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The Eco-Con That Keeps on Taking






By Nancy Levant
December 20, 2008

Having arrived at the crossroads, and without representation, I believe we are witnessing the battle between full-blown Fascism and Democracy, which might be better referred to as Commune-Capitalism, sanitized Fascism, or Communitarianism. However, there is a difference between Fascism and Communitarianism.

Fascism causes individuals to become subordinate to all political and economic purposes – in fact to all extraneous purposes – whereby completely weakening each and every individual in each and every way. Fascism simply causes us to be puppets on every social string. In contrast, Communitarianism envisions us to believe in the economic eco-friendly community, or in other words, to be socially responsible to economic and political “visions” for the new economic future.

So, what is the actual difference between Fascism and Communitarianism? In fact, it is only rhetoric and degrees of manipulation. Communitarianism only attempts to sweeten the economic manipulation with visions of global warming through guilt-inflicted living.

It all boils down to the total suppression of the individual – his familial and cultural beliefs, his economic opportunities, and most importantly, his happiness. To become an automated human being, the desire for happiness must be eliminated and ultimately replaced with the desire for suppression. One might mistakenly believe that this is an impossible task. However, all of human history proves that suppression is easily accomplished with hunger, sickness, thirst, blood-shedding violence, and on-going economic and political threats. And particularly, when we become subordinate to and suppressed by runaway economics, which is illusory authority at best, we become, as demonstrated so aptly today, paralyzed. The country is economically paralyzed, and all we seem to do is watch and listen to the on-going gaggle of so-called experts who plan, say, and do what we continue to fear in complete misunderstanding. We know none of these people.

I tremble to listen to family and neighbors who comprehend nothing, but only regurgitate tell-a-vision news. I witness on a daily basis the unbearableness of individual isolation, ignorance, and powerlessness, which is the very antithesis of human potential. Now, we all sit and wait for help from some magic economic source glowing from the TV light, which preaches nothing but moral and legal suppression to which we blindly submit. And our personal insignificance grows minute by minute as we give up self-management to strange new anonymous powers. An enormous and secret power over the whole of the country radiates from the tell-a-vision, and truth be told, our society – our culture – is not in control of the very forces it has created. These forces are, in fact, anonymous, secret, and very, very dark in nature.

It is a sad day to finally fathom that we have all been dedicated and devoted to aims and desires that are not our own. We have forwarded all secret and anonymous agenda, and that our Americanism has always been a subjective disguise. We are not – nor have we ever been – Constitutional individuals. We are not our real inalienable selves. We are only and ever social selves. We are cogs and servants to the very machine that we the people built. Our lives were, in fact, devoted to fulfilling economic functions of amassing money and stuff – our whole lives. Truly, people – these were not our goals. These were goals that were socially imprinted upon us by the most powerful in our culture – as it has always been.

Today we reap what we have so blindly sown. It is called unhappiness because we have lost our ability to even desire freedom. We have become alone, insignificant, powerless, and afraid. Equally, we are ashamed because we are not free, self-determining, or productive individuals anymore. And truth be told, our problem – the entire history of the human problem – is that we constantly weakened by the condition of human culture and then necessarily assume the role of submission to ambiguous authorities – much like our TV sets, advertisements, and various in sundry poisons. Our beliefs, in fact, are not our own but merely mimics from our economic social order.

We live in a world where every thought and belief is superimposed upon us and induced from outside elements. We are pseudo thinkers. We have lost our opinions – as so planned.
As such, we are faced with threats from every direction – local, national, global threats – as planned – and so it is that we appear readied to submit to new authorities, new social circumstances, and a new culture that many are fanatically backing much as they did in 20th Century Germany. Keep this in mind when all deviating opinion from new and pre-planned norms is now coming under the umbrella of “hate crimes.” Remember, too, that Nazi Germany simply replaced that nation’s old socio-economic system. Obviously, we are replacing ours, as well.

Our new system of governance is upon us, and I believe it will be the very essence of authoritarian character. Call it what you may – Democracy, Fascism, Communitarianism, fancy Communism, or new-fangled Socialism – it will be authoritarian and destructive. Our spiritual terrorism will surely further curtail human liberties, which will make us all the more suggestible to new and dominating forces.

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So, today, I refer you back to God’s hands, for we are now operating under the influences of great ambivalence and, I believe, absolute and all-encompassing domination.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:

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So, what is the actual difference between Fascism and Communitarianism? In fact, it is only rhetoric and degrees of manipulation. Communitarianism only attempts to sweeten the economic manipulation with visions of global warming through guilt-inflicted living.