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Nancy Levant
August 13, 2005

Today, and particularly so in Westernized nations, big money, or corporate/philanthropic wealth, dictates political power and social philosophy. What is good for corporate profits is political and socio-economic globalization. What is detrimental to globalization is non-funded opinion. In other words, the opinions of the world�s masses are 1) not considered, and 2) a danger to those intent upon changing global systems to enhance and grow power and wealth.

In a world dominated by elites and their wealth, political power and social philosophy is purchased by the highest bidder. Wealth and power is inextricably bound together in funding bureaucracies that have, for centuries, controlled academia and its perceived expertise. Contemporary �expertise,� which is exclusively based upon funding and grants, is nothing more than purchased spokespersons for the desires of the world�s power mongers. In other words, the world�s �experts� are the outspoken prostitutes of their financial backers. Funding manipulates and buys any and all desired expert opinion.

The world is now living under the decisions of highly paid �experts.� These people are credentialed by bought and paid for universities, are members of elite think tanks, and the friends of friends in very high places. Their needs and motivations are very different from the needs and desires of the world�s masses � very different, indeed.

The world�s people have been sold a bill of goods called sustainability and equity. For decades, academic experts have been on a mission to prove the highly funded opinions of their financial backers. It is a system that is embroiled with manipulation, arrogance, cash, and total disrespect and disregard to all who are outside the circle of financial influence. This is terribly evident with America�s border issues, which are the direct result of economic globalization, which really means corporate power, cheap labor, and profits.

The Western U.S is in a very highly orchestrated shambles. The Mexico to Canada super trade corridor highway system is already in the works, while social chaos gravely endangers the lives of American and Mexican people. Hatreds are breeding on a daily basis, and still, we somehow continue to believe in the elite�s sustainability and equity scam. Crime and abject corruption is out of control in the West, while very dangerous elements such as drug cartels, gangs, and terrorists continue to literally walk into our nation.

The American public school system, as well as most other public education systems in the world, has also been overrun by the expert opinions of the funding elite. Public education is now completely dominated by proficiency tests, assessment tests, and corporate-pharmaceutical influence. The New Freedom Initiative on Mental Health is the most insidious, unconscionable mission to date that has arisen from �expertise-based� systems of government-corporate manipulation. It is beyond reprehensible and as pathological as all the orchestrated genocidal missions in history.

Public schools, as governmental entities, have agreed to implement this system to ensure future funding. Upwards of 60 million American children are to be profiled for enforced drugging, as new customers have been guaranteed for pharmaceutical corporations � politically guaranteed.

The public schools have also adopted globalization curricula to train children for global vs. American citizenship. They are taught environmental sustainability instead of biology. They are taught religion in the form of �Gaia,� or pantheism based upon sustainability, and they are denied other religious beliefs or foundations, and are, in fact, punished for even mentioning them in schools.

Social consensus is mandated in today�s classrooms, and individuality is punished with bad grades and IEPs (Individual Education Plans). Grades are based on group mentality and cloning, and the mastery of knowledge is inconsequential. Children who regularly fail quizzes and tests regularly make A�s and B�s on their report cards if they can demonstrate a successful groupthink mentality and a servitor personality.

And while homeschooled children continue, year after year, to win most of the national awards for excellence in education, they continue to be hailed by experts as socially damaged and under the powers of extremist parents. The truth of the matter is that most homeschooled children receive such superior educations as compared with children who attend public schools that the elite-funded �experts� are now paid to destroy the credibility of good parents who produce intelligent and often brilliant children. This effort has been on going for decades.

Equally disturbing is the silence of school superintendents, administrators, and teachers. They are well aware of the imposed educational mandates and yet, to secure their wages and state benefits, they pretend that all is well. Most public school teachers are also NEA or AFT union members � unions that are devoted Socialist organizations and who are both listed on the Communist Party USA�s website (, select �Weblinks� and then select �Education�). Their lack of devotion to children and quality education is far more than an outrage.

The bottom line is that the missions of the elites, using the power of their corporate wealth, have been to implant global governmental missions into all cultural systems, and especially into the public school system. They have done so using paid experts to manipulate and bribe legislators using what is known as public-private partnerships and NGO manipulators, which really means government controlled by corporate wealth.

Corporations now co-manage and co-govern with elected officials. Corporations fund the campaigns and missions of the elected. Corporations now fund entire school districts. Corporations are dismantling national borders and eliminating the economic complexities of sovereign nations. And corporations are funding the expert research on social reorganization according to their plans for corporate profits and enhanced global powers.

Finally, and most importantly, corporations are creating the desired, lowly paid, and under-educated work forces in the public school system. Their global missions have become the missions of the public school system who, in order to survive, does exactly what its financial handlers suggest.

Also keep in mind the military, that has been given access to all high school children�s school files, who is searching for recruits and who, for the last 50+ years, has served in foreign conflicts thanks to our global �partnership� with the U.N.

The plans for the masses are very clear. They are to serve corporations, who are now, in fact, governing bodies, and they are to become soldiers for a one-world military. This will not be true for the children of the elite, who will be automatically paid into the Ivy League universities, which are all owned and funded by the elite. Nor will they become soldiers to foreign theaters. They will, however, become the next generation of elite controllers. I also suggest to you that those children will never struggle with proficiency or assessment scores.

The American people, as well as all the world�s people, cannot support a world owned and governed by a centralized aristocracy. Every nation in history that has succumbed to a 2-class system has been devastated by greed, poverty, and bloodshed. We cannot allow ourselves to become an under-class to one over-class. And we must begin by refusing to allow our children to be intellectually destroyed by a highly funded and orchestrated system of expertly implanted feudalism.

I leave you with this thought � if you still think that the changes you see in our nation are a result of 911 or Democrat-Republican partisanship, you will live to see the demise of your nation and the end of your dreams for your children. What you are witnessing is the implementation of a new government that is based upon lies and public manipulation.

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I strongly advise readers to take a look at the websites for wisdoms, as they offer in detail the legislation, meetings, treaties, and agreements between governments and corporations. You will never see the results of these gatherings in mainstream media as most take place in foreign countries, and equally due to the fact that all mainstream media is owned by multi-national corporations. You must become a truly educated public, and you must homeschool your children. You cannot become or remain dead weight to this nation.

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed 'The Collapse of Intuition', a non-fiction book about the decline of instinctual and intuitive abilities in American women. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.











I leave you with this thought � if you still think that the changes you see in our nation are a result of 911 or Democrat-Republican partisanship, you will live to see the demise of your nation and the end of your dreams for your children.