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Nancy Levant
August 7, 2007

Why is the history of the world so barbaric? Why has mankind - again and again, and in every century of written history � been subjected to nation conquering and barbaric treatment? There is one answer to these questions, folks, and that is the historical political power and control by aristocrats and elitists.

Furthermore, and throughout all written history, why are aristocrats and elitists the richest people on the planet? I�ll give you the short answer to that question, as well: strategic theft.

Elite thievery comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Taxation, slavery, enslaved work forces, denial of basic needs, slaughter and genocide, the denial of education and knowledge, manipulated belief/religious/social systems, propaganda manipulations, threats, murder, the draft, economics-based wars, tell-a-vision, gaming industries, entertainments, genetically modified/poisoned foods, water lacing, pharmaceutical enforcements, weather manipulation, and, specifically, hatred and contempt for the common man.

Why has the common man, throughout history, remained the subject of hatred for elites? That�s easy to answer, as well: because the common man outnumbers the elite in massive, massive numbers. They hate us because they have always feared our numbers and our potential to coordinate against their establishments of power. All thieving elitists and aristocrats live in constant states of fear.

In today�s world of mass communications, fear of the masses has escalated as their traditional strategies of theft have been discovered and shared via mass communications. Hence, we now understand why the Internet and independent radio are under attack by global politics. The problem is that the information about their �strategies� has been circulated throughout the world. The world now understands that with which we are dealing, which is why the elimination of human rights has been on the fast-track for decades.

For instance, during the last century, the rights of the American people have been false and token rights. Though we had Constitutional rights, those rights were incrementally eroded by executive orders and the near 75-year declared state of emergency � the state of emergency we did not know existed. The state of emergency that removed our allodial freehold titles to our private property � the private property that, in fact, does not exist in legal terms. The same declared and current state of emergency also mandated that we, the people, were enemies of the American government, which is why we now have to have �licenses� to do just about anything � including moving around from place to place in our vehicles and licensed permission to earn money (lifelong learning). Refer to The Strive Act of 2007 and the EEVS database which states that the Department of Homeland Security decides who is eligible for employment. Understand this well� a brand new paramilitary system is to determine if you are �allowed� to earn a living in YOUR nation. Does this sound like freedom to you?

Now, we are also forced to comply with �mental health� profiling. Why? The simple answer relates back to the fear of the elitists in power. We, the people, are now to be designated as mentally ill, which also means genetically unfit, once the theft strategies and mechanisms of the elite are discovered. Nationwide mental health profiling and designations are directly tied to the fear the elite have for the common man�s comprehension of their actions. Your knowledge, therefore, is deemed and diagnosed as insanity.

Today�s elites and aristocrats desire to conquer the world as so dictated by their �new world order.� This is an old historical pattern of pathological arrogance. It is also the history of elitist power, desire, and intention. The powers they have always amassed, in all centuries, were built upon their ability to rob the fruits, labors, and accumulated wealth of the commoner. In other words, there has always been an established cap or limit on our rights, our knowledge, and our wealth. In order for them to retain political and economic power � and throughout all written history � they had to enforce these limits upon the masses of humanity because the masses outnumbered them � and today, multi-billions to one.

So, the question begs: do we continue with the world�s history of barbarism at the hands of elites and aristocrats, or do we finally, and once and for all, tell the world�s handful of psycho-crats that they are no longer the leaders of anything?

Do we continue to allow their designer global wars to grow their powers and wealth? They have quite the nerve to insinuate that �global peace� is their agenda when global wars were always their means to spectacular wealth. Do we continue to be shat upon to the point of massive mental illness designations? And do we intend to subject our children, grandchildren, our elders, and ourselves to their pharmaceutical and biometric controls?

