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Nancy Levant
September 11, 2007

Due to the fact that we now live according to legislated lies and scams of global/elite proportion, �conspiracy� takes on whole new meaning. Laws are conspiracies. Media is conspiracy. Ivy League academia (in particular) teaches conspiracy. Professional think tank organizations invent conspiracies. Corporations finance conspiracies. Big Pharma, public and higher mental education, and banks carry forth conspiracies. And we, the people, who watchdog the dogs, are conspiracy theorists. So, conspiracy it is - and it rules our days.

Every time another watchdog is discredited as a liar, is harassed, or publicly or physically destroyed, one can rest assured that that theorist was on to something or someone. After all, elimination of the enemy is the name of conspiracy�s game. But when there are so many conspiracies to behold and chase, one realizes that the political world has become a very surreal place � albeit very akin to tell-a-vision.

The world now realizes that the biodiversity/ecology-based land confiscation scheme is a scam of global proportions, and invented by money power, think tanks, philanthropic organizations and elites, and their political and non-profit prostitutes. That secret is out of the bag. But one fascinating component of their �sustainability� MO is the Biosphere Reserve system.

Not one ordinary human being on Earth had any say, whatsoever, about the taking of the world�s most pristine and beautiful wilderness areas. To my knowledge, the total, global, confiscated acreage has never been published as the Biosphere Reserves system also includes �conservation corridors� and �buffer zones.� We need to know that figure, but we never will. The truthful reason for the Biosphere system is unknown. Some say the Biosphere lands were taken for their water, timber, and mineral value. That makes sense, and also goes hand in hand with herding of populations into �human settlements,� as called for by the U.N.�s Agenda 21. This allows globalist elites and their corporations to strip-mine ecological wealth with some privacy. It also gives credence to a Communist/Socialist system of corporate-governmental ownership of everything that has fundamental monetary value and intrinsic worth AND total control of agriculture and water, which in translation means basic human needs.

Some say that taxable watershed systems located within the Biosphere Reserves are the prize desired by the U.N. to raise the funds for the one-world global military and to ration the water of all commoners. This, too, makes sense in light of collapsing borders, sovereign nations, and angry and impoverished citizens.

On the other side of the conspiracy fence, it has also been suggested that �crisis� is invented to manipulate the masses. In light of the past 5 years, many bright people now consider orchestrated crisis to be of legitimate concern as 911 brought with it the demise of the American Constitution, new homeland paramilitary organizations and control, and the global government�s political bureaucracy system - Communitarianism. So, in truth, all conspiracies are more than food for thought at this final stage of corrupted political games. We simply can�t allow, nor should we ever have allowed, verbatim belief in �the elected� or in science ever again. There are too many lies, cover-ups, and, frankly, professional and highly educated thieves.

And as each day passes, and questions of unethical doings amongst the world�s power brokers continue to be raised, and as one observes the scrambling of leadership and their media propagandists; as the world observes their great discomfort while the global watchdogs amass strength and power in growing numbers, and the elite make legislative plans to shut down freedom of speech using new armies in the name of �combatants,� the conspiracies thicken as truth awaits its turn in the global spotlight. We know it�s coming, but we also know Martial Law is coming.

Who knows when lies rule the day, and people are forced to seek out truth at great risk to their very lives. We do, however, know that many, many people have died due to their close proximity to truth - dead microbiologists, for instance. It is therefore very likely that as more and more truth unfolds, thanks to the efforts of the global watchdog community, small/independent media, and many others worldwide, the world will become a more volatile and dangerous place. The purveyors of lies, especially the big lies, really, really hate to get caught.

And as for the Biosphere Reserves, it has been suggested that they may be home to the world�s elite when the �big crisis� hits, as they will be fully separated from the masses in our human settlements � their own personal dreamy and roadless fairy lands, so to speak. It has also been suggested that the corralling of commoners into �human settlements� makes the intention of massive depopulation 1) easier to achieve, and 2) establishes large and clear targets for depopulation missions. However, as cash/profit/power/fear is the M.O. of the worlds elite, many questions remain as to the purpose of global land confiscation and human corralling. It will all be discovered and uncovered soon enough. However, our dilemma is this: ask your neighbors and family about Biosphere Reserves. They�ve never heard of them. Nor do they realize that all Biosphere Reserves are crawling with grant-funded (translation: governmentally funded) scientists.

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If 1 + 1 still rings a bell, I would be concerned about 1) pandemic, 2) crashing markets, and 3) martial law paramilitary control, which in fact may have been raised as armies to protect America�s elite while we, the rabble, suffer unspeakably in our condensed human settlements. Somehow, Biosphere Reserves and depopulation go hand in hand. Perhaps Biosphere Reserves are the kingpin of �gated� communities.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:











The world now realizes that the biodiversity-ecology-based land confiscation scheme is a scam of global proportions, and invented by money power, think tanks, philanthropic organizations and elites, and their political and non-profit prostitutes.