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By Nancy Levant
April 24, 2009

Domestic terrorist designations were “accidentally” slipped into the forefront of public view. Social conservatives, their beliefs and opinions were targeted and half of the entire American population was sent a clear message that their opinions were no longer an option.

From a personal standpoint, I have openly and for years reported that I am neither a conservative nor a liberal person. My social opinions run the gamut, change from time to time, and as such I remain true to my intellect and my free will and choice to use my brain, versus the national tell-a-vision brain. I, Nancy Levant, decide for myself what I believe, disbelieve, and I hold all power when it comes to changing my mind on any issue.

If one is familiar with my work, one knows that I am a government-manipulation watchdog and social commentator. I don’t care for social manipulation as it reeks of fundamental disrespect for every individual. It reeks of divisibility and hatred versus brotherly love, and there is no clearer indication of this hatred and divisibility than the two party tell-a-visioning that bombards humanity 24 hours a day. The televised social manipulation is, indeed, a politically-driven beast. So I say to the tell-a-visioners, their corporate handlers, their political figure heads, departments, and commissions the following: I, Nancy Levant, am NOT a terrorist.

As such, I will give you a day in the life of Nancy Levant. I get up in the morning, and everyday, I clean my home. And by my home, I mean a live-work unit because I cannot afford all the expenses of supporting a private home or rental property. I listen to House and Senate proceedings every day through C-Span. I cannot afford Internet service or cell phones; I write my articles by hand. I work 45 hours a week, in exchange for free rent and utilities and I am paid $100 a week for my labor — yes, ladies and gentlemen, I live on $400 a month. I have a Master’s degree with a 4.0 G.P.A., but my age disqualifies me from a full-time job with livable wages and benefits. I am simply too old, along with my old and socially out-of-date education. I cannot afford to be “retrained”. I talk to my grandchildren several times a week on the telephone, and I enjoy my pets. I write my weekly articles, co-host a weekly radio talk show with my dearest friend Darren Weeks, and I live a very humble existence. And frankly, there is nothing more to add or to write. This is the life I live. I don’t know terrorists, have never communicated with terrorists, and my only immediate plans are to try to save enough to put in a small vegetable garden.


I do, however, hear from many people across the nation who are outraged and shocked that their opinions are now classified — people who followed the laws, loved their nation, believed they fought for their country and voted for many liars who swore to uphold our Constitution. I suggest to you that many, many Americans, tens of millions of Americans currently live as I live. However, today’s success is now predetermined and for the very select few. Databases and other human rating systems which determine worthiness currently rule our days, and again, due to the ones who swore to uphold, not only the pursuit of happiness, but also justice for all. Now, our opinions, our weights, our social standings and partnering networks, our credit scores, our political and religious affiliations, and our ages determine our ability to pursue happiness and living wages. In other words, we comply to social enforcements, politically-designated social enforcements, or else we are not only marginalized, but we are also “terrorists.” In other words, “if you are not with us, you are against us” which means you are a “terrorist.”

And now, it is determined that we the people are manipulating our retired military to become terroristic toward their government. How sick! How positively and profoundly pathological does such paranoia play out against the people of this nation who, understanding the rampant usurpation in process, dare to speak to their nation and declare their findings and concerns. How reprehensible, that opinion has become illegal in the land of the free! How dangerous it has become that “governance” now enforces thought.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know a terrorist. And in all my communications with the good people of this nation, both conservative and liberal, I have never known anyone who hated the peace and prosperity of America more than the American government. They steal land, money, and resources. They created our problems; we did not. Perhaps, the Department of Homeland Security should consider these facts.

Sadly, and for people such as myself, I understand the dialectic at play, and sadly, that is my crime. There are many times that I wonder, why me? Why was the game plan visible to me? I would love to be ignorantly-blissful. Sadly, I am not.

But it will be a cold day in hell, when my brain thinks to the level of tell-a-visions, political correctness, or para-military enforcement. I am an American woman and I will never be pressured or terrorized into someone else’s vision of a perfect social, pharma, civilian slave.

So, here’s the new American mantra, ladies and gentlemen: I AM NOT A TERRORIST! Scream it. Display it. Never allow this kind of historical danger to exist in this nation. Never allow yourselves to tolerate this kind of threat. We are only free if we command freedom for all. And sorry folks, but that mean conservatives and liberals alike. If we are enemies, “governance” wins. And “governance” has divided us and claimed half of the people of this nation as the worst kind of criminal population. To them, I simply say, how dare you!

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And to Janet Napolitano I say, step down. You have no loyalty to the people of this nation. You are unworthy of the great people of this nation and particularly those who fought and died on your global battlefields.

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And now, it is determined that we the people are manipulating our retired military to become terroristic toward their government. How sick!