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Get Off the Globalization Grid, Part 1

The Eco-Con That Keeps on Taking






By Nancy Levant
May 16, 2009

The control freaks in D.C. have a new idea. We, the rabble, are no longer to have birds, snakes, fish, guinea pigs, and other "non-native" critters as our pets of choice. I refer you to H.R. 669. Equally, other control mongers have stated that the domestic cat is no longer to be allowed as our pet due to its vicious attacks upon wild birds. Hmmm - one wonders who kills more animals….the Humane Society and PETAA or cats? And do these "humane" organizations eat their prey or make boo-coo bucks with their prey?

So, fine - let's talk non-native species. Let's talk Asians of every flavor, Caucasians of every flavor, African-Americans, Latinos, Russian-Americans, Middle-Easterners, India(n)-Americans, Eskimo/Inuits, and every other "American" of every original ancestry. Are we not all non-natives occupying American soil that only in recent history belonged solely to Native American peoples?

If my guinea pig is an illegal alien terrorist on American soil, and my cat is a domestic terrorist in my back yard, are we all not non-native terrorists in the former united States? Perhaps we need to manufacture a new island for American mutts - a place to dump them as the globally invasive species they have become. Perhaps we should create a Humane Organization to euthanize all non-native humans who have, themselves, become completely and globally invasive.

Is there not something…let us say…hypocritical about ft foreigners calling foreigners foreigners on foreign soil? And who decides which species are to be eradicated or "relocated" for the good of nature? How sad that nature is such a damsel in distress, but how fortunate and marvelous that D.C. is the knight in shining armor and the purveyor of omnipotent wisdom of the natural world. Thank goodness for politicians.

So, let us therefore go back to the lands of our original descendents. Surely mandatory DNA collections and the corporate patenting of human genes will aid in this "relocation" process. Let us stop polluting America the Beautiful with our occupation of this non-native territory. In fact, let us make all of the North American continent a Biosphere Reserve solely for nature's chipped animals, and let's get serious about non-native corruption. Let us think only in terms of pure naturalism and natural utopia. Perhaps only pure-bred people should exist. Perhaps "multi-culturalism" is non-native by definition. Are we not, as human beings, a species, and are not above nor below the level of other animals? Are we non-native terrorists that should only exist in the lands of our original origin?

As the genetically mixed mutts of America, where exactly do we belong? If a guinea, born in America, is a terrorist non-native and illegal alien, and a domestic cat terrorist, killer of birds, and who I assume is of Egyptian ancestry, cannot be an American cat - even though it was born to American cat parents, grand-parents, and great grand-parents - then how can any immigrant of any species be permitted to pollute American soil?

It's a funny thing how time passes and changes perception. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered because they killed other species. Today, they are domestic terrorists because they kill other species. This used to be called a food chain. And, a guinea pig, an imported laboratory research animal who has been the target of real corporate abuse for decades, is now an illegal alien if it is loved and cared for by a family.


Perhaps the eco-freaks are right. Mankind is simply the bane of nature's existence and too stupid to exist. Perhaps everything should be eliminated or "reduced" minus the D.C.-ers who obviously are the moral aristocrats of the human race and so full of inherent wisdom and honesty that they simply intuit that guinea pigs must go. Surely they must make them illegal species. They simply must pass another law!

Now, with such silliness aside, such D.C. B.S. arguments fall flat as they tend to do - dialectically speaking. Sorry, folks, but globalism is the very antithesis, or shall we say dialectic, of non-native arguments. The pinnacle of this D.C. contradiction is global invasiveness - the kingpin of invasiveness. Perhaps "governance" is the invasive species that must go. Perhaps we, the people, should make a few laws, too.

And one must wonder if the actual reason for H.R. 669 and other such garbage is the problematic reality of the sheer numbers of pets kept by the American people. When "relocation into human settlements" is in the game plan, perhaps pets present a problem to all relocating purposes and intents. In our existing and multiple "states of emergency," martial laws (many of them) and relocate-able/mobile civilian work forces/details/national-universal servants - so declared by martial laws - multi-millions of pets take on whole new problematic (and dialectic) meaning - much like all non-native-isms.

As the world continues to observe the world falling apart - ethnically, politically, economically, religiously, and familial-ly, perhaps invasiveness, or shall we say enforced multi-culturalism, is the plan. However, the plan seems to be creating global messes that somehow keep funneling the world's wealth and land masses into the hands of governors and CEOs. Perhaps the forced-mixing of the world's people produces perfect problems, which allow for "global" intrusions and world-wide control of the world's people and, more importantly, the lands upon which they stand.

Peace is not in the game plan. War remains the game plan. Keep that in mind all you multi-cultural NATO-ers. Invasiveness (translation: invasion) is key. And it surely appears, and with all things considered, that it is America's turn to take the pounding. It seems to be our turn, globally speaking, to take a highly controlled governmental beating.

So, semi-diversionary tactics continue to rule our days. Take H.R. 669, for instance. This is a beauty of a dialectical trick, and it's actually hilarious by virtue of its transparency. For the ten-thousandth time - Agenda 21 states that human populations are to be relocated.

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It just goes to show you how insane it has all become. This is exactly what it has come to. Keep fighting all you democrats and republicans. Keep playing the parts the tell-a-vision expects you to play. Emergency! Emergency! Emergencies around every corner - just like vicious killer cats. If I were you, I'd be far more worried about global population reduction strategies.

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Peace is not in the game plan. War remains the game plan. Keep that in mind all you multi-cultural NATO-ers. Invasiveness (translation: invasion) is key.