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Get Off the Globalization Grid, Part 1

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By Nancy Levant
February 26, 2009

Let us begin with fact.

1. The world has been divided into global regions.

2. The U.S. has been fighting continuous global wars for a century.

3. Joseph Biden and Dick Cheney have publicly declared their current concerns for catastrophic events upon U.S. soil and/or U.S. assets.

4. President Obama is very concerned about catastrophic problems looming on the national horizon.

5. War causes infrastructure and rebuilding projects — always.

Now let us brainstorm.

1. As the world has been divided up into global regions and then sub-regions (America’s ten or eleven sub-regions), let us ponder a few of our global divisions. Region Asia appears to have been assigned the job of world manufacturing. Region Europe appears to have been assigned the job of world governing body since the global organizations are mostly located in Europe. Region America appears to have been assigned the role of world military. The Mideast region, world petroleum.

Now, America as world military goes hand in hand with President Obama’s plan, believing that universal service for all Americans between the ages of 18 to 25 should become mandatory and extended service being the prerequisite to college education. So, in other words, boys and girls will become world soldiers. So much for peace.

2. America has been shipping out American youth for a hundred years to serve in foreign conflicts. And after each and every conflict, and with our military being stretched over the entire planet, it would seem that we are indeed a global military force and not a national force. It is also suggested that at least part of the American military wear UN blue helmets, which also indicate that the American military is now a global military. And as pending legislation awaits to draft both men and women ages 18 to 41, and universal service is inches from mandatory for every young American ages 18 to 25 both male and female, one might guess that peace is not on the agenda and that “The Plan” also does not include peace. One might assume or guess that war is, in fact, an intended agenda item.

3. Former republican vice-president and the current democratic vice-president having both declared a concern for terrorism on U.S. soil and/or U.S. assets suggest insider information or a bi-partisan crystal ball. Therefore, let us ponder another disaster.


After 9/11, we had ourselves quite an infrastructure project — billions and billions of dollars for rebuilding and fixing infrastructure. Massive contracts, massive grant-funded projects, massive profits from massive numbers of infrastructure partners — nothing like war, targets, and damage to create stimulus infrastructure projects to put the people back to work in a country who purposefully eliminated its national jobs in exchange for third-world workers and corporate profits.

4. Our president is worried about catastrophic homeland damage without his nearly trillion dollar stimulus package. His plan to save America is to rebuild America, based upon “change”, while at the same time, he announces universal service requirements for all 18 through 25 year olds, and raises a homeland army to be used on homeland soil while the former American military now serves under global organizations and all over the world, except, of course, in America.

5. Catastrophe always creates the rebuilding of infrastructure which is the basis and foundation of the largest stimulus package in the history of the world. So we ponder, is catastrophe needed to keep the economic stimulus ball rolling?

Now, let us finally consider the U.S. auto industry. Let us assume that the billions handed to this industry came with a few strings attached. Does the federal government or the Federal Reserve Corp. have leans on the U.S. automakers? Do they now own the automakers? And assuming America is the world’s military force, are the automakers going to retool, so to speak, to serve the global war effort? Are they going to build military equipment versus automobiles? Remembering that “human settlements” are now funded with pedestrian walkways and bikeways — auto-free, so to speak.

Keep your eyes wide open. The results of ignorance and apathy have arrived at our doorsteps. Our global job is not to manufacture automobiles. Trust me on this one. Watch for the “retooling” to unfold. Perhaps, the saving grace of the auto industry will suddenly become tanks and helicopters. After all, there is nothing new in history. We have retooled before to serve the war effort. Nationalization of the banks will, of course, be next.

History, history, history, ladies and gentlemen. Let it, therefore, be said, the engine that drives all governments, all economies, and all politicians is and has forever been war/stimulus/restructuring. Same story, new political propaganda language, but the same old story. “Change,” you say? I don’t think so.

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And by the way, more troops (17,000) to Afghanistan? Same war, different neighborhood, different administration.

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Keep your eyes wide open. The results of ignorance and apathy have arrived at our doorsteps. Our global job is not to manufacture automobiles. Trust me on this one. Watch for the “retooling” to unfold. Perhaps, the saving grace of the auto industry will suddenly become tanks and helicopters.