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By Michael LeMieux
May 15, 2010

My father would tell me as a child – “Tell me WHO your friends are and I will tell you WHAT you are.” The meaning of this is based upon the age old adage “Birds of a feather flock together.” Because we most often associate with those to whom we feel comfortable and, quite often, are most like ourselves, with similar beliefs, likes and dislikes; a man can be judged by whom he chooses to associate himself with. And so it is with Politics, especially with politics!

What I wish to share with you today goes beyond mere politics and concerns the politics of power. Politics of power is the game that is played by men seeking domination over people, geographical regions, and within a small elite crowd -- a desire for world control. I know! We have all seen the James Bond movies depicting the evil arch enemy of the free world in their hollowed out volcano with some death ray or doomsday weapon. But these sinister men are much quieter, much more adept at social manipulation and silent control of governments from behind the scenes.

Within America there are a number of groups vying for power and control; besides the Democrats and the Republicans, but there are two in particular that we should all be concerned about, they are the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC).

The public face of these organizations appears to be nothing more than honest think tanks looking to bring knowledge and understanding of complex issues to light. Just as we have come to know about politicians who say one thing to get elected and quite another once they have been elected; these organizations are no different.

The CFR website states: “The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.” They talk about educating and influencing public policy and policy makers. As a membership organization they include heads of state and prior heads of state as well as Senators and Representatives, President cabinet members as well as leaders from high finance and industry.

The Council was founded on July 29, 1921 by the Chief Advisor to President Woodrow Wilson, Col. Edward M. House. The start of the CFR, and to this day, has been funded, in one degree or another, by John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff, and others. Many of these same men were also involved in the plan that brought about the Federal Reserve in 1913 as outlined in G. Edward Griffin’s book “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

In my previous article entitled “The Military and the New World Order” I laid out the membership and plan of the CFR to move America toward a nation without boundaries, a nation that, As Zbigniew Brzezinski stated, “…would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.”

This is the goal of an organization whose membership thoroughly infests the halls of Washington and plans for a future of America that is not founded on individual liberty and constitutional protections but a plan of control and domination.

But the CFR could not influence societies and governments on a global scale the way they needed to. They needed an organization that was not “American” but one of global scope and membership; so in 1973, under the seasoned hands of Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, the Trilateral Commission (TC) was formed. The commission is made up of over 300 hand picked members from North America, Europe, and Japan, with the majority of the American section also having membership in the CFR.

According to the TC website the purpose of the TC is to: “…foster closer cooperation among these core democratic industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system.” As you will learn the wider “international system” is the planned system of global governance.

From its very inception the Trilateral Commission has moved for world governance and world finance systems. In their October, 1973 TRIALOGUE, their official publication, they discussed actions of the “Political Task Force” and the “Monetary Task Force” and in particular a report entitled “Towards a Renovated World Monetary System.”


We have heard much discussion, since the recent economic disaster, of the world moving to a new reserve currency. Most economist and talking heads on the main stream news outlets acted as this was new information to the economic world. However in the same 1973 Trialogue publication they report “The Europeans are anxious to end the dollar’s role as the world’s leading reserve currency. The U.S. is willing to resume dollar convertibility into SDR’s, gold or other reserve assets, but wants a provision allowing countries wishing to hold dollars to do so.” (SDR’s are “Special Drawing Rights”) These are same SDR’s that were also bandied about under this economic emergency as a possible global exchange currency.

The members within the TC are very intelligent and work at a level of business and government that very few people ever see. But the height of their achievements is dwarfed by their ambitions to bring the rest of the civilized world under their control. In the November, 1973 Trialogue they discuss the need to “commission a long-term study on changing values in our societies and their international implications. To carry out these studies the Trilateral Commission will bring together experts from the three areas who will consult closely with the members of the Commission.”

Not only do they wish to expand the scope of their power but they know that, in order to succeed, they must mold the values of the countries they are targeting to accept this change. Then, they reported, they will publish “The resulting reports…in order to stimulate a wide public discussion, and may form the basis for specific policy proposals by the Commission.” This is the goal of the Political Task Force, to try and mold legislation in the various countries, through their trusted members, to set a suitable environment of acceptance.

In 1975, at the Trilateral Commission, in Kyoto Japan, Zbigniew Brzezinski (a Trilateral member) gave a key note speech on “Global Redistribution.” Sound familiar? He noted that “today, in a world much more alive with political demands, the greatest single awareness is that of inequity and inequality of the human condition… Today the demand for equity is the dominant political force in the world.”

When we hear Barack Obama talking of redistribution of wealth, global citizenship, and social equality it is no wonder that Barack Obama has Brzezinski as an advisor; they share the same ideology. Barack spoke of a mission of ending world poverty; or as Brzezinski called it: “inequality of the human condition.” Brzezinski, in this same speech, also stated: “This is a grossly unequal world, and a world which is becoming more unequal because… (I)t is widening the margin of human injustice.”

