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Nancy Levant
August 21, 2007

With all the �conspiracy� theories regarding the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, that symbol is actually the perfect mascot for history�s aristocracy and elites. The pyramid�s apex, divided from the base and hovering above it, with the all-seeing eye as its emblem - all-knowing via databases and panoptical technologies - the �apex� believe they should rule over all life. They perceive themselves as so superior to 99% of mankind that their needs, desires, and whims come above and beyond all living things on Earth.

They believe that wealth = superior intelligence and pecking order. They believe in enforced power, elite bloodlines, bloodshed, and enslavements of any kind. Historically, they are interesting people because their agendas have been quite few. Supporting and maintaining wealth is key to who they have been, who they are, and why they do what they do. They have been so deranged by senses of superiority that their greatest fears are of the commoner. As their superiority has deadened their souls to Godliness, any and all crime becomes subservient to their desires. Many, if not most (and throughout all written history), become sociopaths without consciences to curb their desires and missions.

They are fascinating people because they live (and lived) terrified lives. They live in a world of cover-ups, lies, backstabbing, secrets, theft, schemes, falseness, and murder � all the while trying to keep a public face of control, authority and expertise, social integrity, automatic intelligence, and composure. They live in a world where trust, friendships, and loyalties are purchased by the highest bidder. They are neurotic, pathological, and very dangerous. They live in unending fear of exposure of who and what they are and, specifically, what they do and have done.

I am fascinated watching such people on television. They are not only phony and robotic, they are trained phonies and robots. They all have handlers, speechwriters, marketers, make-up artists, stylists, advisors, speech and publicity trainers, and whole strings of personal servants. They are profoundly uncomfortable in their own skins. And the people behind them, the think-tankers and millionaires, are equally nervous and frightened, as all fear potential threats of discovery. And these people are the world�s leaders and decision makers - the most neurotic, paranoid, and dangerous people on the planet.

Exposure on a thousand fronts means imprisonment, mass hatreds, and total collapse. This is why many who are �found out,� or are knowingly going to be found out, commit suicide. Sadly, this �class� of people have been admired and supported in the Westernized nations. In the West, money and wealth equates to admiration, and this alone has brought Western civilizations to their current and deplorable conditions and knees. We are now living inside the fruition of elitist pathologies and their criminality (including, but not limited to, the demise of the Constitution of the united States and the �universal� drugging of the world�s people).

Such centralized wealth is familial in nature, and therefore tends to be on going. The world�s elite aristocracies may come and go, but the familial patterns of financial abuse continue unhampered. Centralized wealth poisons and destroys humanity, morality, and mental health. At its lowest level, this poisoning is visible in the Nuevo Riche. �Money changes people� is certainly true and often causes strange and unpleasant changes. A sense of superiority is an immediate after-effect of sudden wealth. Money also immediately produces paranoia, as in how to keep it, how to safeguard it, hide it, how to avoid taxes, and how to keep it in the family. Security becomes paramount via tax shelters, security systems, security guards and details, accounting schemes, and legal loopholes. Great wealth gave birth to scam and secret politics.

Fears escalate. Who is trying to use you for money? Who really is your friend and confidant? Who can you trust to handle your money? Because of these fears, money is kept within the confines of the family, and family member are brought into the fold of family businesses. Friendships must rely upon similar social classes who experience the same communal fears. This is how and why the masses are cut off from the experiences of the wealthy, and the more wealth, the fewer connections to commoners. Extremely wealthy people are terrified of the masses, which is how and why they have come to loathe them. The truth of the matter is that wealth also breeds shame, as in shameful misuse, shameful vanity, shameful selfishness, shameful extravagance, shameful self-elevations, shameful greed, shameful arrogance, and the best secret and shameful crime that money can buy.

In today�s world, the wealthiest people on the planet have come together in a political attempt to 1) rid the world of the masses they fear and loathe, and 2) control a compliant base of lowly paid and uneducated workers who will continue to support wealth�s accumulation. In their paranoia, their delusional states, delusional superiority, their fear of truth, and in their fear of the commoners� wrath, they have created a closed and very devious system of global control. It�s called the total control of money, military, and natural resources. It�s called corporate governance.

Every time in history that �conquering the world� this has been attempted, mass extermination, mass murder, mass theft, and mass bloodshed have overtaken the common man�s day. Today, the people who are running the world are far more than dangerous people. For them, wars and military movements, combined with genocidal/technological sciences, are manipulated in dire games of self-protectionism and wealth building. Wealth has absolutely become globally centralized, and the world�s masses are being maneuvered, manipulated, and set-up by people who are pathologically immoral. They can and do kill on a regular basis, while they publicly speak of beliefs that they have determined to be the sole answers for all humanity. In other words, they are without ethics or conscience.

The world�s apex-elite aristocracy is once again in global domination mode, because they are terrified of the world�s population of commoners. The base is too big. Mass media and computer communications are destroying what has, until now, been reasonably easy to hide. Hackers are everywhere. Watchdogs are everywhere, and commoners are becoming more astute to the widespread crimes and corruptions of such elite. Though they remain thick as thieves, they are minute in number, and the whole world is catching on and watching - and in spite of their funding and control of science, technology, and media.

The problem with history is not that the salt of the Earth have maimed and tarnished human history. The problem is that the elite aristocracies have continued to amass greater and greater wealth while declining in sanity at the same time. This is our dilemma and challenge, but realistically, our last chance to change the bitter history of mankind.

Equally, it is of great importance that implementation of a �universal mental health system� has come from the aristocracy � once again demonstrating the severity of their paranoia and fear of humankind. That paranoid pathology is attempting to force pharmaceutical drugs into the masses, and at the same time, boosting profits as a result of physiological damage to all humanity. Same story - different decade � different pipeline and technologies. We�ve seen this many times before � the pathological paranoia just before the storm.

To find the future of today�s mankind, one must look to the past. I have said before that there has always been a limit or cap on the knowledge, money, and power that the common man has been permitted to achieve. Once that limit has been reached, orchestrated war(s), economic crashes, limits on food and water, human relocations, limited education, limited healthcare, and enforced workforces have always been the means to setting the commoner back to �controllable� levels. This is the global-historical pattern of power, control, and monetary theft. This is the constant history of elites ruling over the rabble. Such power remains mankind�s nightmare � every nation, every century, every single time �the people� realize that the elite leaders are, in fact, criminals.

In today�s world, criminality has become professionalized and highly educated via international economics, corporate politics, secretive organizations, and Ivy League classism. In other words, crime has become socially legitimized through the venues of the upper-most classes. We have been led to believe that great wealth equates to intellect, expertise, and authority, but world history tells us otherwise. Great wealth, in fact, has always led to complex theft mechanisms and tremendous, tremendous suffering.

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Consider 2 Timothy, Chapter 3:

3:1 This I know, also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
3:3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
3:4 Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God,
3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power of it; from such turn away.

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To find the future of today�s mankind, one must look to the past. I have said before that there has always been a limit or cap on the knowledge, money, and power that the common man has been permitted to achieve.