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By Joe Kress

April 29, 2007

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In 1950, five years after the end of WW II, Harry Truman agreed to take major responsibility to defend the South Koreans and replace the United Nations in the role of defender of the free world. The Korean War was fought without obtaining approval by congress to declare war. That ended in a stalemate lasting to the present day. It cost our nation a ton of money and many lives. Only token help was provided by other nations, members of the U.N. The general public sacrificed nothing, except for those who died in battle and their mourning families. The rest of the public hardly knew a war was being fought and when the troops returned, only scorn greeted them as they disembarked from liberty ships.

President John Kennedy continued Eisenhower�s initiative to send small task forces to South Vietnam to train the South�s military. At each turn of the wheel more troops were added to help defend a corrupt regime. Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon Johnson, the author of the �Great Society� a new kind of American socialism, decided to fabricate the Gulf of Tonkin incident to escalate the war that resulted in his despondency and refusal to run for another term. He was surrounded by fools and sycophants, causing him to pursue a non-winnable strategy in an undeclared war. Worse than having false advice, he egotistically overrode his military staff�s decisions, controlled their targets and made tactical decisions for them from behind his desk. He accumulated a massive debt because of his social programs while a war was draining lives and treasure.

Richard Nixon had Henry Kissinger as his advisor and the war went on for another four years ending as our country�s greatest debacle and defeat, until the five years in Iraq. Many of our military who were prisoners of the Vietnamese were never returned, labeled as Missing in Action (MIA) and abandoned. The American public led by the media left, radicals of all colors, socialists and communists contributed greatly to a most ignominious retreat.

After President Nixon opened the flood gates of China, the genie that can�t be put back in the bottle is now our most formidable contestant in the Great Game. He also instituted disastrous price controls. The threat of Nixon�s impeachment forced him to leave office. This had a profound effect on our nation and other nation�s perception that most powerful government was in total disarray.

President Ford provided a calming influence although he was of the mindset that in order for nations to get along, nationalism must be limited, therefore he wholeheartedly supported the idea of the European Union and the Maastricht treaty.

President Carter�s Administration followed Ford and assumed the reins of power. Within a few months of taking office, he abandoned support of the Shah of Iran, our closest friend in the Middle East. The Shah was replaced by the expelled Ayatollah Khomeini. The Shah expelled Khomeini because of his radical religious idealism. Khomeini immediately incarcerated a number of our diplomatic staff, the CIA station chief was executed; the others were an American journalist and members of the staff of American University. They were not released until Carter signed the Algers Accord on his last day in office, giving Iran everything they demanded, a complete cop out by the U.S.

President Regan took office three years after the Ayatollah�s arrival. During the Carter administration, the Panama Canal was �liberated� from American control; our military bases in Central America were abandoned and our military capabilities were severely under-funded, under-manned and under-equipped. The Chinese business companies, operated by Communist Chinese military are located on both ends of the Canal. The Chinese are settled firmly in Central America once our military bases were closed.

Reagan�s rescue of the university students and expulsion of Cuban forces that were established on Granada Island was a victory, but it also proved how uncoordinated and unprepared our military were without proper communication equipment which could have resulted in another military disaster. Regan accepted the first massive flood of illegal immigrants by offering them amnesty and not vetoing the legislation. He never vetoed any spending bill. He also raised taxes greatly when he reduced real estate tax exemptions for rental property and sales tax exemptions for goods purchased over the counter. The combination of both government revenue enhancements was as great as anything envisioned up to that time.

At that time, the Soviet Union was secretly on thin ice and planning to fold, only to reestablish itself later using the cover of former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev�s plans for world government. His base of operations is now located in the Presidio, below the Golden Gate Bridge located at the center of the far left of left political strip along the California coast.

All that was needed was a push and Reagan provided it, but not by his �Bring Down that Wall� speech, rather it was because of the tremendous amount of incurred debt used to rearm our military, coupled with the threat of Star Wars technology, both of which the Soviets were unable to match. The USSR�s communist government was a total disaster anyway and bound to collapse under its own bureaucratic weight. The debt incurred as a result of out-spending the Soviets started a trend that congress continues unabated today. Reagan�s popularity here and abroad strengthened other nations� faith in the U.S. leadership role. Because of his popularity at home, his vice president, George H.W. Bush became our next president. The First Iraq War was a success, only because the ex-CIA president had the common sense not to enter Baghdad. To his credit, other nations contributed to the cost of that war. Now in partial retirement, he contacts his Saudi friends for loans to help the Carlyle Group purchase companies.

Clinton�s relentless bombing of Belgrade adds another chapter of disgrace to this man�s record. Historically, the Serbs are Christian and friendly to the United States. The incessant bombing resulted in the downfall of their government, the main bastion to prevent an Islamic incursion of the Balkan states.

William Jefferson Clinton�s sexual adventures while holding the highest office in the land set a unique example for a whole generation of youngsters thus re-invigorating the ethos of the sixties. His administration ignored the bombing of our embassies by Al Qaeda and the attempted sinking of the destroyer Cole by the Iranians. He lost an opportunity to nail bin Laden; failed to take action after the first attack on the Trade Center, thereby setting the stage for the next attack by an emboldened enemy. His acceptance of campaign funds from China and lack of precautions on national security, failed to protect highly classified secrets files left the United States wide open to its enemies.