The topic of human inequality or the search for human equality seems, so often, to be the basis for many of Obama’s speeches and perhaps the fruit has not fallen far from that Trilateral tree from which it was spawned.

In a May 1, 2008 CFR report entitled “International Institution and Global Governance Program, World Order in the 21st Century, the CFR laid out what it deemed as a “…comprehensive five-year program on international institutions and global governance.” They go on to enumerate their starting goals by stating: “The program will take an issue area approach, focusing on arrangements governing state conduct and international cooperation in meeting four broad sets of challenges: (1) Countering Transnational Threats, including terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and infectious disease; (2) Protecting the Environment and Promoting Energy Security; (3) Managing the Global Economy; and (4) Preventing and Responding to Violent Conflict.”

In the past 18 months we have seen Obama’s movements toward WMD reductions between nuclear nations, pressure on Iran and North Korea about their nuclear programs, we have seen the emergence and increased cooperation in dealing with infectious diseases (swine flu), we have also seen the continued push toward “Cap and Trade”, global warming rhetoric (in spite of the fraud perpetrated), massive oil spill and recent calls to stop all off shore drilling, the global economic meltdown with more than occasional discussion of changing the global monetary reserves. And last but not least; is responding to violent conflict in the face of two wars, or rather “overseas contingency operations,” as they are now called, with global participants a means to “condition” future military involvements?

It has been known for year that members of Council of Foreign Relations are spread throughout government and businesses in America. What is less known is the depth and impact of the Trilateral Commission, although the information is available, has infiltrated the government. President Obama has appointed, or placed in high level government positions, more than 12% of the total United States Trilateral Commission membership. You may recognize some of these names – Tim Geithner (Secretary of Treasury), General James L. Jones (National Security Advisor), Paul Volker (Chairman, Economic Recovery Committee), Admiral Dennis C. Blair (Director of National Intelligence), James Steinberg (Deputy Secretary of State), and many others.

Obama is not the first to fill his staff with Trilateral members; Jimmy Carter likewise incorporated about the same percentage of Trilateral members in his staff choices.

Not so many years ago anyone who talked of the “New World Order” or “One World Government” would have been declared insane or a member of the lunatic fringe. You would think that with all the evidence available pointing to an elite group that is bent on global governance (domination) there would be an outcry—where is that outcry?

During the days of the cold war communism was thought of as the plague of liberty – today avowed communist serve at the pleasure of the President. Organizations with admitted goals of global governance and ending nationalism are openly included in planning for America’s future.

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The world has been turned upside down, what was good is now bad, virtue and fairness, once thought of as admiral qualities, are now deemed undesirable, that is of course you equate fairness to “wealth redistribution,” what I call legal theft.

Since his early college years Obama has admittedly surrounded himself with socialists, Maoists, Marxists, and communists. As my father once told me “Tell me WHO your friends are and I will tell you WHAT you are!” If my father was any judge of character, and I believe he was, he would say we now have the Kremlin on the Potomac.

� 2010 Michael LeMieux - All Rights Reserved

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Michael LeMieux was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma in 1956 and graduated from Weber State University in Utah with a degree in Computer Science. He served in both the US Navy and US Army (Active duty and National Guard) and trained in multiple intelligence disciplines and was a qualified paratrooper. He served with the 19th Special Forces Group, while in the National Guard, as a Special Forces tactical intelligence team member. He served tours to Kuwait and Afghanistan where he received the Purple Heart for injuries received in combat.

Mr. LeMieux left military duty at the end of 2005 after being medically discharged with over 19 years of combined military experience. He currently works as an intelligence contractor to the US government.

Michael is a strict constitutionalist who believes in interpreting the constitution by the original intent of the founding fathers. His research has led him to the conclusion that the republic founded by the Constitution is no longer honored by our government. That those who rule America today are doing so with the interest of the federal government in mind and not the Citizens. Michael believes that all three branches of government have strayed far from the checks and balances built into the Constitution and they have failed the American people. A clear example is the Second Amendment, which the Supreme Court and the founders have all said was an individual right and could not be "infringed" upon, now has more than 20,000 state and federal laws regulating every aspect of the individuals right, a definite infringement. He has traveled around the world living in 14 States of the Union including Hawaii, and visited (for various lengths of time) in Spain, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Korea, Scotland, Pakistan, Mauritius, Somalia, Diego Garcia, Australia, Philippines, England, Italy, Germany, and Puerto Rico.

Michael now lives in Nebraska with his wife, two of his three children, Mother-in-Law and grandchild. His hobbies include shooting, wood-working, writing, amateur inventor and scuba diving when he can find the time.

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We have heard much discussion, since the recent economic disaster, of the world moving to a new reserve currency. Most economist and talking heads on the main stream news outlets acted as this was new information to the economic world.