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By Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu
February 11, 2010

Unprincipled science and medical reporting are not difficult to come by these days. We are exposed to an epidemic of disgraceful and negligent reporting, yet much of the general public is still oblivious. While unprincipled reporting is nothing new, what is new is the increasing frequency and degree of misleading information and outright disinformation, which is skillfully presented to manipulate public thinking into accepting the empty ‘scientific’ rhetoric of powerful science and medical institutions.

On the front lines of this battle for your mind, unrestrained organized efforts of major media are employed to discourage the public from investigating principled scientific research and alternative approaches in health care. Their intimidation and obstructive tactics include ridicule, discrediting, lying, deception, and selective media coverage. Their concern is that if people were to be presented with accurate scientific evidence on health issues, they would soon realize much of what they thought to be real science was, in fact, only an image of scientific authenticity. The vital role of major media is to preserve that image.

Not surprisingly, Medical and Science reporter Trine Tsouderos exemplifies this role as one of major media’s perpetrators of scientific integrity and truth with her latest piece of intellectual poverty titled OSR#1: Industrial Chemical or Autism Treatment? Unfortunately, this type of disgraceful reporting is what most of us have come to expect from today’s biased ‘journalism.’ It is junk food journalism guaranteed to tantalize the nerve buds within the minds of the uninformed and those who lack analytical thinking.

The Tsouderos style of ‘journalism’ is easily recognized by her unprincipled, relentless attacks against ethical researchers and doctors who stand by the integrity of sound science and their clinical results. Not exempt, her capacity for degeneracy also extends to bashing parents utilizing alternative approaches, dietary supplements, websites, such as Age of Autism, or any autism support organization that provides accurate scientific information and research analysis. When the battery of disparaging comments are not enough she will then rebuke them with the sacred words established by the false prophets of The ‘Science’ she worships: “The ‘Science’ says…” However, with regard to vaccines, autism, alternative approaches and dietary supplements, The ‘Science’ is riddled with black holes of willful ignorance, insidious assumptions, false evidence, contrived statistics, billions in special interest investments and large financial remunerations for the players.

Relevant questions I pondered about Trine Tsouderos were: How did she escalate from food and restaurant columnist magnifique to crack Medical and Science reporter; and how did she suddenly become an authority on OSR#1, chelation, autism and vaccines? Could it be she operates in collaboration with undisclosed biased personal connections with an agenda? Investigative research posted on the Age of Autism website by “beyond disgusted” provides some insight. Here are partial quotes:

“…William Egan, former vaccine chief at the FDA who attended Simpsonwood, defended thimerosal to two House Committes on Government Reform, and served on the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices while children's vaccines contained thimerosal.

“Connect just a few dots: Trine's sister, Danielle, has co-authored several studies with the FDA's Robert Ball who was the lead author in one of those studies. This is the same Robert Ball who acknowledges and thanks Egan in his "No Evidence of Harm" Pediatrics article about thimerosal. Egan later presented that paper WITH Ball at an IOM Workshop.

“Danielle [Danielle Emig, MPH] is not only in public health, but her senior research associate, Robert Ball, is an ardent and vocal defender of thimerosal in vaccines.”

Could this explain Tsouderos’ miserable disposition toward OSR#1, Boyd Haley, Ph.D., and alternative health care?

With respect to Tsouderos’ assault on the safety and efficacy of OSR#1 and the integrity of Boyd Haley, Ph. D., I felt compelled to present the facts conspicuously absent and misconstrued in Tsouderos’ drivel seeing as I am quite experienced with chelation, OSR#1, its clinical applications, and acquainted with Boyd Haley, Ph.D.

First, for Tsouderos to classify OSR#1 an “industrial chemical” is simply a combination of stupidity and gross ignorance, if not intentional misrepresentation. Like other compounds used for industrial/agricultural and human purposes such as EDTA (biological chelator), acetic acid (commercial vinegar), ammonium chloride (gastrointestinal acidifier/digestive aid), rat poison (drug Coumadin/Warfarin), etc., there is a vast difference between the manner in which these materials are synthesized and purified for human consumption. The following is Dr. Haley’s detailed explanation, which Tsouderos conveniently overlooked:

