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By Joe Kress

May 18, 2008

Prognostications put forth by Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society, have been blocked from public view. No controlled major news outlet, radio, TV, or what is in print would dare allow the public to know what is in the JB’s publications. They are squelched, demonized for years, and now, the truthful predictions, like chickens, have come home to roost.

Going through my library in an attempt to make room for additional books, I found one that caught my attention because of its title. John E. McManus’ Financial Terrorism, Hijacking America under the Threat of Bankruptcy. The book was published in paperback in 1993. With the exception of those who read McManus’ book and George Orwell’s Animal Farm and his other most published work 1984; or Rev. Clarence Kelley’s Conspiracy Against God and Man ; The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot; The Shadows of Power, The Council on Foreign Relations And The American Decline and The Insiders, by James Perloff and Global Tyranny … Step by Step by William Jasper, the majority of people within the United States still have no concern or are unaware of the calamity that is about to destroy the United States.

I’ll not overlook, of course, major writers such as Dennis Cuddy, who often contributes articles to NewsWithViews and all those old enough will recall History Professor Carroll Quigley’s writings in a monumental work, Tragedy and Hope and the Evolution of Civilization, The World in Our Times. He told us 40 years ago about the Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order that introduces reality to Orwell’s writings. Writers such as these and women such as Joan Veon and Berit Kjos are of high intellect and they are enormously respected throughout the world readers of because of the highest quality of their works to expose behind the scene of current events, outrageous decisions by government and the people’s “representatives.” The problem to give due credit in a single article…space limitations won’t permit it. That is why the books listed previously revealing conspiracies are published by Western Islands, Appleton, WI. Eustace’s Mullins’ The World Order was published by Ezra Pound Institute of Civilization, Stanton, VA - not by major publishers and media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News or on CNN

The editors, commentators, journalists along with their bosses attended the 2007 Bilderberg meeting held in Canada. The flunkies are brain drained, enticed to become hypocrites to spew out disinformation. They are pimps for their publisher’s agenda for international socialism and global government. They stand ready to pounce upon any mention of the word conspiracy.

Those with guts to expound upon valid conspiracies are demonized, labeled without exception as kooks, freaks, nutcases and crazies for exposing patterns so bizarre, so outrageous as to be unreal, yet through a series of events that can be proved what was thought to be bizarre now is plausible; so much so that a person could truthfully conclude the plans are Luciferian by design and are reaching fruition step by step since 1913.

David Rockefeller, during the last Bilderberg meeting conducted in Canada, congratulated the owners, the media elite, for keeping the public unaware of the progress of his and his friends’ treason. He said: “… without your cooperation, we would not have been able to implement our goals and now it is past the time when our goals can be thwarted.” He also praised Dick Cheney for “all that he has done.” When Cheney addressed the CFR meeting in New York with David Rockefeller seated among the audience, Cheney replied to David Rockefeller’s compliment for all he did for the organization. Cheney replied: “… it’s good to be back. As you are aware, it would have been imprudent of me to be known that I belong to this organization before the election.”

I have the film on disc of the broadcasts which were release by Prison

David didn’t go on to explain what he meant by cooperation, but it was well understood he meant the secret and well-guarded meetings they attended at the Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and other organized meetings involving planning by members of the world’s bankers, political leaders (including members of the U.S Congress in an unofficial capacity highly placed former cabinet members, high corporate executives, union leaders and those representing the Europe, Japan and American administrations … all of whom have a single mission towards implementing globalization.


Soon after Jimmy Carter was selected to be one of the first members of the Trilateral Commission; the program to get him elected to the presidency was launched. Bill Clinton (CFR, TLC), met with the Bilderberg Group and soon thereafter he was launched on the road towards the presidency. George Herbert Walker Bush announced the New World Order after the end of the first Iraq campaign was a former member of the Trilateral Commission and still is a member of the secret Skull and Bones Fraternity whose contacts prepared him to be a spook for the CIA and later its director. He became the CFR's prime candidate for president.

John McCain, and Barack Obama both are members of the CFR, as were several other presidential candidates of both parties, including Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Christopher Dodd and Senator Joe Biden. Hillary Clinton is not listed on the most recent CFR roster that I have accessed on Google, but her husband belongs to not only the CFR, but a Trilateral Commission member. Candidates Ron Paul, a Constitutionalist with impeccable credentials for loyalty to the United States and its survival as dreamed by our founding fathers is definitely not a CFR member. In the opposition party, Dennis Kucinich, an honorable, dedicated, far-to-the-left liberal Democrat is not listed as a member. Romney is not on the present CFR roster. Some CFR members find it now inconvenient to be listed, since much is now published on the Internet about the purpose of the CFR.

The CFR is dedicated to implement International World Government and the Trilateral Commission (TLC) works hand in hand with global organizations to coordinate the triad between the East, Western and North American/South American hemispheric nations. Through the CFR’s efforts, our country has two CFR members on the Supreme Court, Stephen Breyer, a former left-of-left liberal professor of law, (G.H.W. Bush’s nominee), and Ruth Bater Ginsberg, a formidable radical and legal representative of the radical women’s NOW organization (Bill Clinton’s nominee). Both consistently strived to pass laws favoring collectivism, antithetical to the intent of our founding fathers. David Suter, a nominee of G. H.W. Bush, votes consistently with Breyer and Ginsburg.

Based on the CFR’s choice for the presidency and the nomination of Supreme Court justices, it can be concluded that the presidency is key and the globalists' major tool for the implementation of their plan to reduce the influence of the United States and replace it with a governing U.N.

Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George Bush #1, Lynden Johnson and David Eisenhower all belong (ed) to the CFR. President Ford was active in the Bilderberg Group. George W. Bush, like his father, a Skull and Bones member, was selected by the power brokers as an extension of his father’s and Clinton’s globalization agenda. His seven and a half years in office surpassed the traitors’ wildest dreams towards eliminating our borders, extending the powers of government to reduce rights delineated by the Constitution; ignoring decisions of the Supreme Court by using presidential edicts; using the CIA to spy on Americans - that agency was never authorized by law to do this; strengthening the government's control on education with the No Child Left Behind edict, but forcing the states to adopt it without sufficient funding; holding conferences and making agreements with foreign leaders to create a North American Union without consulting congress; and planning to add one more war, Iran, in addition to the two already being fought by a weakened military and a depleted treasury. His attack on Iraq will someday be exposed as to the real reasons behind it. One thing for sure, it wasn’t just because of the weapons of mass destruction that the administration claims existed despite what world renowned experts believed not to be the case.

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Our only hope is to replace all those in who played a part in this treason and elect those who hold to the principles laid out in our Constitution. We must condemn the justices who desire a “living” constitution similar to the Soviet Union’s constitution and the U.N.’s Charter. For part two click below.

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Our only hope is to replace all those in who played a part in this treason and elect those who hold to the principles laid out in our Constitution. We must condemn the justices who desire a “living” constitution similar to the Soviet Union’s constitution and the U.N.’s Charter.