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Nancy Levant
July 31, 2007

It�s hard to imagine the level of paranoia that the federal government must be experiencing. Between the insanity of badly orchestrated lies, which precipitated our involvement in all the wars in 20th and now 21st Centuries, think tank induced environmentalism, and now the �storm� induced military-turned-policed-nation, including an executive-level suggestion that American people give up their mobility, one senses that as lies build upon lies, danger ensues as dangerous people continue to fall flat on their platforms of deceptive leadership and pathological propaganda. We the people are awake.

It is this writer�s opinion that we are led by abject and career criminals, who also happen to be connected to a network of global wealth siphoning financial systems. America is witnessing pathological classism where the multi-billionaire rich are literally conquering everyone else. One mistake that we the people have made for decades has been staying riveted to �breaking news.� We tend to miss the real news that is pre-empted, or in other words, hidden from our view.

The only American news is this - the current administration and their handlers (Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderburgers) are dismantling human freedom. The pace is furious. Every federal bureaucracy is being re-maneuvered for continued crisis � every federal bureaucracy. Our government is so re-maneuvered that it is unrecognizable as our government because it is not our government. We did not ask nor vote for our current rules, economic enslavements, and regulations. All administrations in the past 100 years imposed them, and we had no say whatsoever. Now, it is suggested that our military (or the Mexican-Canadian-U.N. military) is to be given policing powers in this nation, which is not our nation.

Only Congress has the power to act to protect the American people from criminal leadership. Congress has had ample opportunity, cause, and reason to act to protect us from what is and was secret foreshadowed wheeling and dealing, but Congress happens to be full of paid and complicit puppets of global profiteers � full of �partners and stakeholders,� so to speak. So the only question is what the many will do in response to the criminality of the few � the criminals and their military-style and high-tech policing forces.

Any American citizen with half a brain cannot claim ignorance, party affiliation, or loyalty to this nation�s leadership - period. Anyone who does so is an enemy of freedom. In today�s world, every freedom loving American must work on a daily basis, and I do mean a daily basis, to expose the military take-over of America, the bureaucratic confiscation of American land (and all other rights), the purposeful destruction of the American public school system, war-based corporate profit economics, and the insidious class war, which includes plans for mass elimination of the poor, the huddled masses, the infirmed, and the Third World. Social cleansing is in practice and in full federal and global play. The rich and their corporations are maneuvering humanity. If in doubt, ask Africa. Ask the world�s billions who have been effected by depleted uranium. And, hey, all you cool rock stars and movie stars out there � take 20 minutes of your extraordinary lives and read this. I ask this one favor of you after a lifetime of buying your music and watching your films. You owe me this one favor.

America is in a perpetual state of media deception. Our reality is an orchestrated and highly managed deception. Our leadership is a group of goons who lie for their livings and who loath and deny freedom for the masses they fear. The rich have always been afraid of the masses because their wealth has always been extracted from the masses in one despicable way or another. This is the global history of aristocratic power and its constant and paranoid scheming and brutality. Environmental disaster - environmental?

�Storms� are now the backbone of a plan to turn militaries into national police forces. Orchestrated �terrorism� and �pandemic sickness� are Plans B and C. Storms and terrorism are designed and funded, instigated, and reap billions into the hands of global corporations, governmental research projects and programs, and global partnerships and stakeholding grantees. These are the economic policies and bureaucracies of our American statesmen with America - the conquered land mass, Constitution, and workforce - the global agenda.

Our nation, as we thought knew it, is gone. 9-11 didn�t cause America�s demise nor did naturally occurring hurricanes. Our current administration and others before it caused America�s conquering and demise. They caused the total destruction of our public education system, as well, in order to ensure a stupid and dull citizenry, and then gave stupid citizens television and cool pharmaceuticals to maintain a steady potion of mesmerization. The New Freedom Initiative will further ensure chemical mesmerization � even of children. Anyone who still understands or desires freedom must now take to the streets and work every day to refuse the power of global career criminals in Armani suits. They are the enemies of humankind�s spirituality, decency, compassion, health, and potential.

Any affluent American who believes in truth and freedom is now mandated by morality to give of his or her wealth to serve in the fight to preserve truth and freedom. We are each other�s keepers, and we are vulnerable to false and deviant sciences, scientists, and their financial backers. We are fighting for our rights to be free from tyrants, their militaries, their super viruses and poisons, their psychotronic technologies, and their paramilitary forces. Now, we are all fighting dictatorship � the key word being �now.� We are fighting evil.

Unless you are prepared to claim that all Muslim people are monsters, that America should be policed on the homeland by armed forces, that no American citizen should own private property; that the United Nations can be handed millions of acres of American land and watershed systems (Biosphere Reserves), while land trust organizations buy up multi-millions of additional acres using our tax dollars and donations and then re-sell them to government and their partnership corporations, and that American youth can be forced to die by bullets, bombs, and depleted uranium for the monstrous profits of oil and reconstruction companies, then you must act to reclaim truth, integrity, and freedom from these pathological white-collar oppressors. There are no options minus the active acceptance of elite dictatorship and/or death.

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It is time to take back our nation. It is time for our backbones and our BRAINS to re-grow. And equally, it is time for American churches to get out of the den of thieves and quit dancing with financial devils � all American churches, synagogues, and mosques. If you are being led and leveraged by governments and their missions, you are not houses of faith and spirit. You are houses of idol worship and liars in the name of a profit-reaping, bureaucratic/academic god. The faithful do not �partner� with liars, gold diggers, and thieves. The intelligent do not sing in harmony to the whims of pathological billionaires.

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Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her dreadful timing).

She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system, political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and lively radio personality. To book an engagement with Nancy Levant, send an email request to:










It is time to take back our nation. It is time for our backbones and our BRAINS to re-grow. And equally, it is time for American churches to get out of the den of thieves and quit dancing with financial devils...