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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Joe Kress

March 21, 2007

That sly old master manipulator of intrigue John D. Rockefeller willed enough of his enormous fortune so that his son, David, the devil in mufti, could conspire to destroy the U.S. Constitution and replace it with the United Nations Charter.

From the boiling caldron of miscreants, at a time John D. was at the zenith of his moneymaking schemes, a character calling himself �Colonel� Edward M. House entered the side wing of the stage for political skullduggery. His title was self-endowed, since he never entered the military. The Colonel wormed his way into Woodrow Wilson�s friendship and landed up as Wilson�s right hand man. In fact, he actually ran foreign entanglements in the White House while Woodrow was incapacitated by poor health. His prior involvement in the field of banking allowed him close association with the Rothschild Bank of London a major influence when he represented Wilson in the 1919 League of Nations deliberations - the precursor to the United Nations.

House published his future dream agenda in 1912, using a fictionalized book, titled �Philip Dru Administrator.� Although it�s no crime to fictionalize, what House did was use his illusions expressed in what could be termed a �dime novel� as his road map on achieving influence with Woodrow Wilson. He negatively affected the nation�s foreign policy which later caused embarrassment to the office of the president. However, in 1910, at the Jekyll Island meeting, House represented the yet to be elected Wilson in the bankers plan to create the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to destroy the value of the American dollar using borrowed debt for collateral and charging interest on what the government printed interest free.

He misrepresented both the positions of European leaders to his president and submitted false impressions of United States positions to the leaders in Europe, prior to the U.S. involvement in W.W. I. It was not until the negotiations in 1919, as Wilson�s representative in forming the League of Nations that Woodrow discovered his duplicity and fired him.[1] But here is the rub; he became the first chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1921. His ties with the Rothschild cabal�s Royal Institute of International Affairs allowed this sycophant, this delusional liar to be the Rothschild�s long awaited launching pad to destroy the U.S. Constitution, its borders and to marry its citizens to foreign and local, unelected mattoids who desire nothing less than to govern the world.

The membership of the council grew under the guidance, money, tax-exempt foundations and institutions of the Rockefellers. The purpose of the CFR is to enlist as many people as possible who hold important positions in industry, academia, politics, the congress, the presidents, government at all key levels, the media, and the law. The sales pitch is that national leaders are incapable of preventing wars; that democratic republics are outmoded and that open borders are necessary to insure homogeneity among nations. What isn�t stated is that those who sit at the pinnacle of this world government will be those who control the money system and distribute the fruits of labor as they see fit. One can not join the CFR; he or she must be recommended by an active member.

What happened since this cancerous growth settled into the political arena, nourished by David Rockefeller and members of his family, is a study in treason. Had it not been for Ronald Reagan splitting the vote at the convention, Nelson Rockefeller, David�s brother, was unable to obtain the single vote necessary to make him the Republican Party�s candidate. Nelson Rockefeller (CFR) in 1968 would have become the president of the United States. Instead, the delegations chose Richard Millhouse Nixon (CFR) who opened communist China to the world and allowed Henry Kissinger (CFR, TC, Bilderberg Group ( BB) to abandon many of our prisoners located in Cambodia, a few of them may still be held by the North Vietnamese government in the jungles or perhaps in Russia or China.

In 1972, President Ford attended the secret international Bilderberg Group (BB) with David Rockefeller. The Bilderbergers are a Rothschild backed institution to chart the course of geopolitics. Attendees are the world�s bankers, influential politicians of different countries, the fabulously wealthy monarchs of Great Britain, Sweden and Norway, the Grand master of the Masonic Order, York Rite, leaders in the media and key multinational businesses. Once a year they meet in secret, away from the prying eyes of the public and the congresses and parliaments of their respective nations to plan and execute their influence. Among other decisions, they recommend to political parties their favorite candidates to fit the global agenda. They chose Nelson Rockefeller to be Ford�s vice president. Nelson tried to be president in 1964, 1968 and 1972, therefore, he was considered unelectable as a future president unless through some quirk where Ford were to die or possibly be impeached for pardoning Nixon.

Ford was later defeated after finishing out the disgraced Nixon�s remaining three years by a little known ex Governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter (CFR). He is one of the earliest members of David Rockefeller�s Trilateral Commission (TC), an organization meant to fill the gap to bring in Europe and Japan�s participation into the world hegemony. Carter nearly ruined the morale of the U.S. military; removed our military bases in Central America; gave up our interest in the Panama Canal and reneged in confronting the Iranian Mullahs who held U.S. civilians as hostages for nearly three years of his administration. His leadership proved to the world that the U.S. is a paper tiger.

