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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Joe Kress

June 23, 2007

One of the embarrassing things for me to do as a writer is to apologize for a misstatement. Rosie did not apologize, but if she did, I doubt if The Donald would accept anything she says; the same goes for O�Reilly of FOX Inc. Not that Rosie is funny, she isn�t; or flamboyant to a point of clownishness, she is; but no amount of incredulity and nonsense she mutters kept her from being fired until she talked about 9-11. That did it. Cur plunk went the ax.

I wrote in Part 2 of �Two Nations, One Godless Ascending, One Clueless Declining� in that, �Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff for Vice President Richard Cheney, was convicted with a security violation crime and received mild punishment for outing a CIA agent. That was not true. He was really convicted of lying under oath and the punishment certainly is severe compared to another individual who committed a monumentally more serious crime involving national security.

I failed to correct the error before submitting it. But the editor, after receiving notice, resubmitted the article with the correction included. For those who know better, a few probably were as upset as one of my readers who let me have it between the eyes for this blunder. What should have been stated is that Scooter Libby was convicted of perjury, not for outing a covert agent and was sentenced to 30 months in the slammer and a $250,000 fine. Our president pardon until the appellate court rules on the lower court�s decision.

However, Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton, removed highly secret files from the National Archives. He received what amounts to a pass for stealing the classified documents. He stuffed the documents in his pant legs in order to get them out of the national archive and kept the documents in his private Washington office. His aides stated that he destroyed some copies and returned some to the authorities after it was discovered that he purloined them. The copies were related to the 2001 terrorist attacks that the 9-11 Commission was investigating. For this crime he could have received life imprisonment or even shot in time of war, if we were in a declared war and not a non-war war. But strangely, he was let off with community service and fined $50,000 which for him was equal to a parking ticket. Why? Who in the Washington establishment can control justice? Who is so afraid that if Berger received a stiffer sentence he would drop a dime on those who may be involved?

This brings up a whole bundle of suspicions on my part. In my earlier article, I could have not only referred to the mild sentence Scooter received, but that higher powers were involved influencing the nation�s justice system. I cold have related to these highly placed powers within our government that manipulate and contrive to obtain goals against the interests of hoi polloi. I could have elaborated on the strange circumstances related to the collapse of the Twin Towers and Building No. 7.

I could have referred to an earlier column that I wrote which mentions Mossad agents filming the attack and dancing on a roof of a nearby building after the attack. The FBI picked them up and found that five of them had expired visas. After a short period, they were allowed to return to Israel. It is apparent to me, at least, that it was more than a coincidence that these agents of a foreign country that claim to be our best friend in the world would be dancing with glee when nearly 3,000 people were being murdered in front of their eyes. Who would benefit the most as a result of the 9-11 attack? And knowing fundamentalist George W Bush�s close ties religiously with Israel, the question remains why were these agents allowed to leave without a full blown investigation and more media coverage?

The abnormal collapse of building 7 where each floor neatly pancaked one upon another as though it were a project conducted by a professional demolition team and the unnatural melting of the steel beams in the twin towers raised serious questions by the New York firemen, those who didn�t lose their lives. They evidently didn�t believe that a fire so close to the top of a building could so quickly cause the entire structure to completely collapse within minutes. Then what about the air defense breakdown that allowed four airliners to fly off course for forty minutes without a response? Isn�t that just a little strange? The 9-11 Commission didn�t satisfy a great number of skeptics and the Internet is loaded with film clips, such as those on Prison Planet web site should make even the commission members think twice about not being able to provide a logical answer. Devvy Kidd of is certainly not satisfied and that noble crusader to set things straight is furious with what she believes is a massive cover up by our government.

I watched Bill O�Reilly, at orbital speed, declare Rosie O�Donnell a nut case when she brought up the same things as are on the minds of literally millions of Americans. Hannity of Hannity and Colmes on the FOX network, chimes in with O�Reilly in trying to make us skeptics who would question the conclusion of the 9-11 Commission to be in league with the nut cases. Several guests on Fox News are routinely invited and then belittled, besmirched, smirked at, and talked over when guests try to give a response.

These talk show hosts are mouthpieces for Rupert Murdoch�s tabloid type approach to the news. Murdoch�s goal is to be the major media outlet in the U.S. as it is in Great Britain and Australia. He also has on his acquisition list the principal major financial media outlet in this country, The Wall Street Journal. His employees are the propagandists for his agenda and much of it supports the government in matters that fit his agenda. Hennity and O�Reilly literally become hysterical, if contradicted on the subject of the government�s position regarding the circumstances of 9-11.

Did you ever notice how FOX in evening broadcasts is more about tabloid sleaze in a never ending, repetitive exploitation of Natalee Hollaway�s disappearance, Anna Nicole�s untimely death, the Paris Hilton unwarranted episodes for total exploitation, the added air time for Geraldo Rivera�s defense of his position supporting the illegal aliens? It is the intentional omission of serious information related to the crisis that would enlighten American citizens and the threats that may soon befall them. No emphasis on the consequences of the illegal alien invasion, the economic and health effects already occurring because of the government plan to eliminate our borders; there is no critique of Gore�s wannabe-president and his misinformation on global warming or the North American Union and the 4 football field wide highway to divide the nation from the Texas border to the inward provinces of Canada. These subjects are avoided like the plague which incidentally threatens another pandemic equal or exceeding the 1917-1918 flu pandemic that killed over 100 million people world wide. No mention is made of the involvement of Bush and his administration in contriving with the president of Mexico and prime minister of Canada in 2005 at Baylor University, Waco, Texas to create the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), a borderless United States, a new currency called the Amero and the elimination of the American Constitution � converting it into something similar to the U.N.�s Godless Charter. (The Plan to Replace the Dollar with the Amero by Jerme R. Corsi)