“OSR#1 is made under cGMP [code of Good Manufacturing Practice] conditions and purified and synthesized in a manner similar to the Atwood patent [the agricultural product], but using a quite different process to make a pure product. Our purification process produces a product that is over 99.9% pure compound. The Atwood process does not. This is important for passing as a pure dietary product. For example, EDTA is FDA approved for treating lead toxicity is also used as an industrial compound to prevent calcification of equipment. The difference between the two is that one is made under stringent cGMP conditions as required by the FDA to insure purity and safety. With cGMP synthesis we have to use the purest starting materials and monitor each step with two chemists present signing off on all the analytical steps and sending the finished product for both purity and confirmation of structure. We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars confirming the lack of toxicity of OSR and its antioxidant properties and efficacy. The industrial process does not have these restrictions or requirements.”


Second, Tsouderos made several statements undermining the public’s perception of the safety and efficacy of OSR#1, emphasizing erroneous information and speculating OSR#1 was not properly and thoroughly tested for human consumption. Tsouderos stated that, “The Food and Drug Administration told the Tribune that Haley had not submitted sufficient information” explaining how his new dietary ingredient could be reasonably expected to be safe.

According to Dr. Haley, “We submitted a huge amount of animal safety data where OSR#1 was found not to be toxic at levels several thousand times higher than what would be recommended for humans, and the fact that OSR#1 was tested and found not to be mutagenic. However, the FDA never even mentioned this data in their response letter. The legal code they listed as implying OSR#1 ‘may be adulterated’ had as its line that OSR#1 ‘was not tested on humans.’ This is a “Catch 22”— how could we test it on humans before we did the 75 day premarket notification submission?”

Immediately after the premarket submission Dr. Haley went on to fund a 10 person study where over 200 blood/urine tests were performed at 0, 30, and 60 days on OSR#1. Dr. Haley said, “We looked at everything, including OSR#1’s effect on essential minerals. This project was done on the relatives (children, parents, spouses) of two medical doctors who also treat autistic children, as well as older individuals, and whose children also had ASD problems. No blood or urine test indicated any adverse effect. However, the glutathione results improved dramatically. We obtained an IRB (Institutional Review Board) to evaluate these results and this also showed no adverse effects of OSR#1.”

Tsouderos then ensued with negative criticisms by select experts. First, environmental expert Ellen Silbergold commented how the use of OSR#1 as a supplement for children was “appalling.” This was followed by pharmacologist and antioxidant expert Dr. L. Jackson Roberts expressing concern about any supplement given “to a small child that hasn’t been scrutinized for both safety and efficacy by the FDA.” Apparently, Tsouderos never made them aware of the safety and efficacy studies already conducted, as Dr. Haley explained in his interview.

Tsouderos mentions the interview stating, “In an interview, Haley said that the compound had been tested on rats and that a food safety study was conducted on 10 people. Asked to provide documentation of the studies, he stopped communicating with the Tribune.” Of course, this was phrased to cast clouds of skepticism upon the safety and efficacy of OSR#1, as well as to discredit Dr. Haley. However, the reason for refusing to release the studies to the Tribune is because of their obvious contempt toward him and OSR#1. It was his intention to protect the reputations of the medical physicians involved in the trials from being scandalized, just as the Tribune has attacked other physicians in the past for treating autism and implementing alternative approaches. Dr. Haley would be pleased to release the IRB approved results to principled individuals.

Then the question was brought up: is OSR#1 an antioxidant or a chelator? The answer: it is both. Here again, Tsouderos introduced sufficient misinformation to create the perception that all chelators are drugs and carry significant risks, which are certainly not true. Some drug chelators, such as DMPS, do carry significant risks, and I am not an advocate of DMPS. The fact is there are many antioxidants that also act as chelators such as glutathione, citric acid, products of the Krebs cycle, certain amino acids and other dietary supplements with free sulfur group(s) that carry metal chelating properties without risk. OSR#1 is simply a more effective antioxidant and chelator. Its uncharged nature strongly binds to specific heavy metals, such as mercury, cadmium, lead and renders them harmless to the body. Dr. Haley never concealed that fact. Also, OSR#1 has no affinity for essential elements such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese; and food safety studies indicated it did not decrease the levels of other essential metals such as zinc, copper and iron.