Whether you believe it or not, care or not, or give a damn, the Bible is an extraordinary document if you are fascinated by the psychology and abuse of power. It is also a perfect place to make the remarkable connections between global/historical greed and contemporary greed and power grabbing. There�s not much new in history, folks. There are, however, new and highly improved �civilian (translation: commoner) management technologies, which include satellite weapons systems, weather modification technologies, manufactured super viruses, and bio, chemical, and radiological weapons of mass(es) destruction. Don�t knock great tribulation unless you understand the enormous power-based fear of the elite. Don�t think for five seconds that they aren�t scared to death of mankind. If in doubt, I refer you to their technologies, their executive orders, signing statements, directives, their martial law systems, their paramilitary systems, their civilian interment camps, all civilian management technologies, their secret organizations, and their ability to fund and create global chaos � all in the name of THEIR sustainability and power. And don�t knock Christianity until you�ve taken the time to read it. On that note, keep in mind that the greatest gift offered to mankind by mankind, in my opinion, is literacy. You better use it while you can. Mankind�s ignorance has always been the greatest achievement and weapon of the world�s elite who are, in fact, your light-bearing masters. I refer you to Alice Bailey�s The Externalization of the Hierarchy for explicit details of �The Plan� in action. I refer you to the Bible for the remedy to this �Plan.�

And on an American social note, the line has been drawn in the sand. All intentions to conquer the nation are out in the open � including the �duality (translation: dialectic)� of the social collapsing systems in play, which do, in fact, comprise �The Plan� so described by Alice Bailey. We live amidst such dualities as right vs. left politics, peace vs. non-stop wars, racial and cultural divides and ideologies, rich vs. poor, power vs. powerlessness, etc. But the bottom line is that all social dualities are politically orchestrated events AND they are ALL implanted manipulations that destroy spiritual and cognitive potential. If in doubt, take a look at the moral condition of this nation or, for that matter, watch tell-a-vision or read your children�s school books. All the dialectic wars and divides are for capturing the hearts, minds, and souls of mankind � key word being �souls.�

I contend that we have the power to maintain our souls, but never through such dialectical invention and treachery as �the common good.� �The common good� is a false flag and an old lie and, as such, you have witnessed the total moral corruption of this nation. For the sake of freedom, pick up the Bible you have never read and read it. You cannot understand yourselves, your actions and inactions, your successes and failures, until you read the Bible. Like it or not � understand it or not � it is the foundation of human behavior. I refer you to Proverbs 2.

So, is elite leadership �sustainable?� The answer is no � it is not. Always remember that we outnumber the elites multi-billions to one. In our nation, we must reinstate EACH AND EVERY state militia as defined by our Constitution. If you will read Edwin Vieira�s book titled Constitutional Homeland Security, which is available at, you will learn what to do to ensure YOUR freedom and the sovereignty of this nation, which, by the way, is one nation under God, INDIVISIBLE (opposite of dialectic), with FREEDOM and JUSTICE for ALL. Sorry, folks, but freedom � YOUR freedom � is in fact tied directly to God. Don�t say you don�t believe it when you haven�t read the Bible. You don�t have to comprehend it all at once. You are not expected to do so. But, it will change your life � your real life � and not the one that is crafted by elite design, your public education system, and hired think tank and legislated manipulation. Your soul is on the line. Your freedom is on the line, and the line is drawn. Don�t get caught on the side of their double-edged (dialectic) lies. I refer you to 2nd Thessalonians, Chapter 2, verses 9-12:

�His coming is according to the working of Satan in all power and miraculous signs and lying wonders, and in all deceit of unrighteousness in those being lost, because they did not receive the love of the truth in order for them to be saved. And because of this, God will send to them a working of error, for them to believe the lie, that all may be judged, those not believing the truth, but who have delighted in unrighteousness.�

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And by the way, one of the lying wonders so described in today�s world of dialectic manipulation is that all Christian people are the radical �Christian Right.� Most American people are NOT the Christian Right, who, in fact, sold their souls decades ago for political favors and power.

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I contend that we have the power to maintain our souls, but never through such dialectical invention and treachery as �the common good.� �The common good� is a false flag and an old lie and, as such, you have witnessed the total moral corruption of this nation.