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Nancy Levant
August 18, 2005

Some dots connect really easily. Take, for instance, the global government�s plan to end widespread automobile usage. This one is a no-brainer.

When dealing with globalization, we must always begin with the initial mission to drastically lower the world�s population. Next we must return to Agenda 21, which expects the world�s people to be relocated into what it calls �human settlements.� This relocation plan comes off the heels of Agenda 21�s plan to place all privately owned property into the hands of government and/or governmentally partnered environmental non-profit organizations and/or Biosphere Reserve designations. Whatever the name, they are all government.

The super new highway systems are not American systems � they are global-corporate mandates. The super trade corridors are being built all over the world. They are not our government�s brainstorm. They are massive highway systems that we, the taxpayers, are forced to fund in nearly all countries.

The super trade corridors also have mass transit, bike, and pedestrian systems and trails. Human settlements, industries, and corporations will relocate and grow along the super trade corridors. Old roads will be dismantled, and we will be told how nice that is for us since we will no longer have to maintain them with our tax dollars.

But here�s the crux � since they can�t force us to leave all the rural and wilderness areas, they can force all jobs and businesses into business and trade corridors, and they can remove rural and wilderness roads. So, living outside of the super trade corridors will be difficult when you can�t get to work without a horse or a helicopter.

I also suggest to you that the price of oil will climb high enough to force you into trade corridor living as automobile travel will become unaffordable to all but the wealthy. This, too, has been a plan in the works for a decade or two or three. The Mid-East will be blamed for the expensive gasoline � and especially if/when there is nuclear holocaust in the Mid-East or in the U.S. But what is important for the American people to understand is that there has been an on-going, international plan to bring civilian mobility rights, as well as most others, to a halt. Always keep in mind the following:

  • The herding of people into �corridors� was pre-planned.
  • The taking of all private property rights was pre-planned.
  • NAFTA-CAFTA-FTAA was pre-planned.
  • One-world governance was pre-planned.
  • Environmentally based Socialism was pre-planned.
  • The social re-engineering of American children and public education was pre-planned.
  • Super trans-national toll highway systems were pre-planned.
  • Community housing development and deed restrictions were pre-planned.
  • Bikeways and pedestrian walkways along side the super trade corridors and inside planned communities were pre-planned.
  • Live-work units were pre-planned.
  • Police states and community housing police (COPS � Community-Oriented Policing Services) were pre-planned.
  • The Martial Law system (which is currently practicing) and detention camps were pre-planned.
  • Homeland Security was pre-planned.
  • Executive Orders to suspend the Constitution were pre-planned.

You get the gist. All the above took more than the 4 years following 911 to develop. America�s new infrastructure is being set into stone for the new government�s take-over of America. Our elected know very well that things could go badly once American people connect a few more dots. And I go back to my original mantra � if you haven�t read Agenda 21, you will never be able to make sense of the changes to this nation, and you will continue to follow the leaders who have been secretly planning for decades to take down the United States.

The global system, called Communitarian Socialism, is fully embedded into the public school system, the religious system and in most Protestant and Catholic churches and in synagogues; the healthcare system (healthcare for the rich), the mental healthcare system (drugs for the masses), all governmentally or philanthropically-funded scientific and/or technological research, the pharmaceutical industry, and the global food industries. Just as a side note, but aptly demonstrating the corporate point, I recently read that Monsanto has applied for a patent on pigs. They actually want to lay claim to ownership of all the world�s pigs. This should be no more surprising than our government deciding to force mental health drugs on the entire American public (New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health). Makes one wonder if the American public is in for such a rude awakening that we are all going to require some mood and mind altering on an enforce government-style basis. Is the government worried about our future moods?

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The global dots are connecting on a global basis. Perhaps when another huge �crisis� occurs, may of the dot connectors will be swept up and away from their communication rights. Who knows, but when things feel off, I suggest that you pay attention. The world has become an uncomfortable place where nothing makes sense except for conspiracy, deception, and lies. All I can say, and repeat ten thousand times, is to read Agenda 21. Read about Communitarianism. Read about UNESCO. Then read the legislative changes in your nation and states in the last decade. The big ugly picture will stare you in the face. Nothing is quite as it seems.

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed 'The Collapse of Intuition', a non-fiction book about the decline of instinctual and intuitive abilities in American women. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.










The super trade corridors also have mass transit, bike, and pedestrian systems and trails. Human settlements, industries, and corporations will relocate and grow along the super trade corridors.