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By Nancy Levant
May 22, 2009

No matter what you believe or disbelieve, mankind operates within an on-going spiritual battle. As above-so below, good vs. evil is our constant reality. So, mankind divides himself into two sides - superior mankind and inferior mankind. This division has always been determined by those who acquire great wealth and those who simply exist or get by. How wealth is acquired matters not in terms of goodness because wealth trumps goodness - always has and always will. Therefore, wealth = goodness and goodness = superiority.

Non-wealth is, therefore, inferiority, and inferior people = badness. Hence, control is afforded to and purchased by superior people, and inferior people become the constant targets of control.

What is interesting about people is that they all live in constant states of rewarding. The superior wealthy who achieve, attain, and maintain power and wealth primarily through complex theft schemes, are rewarded with massive incomes and massive and secretive profit return games.

Inferior people are awarded with wooden plaques, plastic trophies, and jobs that allow them to live week to week. However, both sides of the human coin work for their rewards. In many ways, we remain animalistic in our trained desire for treats.

In our changing world, we are witnessing tremendous pathology in mankind. The emotional strain upon both sides is showing itself in frightening terms. The theft schemes of the superiors, which are now technologically driven, are also technologically visible to the inferiors. As such, the superiors want to shut down the communications capabilities of the world's inferior people. That pot is boiling, as we know. And as the 20th Century afforded technological educations to many of the world's inferior people, they began to comprehend the vastness, totality, and intentions of global theft and control by the superior rich. Hence, the superiors have become very afraid of the inferiors and their massive global numbers. But the question begs - what is the fundamental difference between superior and inferior people - minus money? Money is, after all, somewhat of a lie to begin with.

I believe the fundamental difference between the two stations of humanity is simply this: most of mankind operates under one of two states of mind - those who need to enforce their wills upon others and those who believe that freedom is a moral obligation. So, the two opposing forces in mankind are force vs. freedom.


The forcing of one's will upon others is clearly absurd in the inferior classes, because it is, in most cases, illegal. If I approach my neighbors and tell them they must think as I think and do as I say, I am 1) a nut job, 2) a social nuisance, and 3) a harassment. I simply cannot force my will on anyone. I can tell my neighbors my opinions. I can even tell them that I think they are bone heads, but I cannot force them or even trick them into doing and acting as I command. That would be, simply put, illegal. Why? Because they are free to think and act according to their opinions. However, this scenario does not apply to the superior classes.

Superior people, and with all the benefits their monies can buy, purchase expertise. They spend a great deal of time demanding that inferiors acknowledge their expertise. In today's world, and yesterday's world as well, Ivy League educations, mansions, limousines, revolving door appointments and commissions and committee memberships; grant awards, research and development, and technological ownership crystallizes expertise in terms of tremendous power enforcement. Equally, the purchase of legal wizardry ensures power enforcement and particularly so when inferiors are completely unfamiliar with the absolute secrecy money can buy. Also, remember that secrecy is man's art form (meaning male). Women do not keep secrets as a rule.

This expertise transfers and translates into force on a regular basis, and force that is laid into law before the inferior people realize what has transpired. This is a historical, repeating, and constant state of power affairs. Force, when applied by superiors, is then marketed as goodness - always. In today's world, global governance and all its tentacles, we are told, is goodness. The dismantling of religious belief, the taking of private property, gun rights, homes, jobs, privacy, legal elections, and all of the new laws, paramilitary systems, and forthcoming laws that command our opinions be halted and changed are all under the label and guise of goodness. The force of superiors = goodness, but the force of inferiors = badness and illegality. This is clearly demonstrated in Executive Orders.

So, good vs. evil continues its battle. Both sides believe they hold the keys to truth and goodness, but in fact, both sides know the difference. Force is not freedom, and freedom is not force. However, the real problem lies with the inferiors, or the rabble. Why? The superiors have always been a united front against the rabble - always. Their personal security details and mercenary groups speak volumes of their tremendous fear and loathing of and for the inferior rabble.

We, on the other hand, have been carefully and tactically divided into very opposing groups, which, of course and as planned, has crippled our ability to resist their forces - the forces which exist to control us and to steal the fruits of our labors. We, the inferior rabble, are ultimately the endgame killers of freedom. United, we stand for freedom and as free people. Divided, we lose absolutely everything…globally speaking.

Consider the world according to the force and control created by the authority of very few and highly paranoid thieves. Then consider the world under the control of free people whose job it is to control paranoid criminals. You better wake up, American people. If you still think this is about equity, environment, and equality, you are history's next victim - guaranteed. Our numbers are tremendous. Their numbers are miniscule. Keep this in mind as you consider that your new annual flu strains are manufactured in labs and paid for by research and development grants--key word being "development."

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In our changing world, we are witnessing tremendous pathology in mankind. The emotional strain upon both sides is showing itself in frightening terms. The theft schemes of the superiors, which are now technologically driven, are also technologically visible to the inferiors.