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By Nancy Levant
April 3, 2009

The best that can be said of “religion” is that it is the decision of choice offered to the free will of mankind. The worst that can be said is its enforcement by any set of laws. This is where the choice of belief becomes dictatorship, and historically speaking, the most brutal and unconscionable dictatorships in human history. Sadly, no religion is exempt or forgiven for the insanity of brutal religious dictatorship — no religion. They have all performed the ultimate brutalities, and they have all used the bloodiest forces known to man against man. Every religion is guilty of this ultimate sin. Even more sadly, every religion has tried to justify these most heinous crimes under the umbrella of moral authority. This ought to tell you how sick “law” tends to become and how dangerous human based authority, called moralistic superiority, really is.

All power is tied to religious belief, but what is “religion?” We are told the world’s primary religions are Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. Then there are the hundreds, if not thousands, of tribal-based religions, mostly based upon culturally-exclusive beliefs in nature or variations of pantheism.

There are gender-based religions, technology and science-based religions, and religions claiming belief that mankind’s brain is the ultimate power in the known universe. There are extra-terrestrial alien-based religions and probably many others. But all religions believe their versions above all others and mankind’s historical tendency has been to force religious versions into law. Hence, constant and historical conflict, judgments, condemnations, and violence. So ultimately, religion can be defined as the force and violence of the perceived moral authority of one group or another.

Sorry folks, but human history speaks for itself. No religion is exempt or forgiven. The imposition of any moral authority is violence against humanity, man’s violence against man. God, science, nature, gender, or extra-terrestrials had nothing to do with history’s violence perpetrated upon mankind, under the influence of moral authority. “Religion” has no respect for the free will of mankind. Hence, whether you believe in God, science, nature, gender, or alien intelligence, you disbelieve in free will, which is, in fact, the foundation of freedom.

I rarely write about religion because the attacks come from every direction and from every religion. It is always a lose-lose scenario because my opinions can’t fit into each readers box of beliefs or the moral authorities of their “church” leaderships — their scriptures, pastors, priests, mullahs, monks, E.T.s, high priestesses, the sun or moon, the gods of the most current versions of technology, computer model gods, or the people who believe their social/political systems and opinions are the kingpins of human morality — all being religious beliefs and all rejecting my free will, hence, my personal freedom which is why my beliefs are and will remain private. I know that I don’t believe in your brain’s packaged versions of practically anything.

I do know, however, that every religion — every single one of them — now stands at the door of “government,” with hands extended, to take money to enforce moral authority. Welcome to the world of the force behind moral authority. The violence and weapons of moral authority. Government-funded social engineering that strips mankind of his free will, opinion and freedom.


Faith-based initiatives, non-profit status, 501(c)3s, foundation- and government-funded science and technology, foundation- and government-funded think tank reports, billionaire/corporate ownership of mass media — all religions play the big money game to win over your free will, your donations, your opinions, your compliancy, and your beliefs. All “religions” take cash, all they can get, from government to control your free will. Therefore, let us look to Washington, D.C., which now controls 90 to 95 percent of America’s “churches,” our grant-taking, 501(c)3, non-profit churches who carry out faith-based government morality agendas, which are social control agendas, in exchange for cash.

D.C. is the leader of religion in America, each and every religion, which includes the religion of atheism, another well-funded government extension of D.C.’s moral influence. Now, let’s get this straight. I want you to understand the financial facts. The Christian church is close to wholly government-funded. The Islamic faith is funded by many governments. Science and technology and think tanks are government-funded. Nature, land, animals, trees, water, air, and outer space are government-funded, on and on. Gaia was certainly a well-funded government creation, all funding coming from Washington, D.C. and the foundation and philanthropies that fund the Washington, D.C. figure heads.

Since D.C. has become the righteous string-puller of all religions in America, we must ask ourselves what is the moral authority that has filtered down financially into the hands of our religiously-leading foot solders? What is the intended outcome? Because for certain, the desired outcome has to do with us, what we are expected to believe, to support, obey, and do. Clearly, the government didn’t want the job of charity and handed it to the churches. That much is clear. But then the government planned and collapsed the existing economy, gave our industries to other nations, and has bankrupted the nation and multi-millions of American families. They needed “churches” to get ready for the chaotic results of fear and hunger. That is when and why the “faith-based” dollars began to roll several years ago in preparation (Bush administration).

But there is far more to the story. Epidemic social engineering and manipulation, as in public and higher education, mass media and entertainment, and D.C. are all simply D.C. There is no difference between any of them or their moral authorities or agenda. They are the same financial machine. I suggest to you throw all religions into the same pot, for all are after one thing: Your mind, your free will to use your mind, your opinion, and again, your ultimate personal freedom.

Ladies and gentlemen, control is achieved through dictatorship. It begins with the mind and your opinion. If that doesn’t work to the satisfaction of the moral authority of the day, force and violence always, always, always follow. D.C. is forcing all of us to believe and to demonstrate loyalty and total compliancy to D.C. only. They are paying every “partner” to bring about your loyalty and compliancy. They are buying your opinions by paying their “change” agents and agencies, which includes the faith-based churches, and they are paying them with your money and your labor. Your compliancy grade is called “profiling”. It is becoming rapidly, rapidly illegal — meaning against their multi-million and unrealized laws — to disagree with D.C.’s moral authority. It has even become mandatory to serve them for no pay as in national service/universal service.

And D.C.’s ultimate power lies in its dialectical deck of cards. They play the race card, the bi-partisan card, the generational divide card, the lousy education of their design card, the dying nature card, the over-population card, the health that they destroyed card, the immigration problem that they created card, on and on and on. But the bottom line is what the bottom line has always been. Power through theft, force, and control over 95 percent of the population.

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It is my opinion that your government-funded religions, much like your technological trinkets, will ultimately betray you, sooner than later. After all, you have been trained to self-profile at your places of worship which also include your computer and keyboard entertainments. I’d guess, in one way or another, you’ve provided your health, education, marital, political, financial, and private opinion information which has landed you and your opinions in many government databases with profiling/government-funded churches included. If you’re taking D.C. money, you owe D.C. favors and information. Be careful what you pray for, and to whom you actually pray.

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Since D.C. has become the righteous string-puller of all religions in America, we must ask ourselves what is the moral authority that has filtered down financially into the hands of our religiously-leading foot solders?