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Get Off the Globalization Grid, Part 1

The Eco-Con That Keeps on Taking






By Nancy Levant
December 13, 2008

The concept of the greater good, created by think tanks and spewed by generations of politicians, provided the impetus for the usurpation of our Constitution. The greater good is a strategically scripted morality campaign and code to force-manipulate American people into accepting total social, military, and technological controls. The greater good is the reason why we are “sacrificing” our religions, our homes and private property, our jobs and incomes, our retirements and savings, our automobiles, and most particularly, our ability to have personal opinions.

So what exactly is the greater good? The greater good is a documented and rule-bound social contract which was bound together by the United Nations in a document called Agenda 21. So, here we are, all these years later, and just as so many have warned, we are back to the reality and fruition of Agenda 21.

Here’s the greater good in a nutshell:

Religious belief is illegal minus environmental worship, which manipulates us into acceptance of tribal lifestyles – minus, of course, the billionaires. Their lifestyles will remain unaltered, and they will sacrifice nothing whatsoever. We, however, will sacrifice warmth in winter, coolness in summer, driving automobiles, eating meat, gun ownership, all privacy, and any accumulation of money. We will sacrifice home ownership, and privately owned land will be disallowed and illegal. Water will be rationed. Employment will be rationed. Sound familiar?

The greater good also demonstrates itself with paramilitary policing and Executive Orders that define martial law, the taking of your food stores, the splitting up of your family members, your national registration by your local post office officials, the confiscation of your farms and firearms, and removal of rural roads and access, biometric ID cards, and the elimination of your right to mobility. You will move when told to do so. You will stay put when told to do so. Swat teams will mainstream into your “communities.” Sound familiar? These are but just a few examples of the greater good, which are now passively operating in your communities – the key word being “passively.”

Behind the greater good lies a very powerful incentive called Martial Law, which our elected have been preparing for US for at least six decades. Martial Law is military control at its finest and worst. Martial Law is declared under a state of emergency. The United States is in a declared state of emergency. Martial Law becomes military reality when a president says it’s a reality.

I have stated in previous articles that I believe we are currently under a passive state of Martial Law, which began when “mandatory volunteerism” became the mantra for the greater good in our “communities.” I’ve asked this question before, and I repeat if for your consideration: what is the difference between mandatory civilian labor, as so described in Executive Orders pertaining to Martial Law, and mandatory volunteerism? The only difference, I believe, is the lack of military enforcement on our streets. But, are our streets without military enforcement? What about the swat teams raiding private homes, food co-ops, and other “community” residences and organizations? Why the cross-training between military and local law enforcement agencies? Why the private military corporations on homeland soil? What’s with the tasering of “community” members? What’s with the shooting of family pets?

The greater good seems to come with paramilitary might. So, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, where is America the Beautiful, and is this how you want to live? I suggest you be careful about how you answer that question. You best read Agenda 21, which is the greater good behavioral blueprint for your new and force-perfected world. Your personal opinions, which may differ from the greater good, leave heavily illegal footprints in a world under new government and siege, which appears to be much less than passive. The greater good is mandatory, and you need to understand your mandatory codes of conduct. Oh, and by the way, your new codes of conduct are all dolled up in environmentalism. Agenda 21 tells you that your new “community” behaviors will save Earth from total destruction due to your heavy and illegal personal opinion footprints, which is why you needed a behavioral code of conduct book for the greater good. Agenda 21 also tells you that owning private property simply cannot be, and that only government can morally own property.

Now, as our newly elected globalist leaders are ready to lead us into the greater good, let us be ready, as well. Take your volunteer posts, smile; be prepared to turn in your polluting and constitutional neighbors – especially the ones that own cows and horses that pass gas – and partner with a governing organization. I hear tell that hungry and unemployed families are currently turning in their guns in exchange for food in some cities – using such greater good programs that were set up to help the hungry and unemployed. After all, the Second Amendment is certainly not for the greater good unless, of course, you’re a paramilitary man.

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Your Agenda 21 rule book can be found at the United Nations website or on I strongly suggest that you read how and why you must become a greater gooder. Actually, you have no opinion-option.

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Now, as our newly elected globalist leaders are ready to lead us into the greater good, let us be ready, as well. Take your volunteer posts, smile; be prepared to turn in your polluting and constitutional neighbors – especially the ones that own cows that pass gas – and partner with a governing organization.