After Carter served his purpose as the CFR�s agent, George H.W. Bush CFR/TC member of the secret Skull and Bones Fraternity, former CIA Director, member of the Bush banking, oil and investment family became the CFR�s winning candidate. His father Samuel Bush (Skull and Bones) was president of Union Bank Corporation, one of Averell Harriman�s (Skull and Bones, CFR) bank institutions, later he became a V.P. in Harriman�s main investment banking institution, Brown Brothers Harriman. Samuel Bush was appointed by President Wilson director of small armament and ammunition on the War Industries Board that set up coercive price-fixing cartels over American Industry during WWI. Samuel Bush assisted Percy Rockefeller (Bones 1900) son of William (Skull and Bones) in his takeover of small arms manufacturer plants until the end of the war. The family contacts and intrigue continues from grandfather to son to great grandson.

The mantel of power changed hands shortly after George H.W. Bush announced his plans for NAFTA and the New World Order at the conclusion of the first Iraq non-war war. The plans included the continuation for a military buildup, which would include contracts for the Carlyle Group[2] whose president, at the time, was David Rubenstein and its CEO, ex-Secretary of Defense Carlucci (CFR �92). Later, James Baker III (CFR �92) would join as a member of the board and Colin Powell (CFR �92) became a Carlyle advisor. Carlucci succeeded Rubenstein as president of the Group. David Rockefeller was instrumental in obtaining Baker as part of what Michael Lewis of the New Republic called the company a �salon des refuses for the influence peddling class.� Carlyle�s main business is securing leverage buyouts of companies whose contracts are related to the Department of Defense and then sell the companies at huge profits when the businesses receive government contracts. The nameless investing members of the Group use government insiders for advance information. John Major, former British Prime Minister, was a Carlyle partner.[3]

The Carlyle Group used ex-President George H. W. Bush to solicit seed money to fund the take over of the corporations involved in defense through his many powerful, foreign and domestic contacts, such as the Royals of Saudi Arabia. He receives millions of dollars for his efforts. George W. Bush was able to help purchase the Texas Rangers gratis the Carlyle Group. He later sold his interest at a huge profit that made him a multi-millionaire practically overnight.

It was left to William Jefferson Clinton (CFR, TC, and BB) and his Vice President Al Gore (CFR) to obtain congressional approval and allow Carla Hills (CFR) to negotiate trade agreements/contracts between governments and corporations without Senate approval. It happened with ease because so many key members within the congress belong to the CFR and the TC. A few members of the senate regularly are invited to attend the Bilderberg meetings.

W, as far as can be determined, is not a CFR member, at least not on the 1994 membership roster, but he is a Bonesman, the same as John Kerry (CFR) who lost the election by a fluke. Although W may or may not be on the CFR list, he follows the CFR goal to create the North American Union, eliminate the borders between Mexico and Canada and plans to build a four football field wide, monstrous highway from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to the northern most reaches of Canada is already advancing to the construction stage in Texas. Again, Congress was left out of the loop between the negotiations when Bush met with the heads of state of Mexico and Canada and signed an agreement to go ahead with the plan to eliminate U.S. sovereignty and its borders.

His invasion of Iraq was primarily meant to amalgamate the Middle East as a part of the one world government or at least keep control of radical Islamists and prevent attacks on Israel. In the eyes of David Rockefeller and the Rothschilds, Bush is a rousing success.

That pretty well sums up who is running the country. I received an e-mailed tape of the CFR meeting in Washington, D.C. where David Rockefeller stood up among the crowd of attendees and thanked Vice President Richard Chaney (CFR) for all the assistance and support he provided to the organization during his years of service to the organization. Cheney thanked David and mentioned that it was good to be back with the Council, since during the campaign it would not have been prudent for him to be known as a CFR member.

The CFR was able to remain unnoticed, until recently, because of the major news outlets are owned by members of the CFR. In 1991, in Baden-Baden, Germany, David Rockefeller gloatingly said, �We�re grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and the great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards world government.�[4]

This is what David Rockefeller wrote in his autobiography �David Rockefeller:

Memoirs, April 8, 2006:

�For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon the well publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as �internationalists� and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure � one world, if you will. IF THAT�S THE CHARGE, I STAND GUILTY, AND I AM PROUD OF IT.�

Those who aided and abetted the coming downfall of America in favor of the New World Order need to be exposed. At the top of the list is Newt Gingrich (CFR), former Speaker of the House of Representatives before he was obliged to vacate the job because of violation of ethic rules. He now wants to be the next president.

