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By Nancy Levant
March 29, 2009

Today we consider why the nation was purposefully bankrupted. Everyone knows “change” arrives to replace Constitutional America. Everyone knows that is the purpose of “change.” “Change” looks and seemingly acts like socialism, but far more resembles communism looking and acting like that kind of a duck.

Everyone knows that corporate wealth, tied to central banking, manipulates and controls not only rising and falling economies (globally), but also Washington, D.C. Everyone knows that universities are mass-producing “revolutionary” thinkers, young people who find the middle class to be dogs, while denying the dialectical power of stolen wealth and that communism has a constant history of brutal dictatorship. Surely, “change” happens with such rapidity that no one can keep up — including Congress who is routinely denied the right to even read ready-made and massive legislations. Tens of thousands of earmarks seem to appease the Congressional non-readers who, in effect, shut up and agree or risk their careers or even lives. Such practices stretch far into the bowels of Washington, D.C. as one recognizes that truth has become a dangerous dance on a very slippery slope.

As each thousand page act blows blindly by our representatives, screws seal the fate of the constitutional nation, and we the people never realize what has been signed into law until after the deals are done and we the people immediately lose more and more fundamental rights. In fact, we have lost so many rights, topped off with enforced licensure, enforced certifications, enforced taxation, and enforced herding by national and international governments that now own ninety percent of America’s land upon which we are now trespassers, or at best, limited guests with rulebooks that I dare say we don’t know what has become illegal in this “changed” nation. I wonder if most everything we do, think, believe, travel to, or desire has become illegal-ized. Equally, we must ask ourselves who is really running this bizarre and seemingly all-powerful operation. The days of checks and balances have vanished beneath secret and hidden legislation, executive orders, international initiatives and councils, invisible regional governing bodies, presidential memos, directives, signing statements, pet projects, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So who are “we the people” without constitutional definition? Who are our leaders? And what represents us without the constitution? What are our titles, jobs, and fates in this “changed” world of the change-agents’ making? Clearly, “crisis” continues to grow change initiatives as crisis controls have been set into place all over the planet and into outer space through global power structures and governmental contracts. Therefore, significant control mechanisms have been set into play and place which suggests that the rabble are to be force-controlled. This is not a good sign and does not speak well for human freedom. But it does speak to all-encompassing governance of humanity. All-encompassing governance is dictatorship. And all-encompassing dictatorship requires free people to be criminalized.

In order to be a bad person, a criminal, on a new-world level, your life, normal life, must be “changed,” taken apart and criminalized. For example, in this newly-controlled civil society, what happens if we use too much water? What if our children wander onto state, federal, or international property and pick up a feather, a rock, or pick a wild flower? What happens if we become too elderly to serve the community? What of law, when laws are secretly hidden in “change” legislation and unknown to the people? Then consider that the foundations for the secrecy was the crisis change agents — crisis with homeland paramilitary system, crisis with civilian labor camps, and crisis with new-fangled terrorist designations — including those that thought the constitution was the law of the land and whose “representatives” swore to uphold when, in fact, they had already “changed” the law of the land.

It is a horrifying, yet historical fact, that entire populations of people become criminalized by political deception and hocus pocus. It is equally horrifying that population reduction, in massive numbers, is also in the “change” game plan in order to achieve their act of sustainability. In truth, there are too many of us to control. Crisis is no joke when “change” councils of mystery governance collect all of our wealth, we distribute this wealth amongst international governmental departments and their internationalized banks, and then eliminate the fundamental rights of we, the taxpayers. Understanding such, clarity also steps outside of the veil, reality sinks in, and history does what history does best — it repeats its ugliest crimes which are always against humanity.

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Not billionaire humanity mind you, but everyone else. And as possessing wealth (translation: having money) continues to become criminalized, it is no wonder that jobs and the opportunity for jobs disappear, homes and private property disappear, and that every channel on mass media encourages you to turn in your gold for a pittance, YOU having money (which in translation means power) is becoming a crime. Control, poverty, and forced labor… welcome to the world of historical communism and the total vulnerability of its sitting ducks.

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Everyone knows that corporate wealth, tied to central banking, manipulates and controls not only rising and falling economies (globally), but also Washington, D.C.