Although Tsouderos, the champion of insidious assumptions, advocates the influence of toxic metals as “wild theory,” “pseudoscience” and nonsense without scientific evidence of an autism connection, consider this: the EPA limit for mercury in drinking water is 2 ppb (parts per billion); mercury destroys neurite membrane structures (connections between nerve cells) at 20 ppb; the EPA classifies mercury-containing liquids as hazardous waste at 200 ppb; and the current preservative level of mercury in the multi-dose vial flu vaccine is 50,000 ppb! Even the reduced-Thimerosal flu vaccine containing 0.0002% mercury is equivalent to 2000 ppb – 10 times the EPA’s hazardous waste classification! To independent thinking minds not associated with the FDA, CDC, AAP and Big Pharma, these are irrefutable facts implicating mercury as a valid cause of vaccine-induced autism; as such, OSR#1 offers valid practical application.

On that note; Dr. Arthur Grollman, pharmacologist and director of the Laboratory for Chemical Biology at State University of New York at Stoney Brook, stated that toxic metals related to autism are “scientifically unfounded,” and chelation “offers no benefits.” How is it possible that an “expert” in the study of biological systems is unable to comprehend that mercury is a biological disaster? Does willful ignorance compel his conclusions? Authentic scientific research has demonstrated that low level mercury exposure can turn off specific sets of receptors within the central nervous system and initiate a molecular chain reaction that causes the cells to shut down and stop dividing. Essentially, this study illustrates biochemical and resulting neurodegenerative processes bearing an unmistakable resemblance to the neurological regression observed in ASD children.

Dr. Haley, however, makes no claims to its chelating property for the reason that the FDA is not concerned about what the compound is, but what he claims it is in his advertisement. Dr. Haley commented, “OSR#1 is a combination of two natural products (benzoates found in cranberries and cysteamine found in all mammalian cells and a component of Co-enzyme A) with excellent ORAC test scores (demonstrates excellent scavenging of free radicals); OSR#1 is without detectable toxicity in test animals at high levels and in human at lower levels. OSR#1 has pharmacokinetics that show it penetrates all cells of the tissues of the body tested and is effectively secreted within 24 hours. OSR#1, when added to human liver homogenates and the resulting metabolites evaluated by mass spectrometry shows the first two major products produced are OSR#1 with two and three oxygen atoms attached, as expected for a free radical scavenger.”

OSR#1 is strictly marketed for its antioxidant property with studies proving its ability to increase glutathione levels. For Dr. Roberts to assert that it is “absurd” to believe OSR#1 scavenges hydroxyl free radicals begs the question as to how the Tribune phrased their question to him; or is he just incompetent in antioxidant chemistry? Any chemist looking at the structure of OSR#1 could recognize that it has two sulfhydryl groups very similar to glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant of the body.

With respect to the question about why Dr. Haley changed the name of his company from Chelator Technologies, Inc. to CTI Science, it was to ensure nothing would be suggestive to the effect that OSR#1 was marketed as a chelator. Dr. Haley has completely followed FDA regulations, completed extensive safety and efficacy studies and, most importantly, has provided an extremely safe and beneficial dietary supplement with the potential to reduce oxidative stress.

That’s the real story.


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� 2010 Stephen L'Hommedieu - All Rights Reserved

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Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, DC resides in Wichita, Kansas. His practice, Advanced Alternatives for Health, specializes in many difficult to treat health conditions. His clinical expertise is in developing safe and effective methods for treatment of toxic metals and chemicals. These he considers being the most insidious substances to human health, and a component of all chronic health issues, such as allergies, asthma, autism, etc. He has the ability for uncovering and explaining the unexplainable underlying reasons behind complex health disorders.

Dr. L’Hommedieu graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and an emphasis in physiology. He went on to complete a second Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy, and in 1996 received a Doctor of Chiropractic from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. His postgraduate and personal studies emphasize areas of kinesiology, therapeutic nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, biochemistry and organic chemistry.

As a Christian, Dr. L’Hommedieu stands on the whole truth of scripture, and believes God’s hand in our healing works through both His physical and Spiritual laws. Dr. L’Hommedieu is a purveyor of education in health care, and readily defends the truth of real science, alternatives in health care and our freedom of choice. He presents lectures and articles on various nutritional and health topics.

For comments or questions you may contact Dr. L’Hommedieu at his website (presently under construction) at:











The Tsouderos style of ‘journalism’ is easily recognized by her unprincipled, relentless attacks against ethical researchers and doctors who stand by the integrity of sound science and their clinical results.