C., and specifically whose agenda is pouring over the former 50 united States of former America and their 50 former sovereign state constitutions? I laugh as I write because no one . . . not even the die-hard Democrats or Republicans . . . can lie snug in their demagoguery, their moral superiority, their religious politics, their lies, or their think tanked computer model reports and believe even themselves anymore. D.C. is more than the Columbian District, ladies and gentlemen. D.C. is everywhere, and your individual states are, let us say, satellite franchises of the United Soviet of America.

Are you still watching your sit-coms and reality shows? Did your idols win, and is your cable TV still operational even though you have no job and cannot afford to drive, license, or insure your automobile? How are you living on your part-time/no benefit incomes? Well, as long as you have cable TV and Internet, life is perfectly entertained . . . though you may have lost your home . . . as well.

Since we let the country go, and since we let "others" walk off with every single one of our legal rights and our private property and our privacy and our legitimate votes and our educations and our health and medical care and our quality food supply and our manufacturing base and our jobs and our banks and our automobile industry and our insurance industry and our opinions, etc., etc., SINCE WE LET THE COUNTRY GO, what shall we talk about?

Shall we talk about Obama? Marx and Engels? Your equitable Community? How about Joe Stalin? Actually, we should be taking Chinese language classes because we need to be talking about China . . . quickly . . . because it is guaranteed that China is talking about us as we speak. However, our TV sets interfere as they have for six decades. Trust me . . . China speaks to and about us as we speak . . .

As a whistle blower, it is hard to continue to research, as so many of us do, only to realize that half the American public has been "retrained" into the new social system, and the other half doesn't want to know or talk about it or hear about it or function minus part-time/no bennies job + cable, Internet, a few beers, energy drinks, joints, and a corporate burger or two. And one must ask . . . for the ones who do know, have studied, made the effort to understand - for this few and select bunch of heart broken people - what did you do with the information? Did you work for a decade or two to spread the news? Did you keep working, keep digging, and keep teaching the American morons that the greatest of lights was dying at the hands of deceitful and greed-stricken control freaks? What happened, people, to you . . . you who knew? Perhaps it is a sick and sad joke that so few saw so clearly the writing on the wall. As one whistle blower, I know there are many who wonder what the future holds. There are many who wonder what more we could have done?

The new-world future draws near, and it is going to be a squeeze - a real squeeze. We feel it now, and it is noose-like from every direction. For the ones who can see the patterns and understand the "community stakeholder" bureaucracies that have been raised to crush and steal, we understand the powers behind the noose. For those who hide from this reality with their down-turned eyes and ignorance that scream an unwillingness to even think, we shake our heads in wonderment. You know . . . all of you know . . . that freedom is gone - your freedom is gone - as is mine - because we let the constitutional country be overtaken by communist usurpers. Today, America is nothing but a word and freedom is nonexistent.

We whistle blowers will continue our road because we don't know how to get off the course. It was freedom we wanted - yours and mine - my opinion back to back with your opinion - but your flashy electees wanted something else, which history knows so bitterly well. But for the devotees of freedom - meaning freedom for everyone - onward, somehow, we will go.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

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We whistle blowers will continue our road because we don't know how to get off the course. It was freedom we wanted - yours and mine - my opinion back to back with your opinion - but your flashy electees wanted something else, which history knows so bitterly well.