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By Nancy Levant
April 11, 2009

Perhaps it began with men clubbing each other to death, followed by the use of fire, rocks, spears, guns, bombs, viruses, and satellites. Violence is the chosen substance of men clearly addicted to power and winning. I’ve long thought the addiction is based in greed, but I’ve changed my mind. For man to relentlessly prey upon man for thousands and thousands of years, it is clear to me that the addiction is to violence and conquering. This is mankind’s pathology. And by mankind, I mean “men.” How bizarre that hunting for food is the dialectical description of violence and that man’s violence upon man is historically justified.

Today’s conquerors have new and improved weapons to add to their current arsenals of whole-earth destroying weapons — computer systems, satellite systems, digital and nano technologies, genetic and viral hocus pocus, financial and accounting theft, and exquisite dialectical logic, coupled with ivy league educations in psychological operations, social manipulation and engineering — today’s new breed conquerors are, I’m very afraid, insane. Chronic pathological lying and manipulation are, after all, diagnosable deviancies.

Today’s conquerors are also armed with think tanks and other repo men, all with very interesting educations, who are paid to collect national wealth through orchestrated debt. And all are highly-paid loyalists to the high-end drama of conquering — all addicts make and require drama and crisis. Take note of the daily controlled media.

There is nothing new in history for governments to conquer from within. It’s called usurpation. But today’s over-runners are an extraordinary bunch. They are pathological liars. While claiming extraordinary expertise with absolutely bizarre resumes and credentials, they rotate in and out of short-term commission and council assignments, short-term international assignments, and suddenly, they are cabinet members and presidents, and man oh man, do they have circular recommendations! Their credentials are, quite simply, magical. But what is intriguing is that they use these magical resumes and credentials to usurp law while at the very same time, use dialectical crisis interpretations to convince the American people that they preserve the laws of the county. This sickness is pervasive and constant. It is called Washington D.C. and the pathology has become the televised norm and, dare I say, universal. Mental deviancy has become truth. I hate to say it, ladies and gentlemen, but our leaders have lost it — literally, lost it! But this pathology has filtered down upon us all.

For instance, we allowed 54 million acres of American land, the biosphere reserves and World Heritage sites, to be handed to international administrators like the United Nations. We allowed our national highway systems to be handed to other countries. We allowed our so-called “representatives” to permit illegal immigration. And we allowed ourselves to be robbed to pay the taxes, healthcare, education, and business loans for these illegals. Then, we do absolutely nothing when D.C. deviant-addicts force-bankrupt our entire nation and tell us we have to perform national service as unpaid civilian laborers while we continue to pay their salaries, and to pay to send them to Europe to set up their government, knowing full well what they are doing.

But here is the greatest insanity, the most visible, clear-cut insanity that has befallen we the people. The crazies in Washington, who are pathological liars and abusive manipulators with their ivy league educations and freak show resumes, and using their magical manipulations, have somehow transfixed and reinvented, not only our traditions and history, but they have convinced our two youngest generations to tribalize. Suddenly, our young ones are highly tattooed and pierced and they have been encouraged to live in tiny spaces with no central heat or air conditioning. They are told to “be good” by giving up automobile-style mobility and to stay put and be local. They are asked to volunteer for their community and it is at this juncture that the D.C. insanity comes into frightening focus.


We used to live in cities, towns, villages, or townships. We now live in “communities.” And each and every “community” in every former county and state have been redefined and remapped into multi-county “regions.” The multi-county regions are controlled by regional councils of unelected and unknown people. All regional councilmen are appointed to office — all of them. And their jobs are to usurp county and local governments and to ensure the collection of “community” data, using partnerships interconnections to regional enforcement agencies. Stay with me, this is what you must understand.

Since your former county and city political designations have been redefined, and are now controlled by unknowns in your community, understand that as with former boundary lines, all former rules and laws no longer apply. Regional councils are your new rule and law implementation specialists, and they too answer to higher authorities which do not include you. Your regional councils are required to “partner” with your area schools, hospitals, law-enforcement agencies, DMVs, libraries, faith-based 501(c)3/non-profit churches, and your “community” non-profit agencies, and your international chain stores. Why? Because they all have something in common called “information sharing.”

All community partners collect all of your name, addresses, social security numbers and birth dates, first and foremost, our database “tattoos,” so to speak. Community job fairs, which take place in all multi-county regions, also collect your storable data. Now enters the “sharing” technology called government databasing. All partners send your information to central databases, which are now called “fusion centers.” And as we recently realized with the release of the MIAC (Missouri Information and Analysis Center) report, which is one such regional fusion center, all community partner data, once collected by a regional database, rates and grades you as a community member. And as you clearly saw, this rating was forwarded to or retrievable by community law enforcement which then began pulling over automobiles with Ron Paul or Bob Barr bumper stickers.

What I am saying to you is this: Your “communities” and your community partnerships serve to document and grade YOU as a “CIVIL(ian)”servant. Your interconnected community partnerships, all with government grant operating budgets are required to collect information about all aspects of your life, to document this information, and electronically transmit the information to regional fusion centers. And for certain, the fusion databases score your community accountability, desirability, worthiness, and most importantly, whether or not your lifestyle or opinions are politically desirable to your “community.”

Your community can then:

1. Refuse you employment and wages.
2. Can refuse you housing.
3. Can refuse you loans for homes and automobiles.
4. Can refuse your credit.

In other words, with a poor or failing fusion score, you end up as a no account unaccountable, remembering that “accountability” is the key buzz word of our newly “change-focused” administration.

Also remember that crisis and drama are the diagnostic tools used for diagnosing addictions. Chronic lying and manipulations are absolutely signs of mental deviancy and abusive tendencies. Over-mastering and control are also typical symptoms of abusive personalities.

As I have just described the daily behaviors of our “representatives” in Washington, D.C., draw your own conclusions. But remember that you too are caught up in this vicious and reoccurring power game. So the question of the day is this: Who is the sickest — the liar/manipulators, or the apes with eyes, ears, and mouths shut tight during the daily robbery of all your existing laws and your freedom?

I end with three riddles. Riddle number one: What is actually less expensive to corporations and government? Third world labor forces, or “community” volunteers/national universal servants, a.k.a. unpaid civilian labor?

Riddle number two: What is the traditional identifying mark of national prison populations, say, in Nazi Germany or the American prison system. “Tattoos,” you say? Good answer.

Riddle number three: What are computer-controlled, large and designated areas that offer free labor, little to no mobility, extremely small and controlled living quarters, universal healthcare, community policing, and strict adherence to local living? Some of you answered “prisons.” Some of you answered “communities.” To solve this riddle, the question is, what’s the difference?

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Perhaps, our regional councils and their fusion centers partners can tell us. More dollar store food for thought.

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We used to live in cities, towns, villages, or townships. We now live in “communities.” And each and every “community” in every former county and state have been redefined and remapped into multi-county “regions.” The multi-county regions are controlled by regional councils of unelected and unknown people.