During the saga of the Clinton years there were sales of top of the line military weapons and high tech communications gear to China. This past year, old crimes reemerged and capped that administration�s history by the investigation of Sandy Berger, Clinton�s top Security Advisor. He stole files vital to the United States. He walked out of the National Archive with top secret documents stuffed in the legs of his pants.

Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff for Vice President Richard Cheney was charged with false statements, obstruction of justice and perjury. He was acquitted of making false statements after 10 days of jury deliberation. He never was charged with outing a CIA agent. However, on those remaining charges that he was found guilty, he could receive as little as no prison time or up to 25 years in the slammer and fined one million dollars. The decision will be made in June 2007. Between Louis (Scooter) Libby and Clinton's National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, there is a world of injustice. Libby walked out of the National Archives Building with top secret documents stuffed in his pant legs and kept the document in his private office until discovered by an FBI investigation.

The documents were related to the 9-11 Commission's investigation and what he stole may have implicated him and others. He destroyed a number of documents according to his aides. For this serious crime in a time of war, he could have received the death penalty, but instead he received a sentence of probation, community service and a $50,000 fine. One must ask the question: Was Louis Libby a fall guy and is this real criminal, Berger, immunized by powers so high as to moderate his sentence and thus avoid the revelations he might have made had he received a more severe sentence?

There is no sense of going into the present debacle following the first Iraq non-war war, but suffice it to state that this president simply lacks the perceived credibility of his father�s common sense. The U.S. is not in a moral position to indulge in preemptive wars. Bush�s closest advisor is his vice president, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations who is tied with the Rothschilds and Rockefeller enterprises that capitalize on wars as does the Bush crowd affiliated with the Carlyle Group.

The Carlyle Group is in the business of buying small companies and selling them and realizing huge profits. The company is affiliated with the arms and defense industries. The Group employs former government, top administrators and key former members of congress to gain influence with active members of congress regarding defense contracts and use their contacts to find investors to help purchase companies that the Carlyle Group plans to buy and later sell once a target company receives military contracts through the Group�s influence within the highest echelons of the Department of Defense and Congress.

The silent invasion of illegal aliens is the major indicator where this country is headed. The latest estimate is there are from 18 to 30 million illegal aliens in our country. The government of Mexico is actually promoting the mass exodus of its poor, uneducated working class agricultural workers who can�t make a living in competition with the U.S. mega agri-businesses. Added to this flood of illegal aliens from south of the border are gangs of thugs, murderers, dope smuggling dealers and thieves that are causing havoc in Los Angles, other west coast cities and spreading rapidly across the rest of the country. Accompanying these people are diseases unknown to legal Americans, such as leprosy, a strain of TB with no cure, a worm that enters the skin and travel to the brain, venereal diseases of all kinds.

The mass of illegal workers are willing to take any job regardless of the fact that many employers offer below standard wages without health and pension benefits and without workman compensation in case of injury or death. Those who hire these workers may not keep records and the worst of them may pay in cash under-the-table to avoid detection. The workers live in hovels where as many as twenty live in a three bedroom apartment or house with one bath and one toilet. When they become sick, they go to the hospital emergency rooms for free treatment and have their babies gratis the rest of us who pay enormously high health insurance rates. Over a third of all felons in our overflowing prisons are illegal aliens.

We all are aware of the Biblical account of the curse God brought upon the Pharaoh when he refused to let the Jews leave Egypt. Here are a few curses that we are facing in the immediate future:

1. Unending wars, two at a time�maybe even a third one against Iran.
2. A complicit government and Congress that approves amnesty for all who illegally invade our country.
3. The loss of value of the American dollar as the world�s most valued currency.
4. Oil producing nations insisting on euros to replace dollars
5. Rampant inflation as the dollar disintegrates
6. Shortages of fuel for homes and autos because of threats and high fuel prices
7. A budget that has more left out of it then in it because of unfunded debt to support the wars
8. Government debt, already unsustainable at $8.8 trillion dollars, will rise to more than $16 trillion when the baby boomers reach age 65.
9. Loss of manufacturing capability because heavy industry is located in other lands and high tech software development is already being produced in India.
10. Foreign, cheap labor is lowering living wages and benefits, eliminating pensions and high paying jobs.
11. The nation�s military is already over tasked with commitments that can not be sustained
12. Plans are being made to run a super toll highway, 4 football fields wide from the Mexican border to the provinces in Canada without congressional approval or security measures.
13. Secret conferences were held between President Bush and leaders of Canada and Mexico to create a triad of governments similar to what is in Europe where there are no borders and Constitutions are subject to unelected judges and elite administrators.
14. Statistics now reveal that one of eight children are born autistic needing drugs and special care that most parents can ill afford.
15. Eighty-five percent of all black children have no fathers where mothers are on welfare or hold full time jobs, while receiving food stamps and Medicaid.
16. The public school systems in poor as well as some wealthy school districts are failing the training of children while building and operations costs become astronomical.

17. Congress is developing bills that make free speech a crime according to rules set by minorities and those who would close down the internet.
18. The white race is not replacing itself because of abortions, the pill before, the pill after and the postponement of raising families.
19. Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, predicted that by 2020 all of the Southwest will belong to Mexico. Already, major areas in California are absent white people. That applies as well in Florida, and cities in North Carolina.

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The silent invasion of illegal aliens is the major indicator where this country is headed. The latest estimate is there are from 18 to 30 million illegal aliens in our country. The government of Mexico is actually promoting the mass exodus of its poor, uneducated working class agricultural workers...