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Get Off the Globalization Grid, Part 1

The Eco-Con That Keeps on Taking






By Nancy Levant
March 6, 2009

The country is in flames. Everyone is pointing fingers, and 95 percent of the nation’s people are going down. Homes, private property, bank accounts, investments, retirement, automobiles, quality food, health, education, and faith in God are sinking like stones cast with ultimate vengeance. We say goodbye to what was a magnificent attempt to govern with a moral combination of faith, order, liberty, and freedom which, in the final analysis, required the people, themselves, to govern. It didn’t happen — the people didn’t want the job.

Today, I’m reminded of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and the message that I recall from that book, that it is a cruelty to expect people to live outside of slavery because most people choose slavery, being incapable of anything but slavery. And today, we witness another attempt at communism, albeit a green communism (communitarianism), enforcing slavery and its collection of all wealth, both national and global, all physical money, all national and natural resources, all current and future tax dollars, and all intellectual and creative potential from the world’s people. The “community” initiatives, which are all government initiatives, are nets and traps, sweeping up every dime, every inch of personal accumulated wealth from everyone. They call it “sustainability”.

We blame the democrats, we blame the republicans, we blame the housing market, we blame imported oil — fools that we are. We were given a governing structure, we were told that would be hard to keep, and that people, in order to remain free, were required to be the governing and responsible parties to ensure liberty and freedom for all. We didn’t want the job. So, once again, human history repeats its constant pattern of constant theft. Government, once more, takes everything from everyone and again recreates the slave-based economy of power and force over most.

We blame the industrial mobs, we blame the central banking cartel, we blame the politicians, we blame their system, we blame the ignorant rabble, preferring their entertainments and addictions to freedom and liberty. We blame mankind for mankind’s constant revolving doors. God’s will be done.


When tell-a-vision is truth, when education is partnership-funded video, when nature is big money, and when men are expected to be women, and women are expected to be men, when all of the above becomes normal and cultural, “change” happens. “Stimulus” happens. “Change” and “stimulus” are political forces. They are dialectical words of social manipulation. They are the words behind force.

And then, there are the children — the innocent victims of each and every blamed party, each and every generation. For them, I repeat the words of the former 13th amendment, section 1: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Involuntary servitude means enforced service. Our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are told they will, in fact, perform universal service, also called civil service. What a shame that the 13th amendment, like the others, have been changed by change agents and agencies. What do we say to our children? How can we look them in the eyes? And do we blame them for their disloyalty to God and country, family and nation when they are trained, universally speaking, to serve in military fashion under the authority and opinion of our change agents and agencies? Who will our children become? Certainly their beliefs will not fall far from the tree of government education, government media, and government entertainment. Unlike us, they will most certainly perform their service jobs.

In my life, I will never fully comprehend the constant desire for and resurrection of communism. Except for one reason which is its exceptional ability and history of mass producing slave labor. It has been called a potentially utopian system of government, though clearly it is not as it denies all human potential. It only creates cheap labor through force. Therefore, communism — or any communist hybrid such as communitarianism — is based upon the collection of wealth. This is not utopia. In order to be achieved, utopia would require the complete elimination of the profit mindset because all wars, throughout all human history, have been based upon the theft of valuables and the accumulation of greater wealth. And all wealth demands an enormous and constant slave base in order to survive.

So, here we are, resting on and facing our laurels as profit’s greed has now taken on global proportions through global-sized work forces. Welcome to the world of equity, of equal opportunity slavery, where much like China, you work slavishly for absolutely nothing, while “government” collects everything, owns everything, and dictates and enforces your laws, your beliefs, your value systems and makes mandatory soldiers of your children.

Who is to blame, America? The elites, or the rabble? You tell me. But one thing is for certain: here we go again.

You can doll it all up in artificial flowers like sustainability, community, the greater good, open spaces, world heritage sites and biosphere reserves, volunteerism, community service, partnerships and non-profits, organics, reproductive responsibility, gun-free zones, metrosexualism, carbon credits, ecology and global warming, multiculturalism, equal rights and feminism, equity, visions, consensus, facilitation, and democracy until the cows come home. But it won’t change the fact that all of the above are government-funded creations, funded with the stolen wealth of this nation’s people. You know it, I know it, they know it, media knows it, and arguably so does communist China, communist Russia, communist Europe, socialist Canada, and socialist South America. Equitably speaking, we join all brothers and sisters in service to the globalist communist regime. Never again, will our ignorance be bliss.

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In closing, and to the republic, its one nation under God, indivisible and with liberty and justice for all, we are the united shame of America. Dostoevsky was right.

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Involuntary servitude means enforced service. Our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are told they will, in fact, perform universal service, also called civil service. What a shame that the 13th amendment, like the others, have been changed by change agents and agencies.