Gingrich aligned his argument with the Tofflers� books such as �Future Shock� and �Power Shift,� that touted the idea that the new economy of the United States is to be based on communication and information, an economy of services rather than the manufacture of things and goods. He provided glib, utopian answers regarding the need to retrain all those job displacements. He was one of the great proponents of NAFTA, the most destructive arrangement ever concocted to increase job losses and turn the nation�s balance of payments upside down.

Our major industries have relocated around the globe. All national loyalty is forfeited to global interests to divert U.S. owned, loyal industries to produce their products outside the United States and then export the lower cost products back into the United States, keeping profits circulating outside of the United States. Major pharmaceutical firms report no earnings to the IRS because their manufacturing is done in Porto Rico and the drugs are shipped tariff free. What Gingrich and those members of the CFR cabal accomplished could not have been more destructive. It forced our country to be wholly dependent on the outside world while promoting the illogical idea that the system would operate in a vacuum of free trade. It turns out, that free trade only applies to the importers, but not to U.S. firms that export to other countries.

The invasion of illegal aliens, supported by the Carter, Bush I. Clinton, Bush II administrations, ends what we call our democratic republic. It replaces loyal, legal Americans with foreigners armed with green cards and the illegal aliens with phony identifications - willing and able to work for low wages and no benefits, other than what is provided through welfare. There are members in the House willing to push the envelope beyond reason. They want a college education for illegal aliens, paid for by taxpayers. Bank of America issues credit cards to illegal aliens. Matricula identification certificates, issued by the Mexican Conciliates, are recognized by certain banks and credit unions. The banks provide non-interest bearing checking and saving accounts based on documentation issued by a foreign government to their citizens who violate the interests of legal Americans.

The illegal aliens send untaxed, under-the-table wages, facilitated easily by the U.S. un-American bankers, using the bank wire services and checking account deposits or make payment by credit card direct to their relatives, friends and gang members who have duplicate credit cards to access the member bank�s teller machines located in their country. These are acts of sedition. This arrangement benefits the respective economies of the foreign countries - a hassle free operation, with absolutely no benefit to the U.S economy. It�s really a money laundering service. The impact is the loss of sales resulting from money that normally would circulate through American business communities.

The congress and the president are more than willing to legalize all illegal aliens living in our country to solve problems created by the bankers besides caving-in to political Hispanic interests and those business interests that want cheap labor. It is obvious that all these actions are with a single purpose to fulfill the plan for Global Government. The scheme is to create a problem, then solve it by creating an even bigger problem, so eventually the public is easily swayed into accepting open borders.

There were 4,426 listed CFR members as of 1994. A large number of them are/were working in the executive branch, the cabinet, nearly every management level of the Diplomatic Corps and the Pentagon including the top military brass. Listed below are just a few present and past members of congress complicit within David Rockefeller�s oligarchy:

Senators and ex-senators:
Dianne Feinstein (CFR,TC, BB) Olympia Snow (CFR) Paul Sarbanes (CFR/TC) Christopher Dodd (CFR/TC) Jon Kyl (CFR/ TC) John D. Rockefeller (CFR, TC, BB) John McCain (CFR) Bob Graham (CFR) Joseph Liberman (CFR/TC) Timothy Wirth (CFR) Harris Wolford (CFR) Thad Cochran (CFR) Bill Frist (CFR) Byron L. Dorgan (CFR) Charles Hagel (CFR, TC, BB) Richard Lugar (CFR/TC) Charles Robb (CFR) John Kerry (CFR) William Roth, Jr. (CFR) John Chafee, Sr. (CFR) Charles Schumer (CFR) Charles Robb William Cohen (CFR, TC) Daniel Moynihan (CFR)

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House and ex-House members:
John Lewis, David Dreier, Sam Gejdenson, Thomas E. Petri, Richard A. Gephardt, Charles B. Rangel, Newton L. Gingrich, John M. Spratt, Lee Hamilton (CFR, TC, BB), Jim Leach (CFR, TC, BB), Henry Hyde, Susan Molinari, Esteban Torres, Arno Houghton, Barney Frank, Howard Berman, Ed Pastor, Jim Kolbe, Louis Stokes, Robert Matsui


1, Imagined power; the secret life of Colonel House by the historian David M. Esposito posted on Google
2, The Iron Triangle, Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group by Dan Briody
3, ibid, page 81
4, Miguel A. Faria Jr., MD. Cuba and the Council on Foreign Relations, February 15, 2001,

� 2007 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.











From the boiling caldron of miscreants, at a time John D. was at the zenith of his moneymaking schemes, a character calling himself �Colonel� Edward M. House entered the side wing of the stage for political skullduggery.