It is not inconceivable that our government is capable of creating a circumstance that will move people into accepting war when they don�t want any part of it. The War to end all Wars (WW I) was in the making long before 1914. Real history buffs will tell you how Germany was out-producing Great Britain and providing higher quality products. It was having a serious effect on the British stranglehold on its colonies around the world. It was President Teddy Roosevelt who assisted the British by using the U.S. treasury to purchase with cash all the products that the Balkan countries used as barter with Germany. He did this with the express purpose of cutting off supplies to Germany and the bartered raw material that was needed to keep the economic engine of Germany moving. The history of what led up to WW I was clearly contrived for economic reasons (American Manifest Destiny and the Holocausts, Conrad Grieb, Copyright, 1979, An Historical Encyclopedia of Domestic and Foreign Affairs).

Why was the entire Pacific fleet docked at Pearl Harbor at a time when President Roosevelt cut off oil and scrap metal which were desperately needed to continue Japan�s war with China? Records, later revealed by the Japanese government the reasons necessary to invade Indo China, Malaysia and anywhere there was oil, rubber and metals. The first strike attack on the U.S. was inevitable to slow and severely weaken the response from the sleeping giant�s involvement. So why was the fleet such an easy target? Why was our intelligence information not acted on by fleet headquarters in Washington that the Japanese Navy was forming a massive naval armada in Tokyo Bay with the most modern aircraft at a time when the U.S. Pacific fleet was conveniently docked in Hawaii, thus providing the attackers an easy and devastating target? Weeks later, a single message picked up on primitive radar set by an operator, an army corporal who reported it to his officer, a captain, who ignored it and never relayed the information to Army Headquarters in Washington that large numbers of unidentified aircraft were approaching Hawaii.

The intelligence information about the Japanese armada supposedly never reached the president. Admiral Kimmel was not informed. The book Infamy by John Toland reveals the shocking story that precipitated our involvement in WW II and the despicable blame game that ended with Admiral Kimmel and General Short as the scapegoats. After the war, a large number of skeptics believed and still do believe that to get us into the war, massive damage to America would motivate the public and congress to declare war. It, of course, did just that.

Spain in 1898 was suing for peace, since it was fully aware that Admiral Dewey had a fleet of warships ready to strike Spain�s small fleet of war ships located in Manila Bay. Then, while Spain was meeting with Washington�s diplomats, the assistant Secretary of the Navy, Theodore Roosevelt conveyed the message to Commodore Dewey to commence the attack. This was done when the Secretary of War was absent and the Secretary of the Navy was out of Washington. The message immediately preceded the declaration of war that was the result of the sinking of the battleship Maine docked in harbor at Cuba. The United States annexed Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines as prizes for an outlandish imperialism heretofore not exhibited by the United States. President McKinley was overridden by congress in the war declaration. That act is supremely suspicious to this very day. Why would Spain blow up the Maine while trying to avoid a costly war? It was Roosevelt, the internationalist, who was recorded to have said at the time what this nation needs is a war.

The Gulf of Tonkin crisis, the attack that never occurred, was contrived to enlarge the Vietnam non-war, directed by Lynden Johnson. It is a case in point. How Secretary of Defense McNamara can live with himself when from 1966 to 1973 nearly the entire period he was fully aware of the circumstances as to what escalated it - believing that the war was lost for most of that time, is beyond comprehension. As his reward, he was appointed the head of the World Bank. The disaster of Paul Wolfowitz, as Under Secretary of Defense for Plans, led to his appointment as Chairman of the World Bank in 2006. Is it too cynical to make a connection that failure is rewarded by appointment to the failing World Bank?

Lastly, the present devastating imbroglio in Iraq is raising embarrassing questions involving graft, incompetence, government insolvency, lack of trust in all of government and elite manipulators contrived to control oil and profit by the same major contractors and special interests who were also deeply involved during the Vietnam War; i.e. Brown and Root, Inc. of which Lyndon Johnson�s wife owned a large chunk of its stock and now is part of Halliburton, Inc and Richard Chaney (CFR) became its top executive.

It takes a lot of cooperation to start a war and the media is part of every plot. Before WW I, the media published falsehoods that German soldiers were placing infants on the end of their bayonets. In the war against Yugoslavia, the Serbs were selected as the bad guys and their enemies were not. It took Bill Clinton to launch an attack on a country that never was a threat or caused us harm, during a period meant to divert attention from himself and impeachment proceedings that were fermenting as a result of his disgraceful sexual escapades.

The result of interfering in other nations� affairs as in the case of Iraq and Yugoslavia has its consequences. William Jefferson Clinton opened Europe�s gates to the Moslem Albanians and now Europe has come face to face with Islam and its one more attempt to convert Christendom. If special privileges, such as special foot baths and ablution conveniences in U.S. airports to accommodate the Moslem Qur�an are any indication of Islam�s political influence look to the future for style changes in women and men�s clothing in America. Dillard, Macy and Sachs 5th Avenue will be marketing a bonanza in silk head scarves, sarawil pantaloons, tunics and gawazee coats.

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We may not like �cuties� like Rosie when she cracks about 9-11, but our history has a cloudy, if not sordid past and we can�t forget the army passing out smallpox infected blankets to the Sioux

� 2007 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon", Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.











The result of interfering in other nations� affairs as in the case of Iraq and Yugoslavia has its consequences. William Jefferson Clinton opened Europe�s gates to the Moslem Albanians and now Europe has come face to face with Islam and its one more attempt to convert Christendom.