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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Lt. Col. Joe Kress

October 10, 2015

There is no mystery why this nation is in a spiraling whirlpool of funk. It is a fact that we are so imbued by constant media attacks that the average citizen is staring fish-eyed at the boob tube while being fed a constant line of advertisements interspersed with moments of program content. The programming contents provide seconds of informative commentaries formulated to warp senses with material that is mostly bull hockey in order to convince us that whatever is spewed out is honest and true.

The mega-drug manufactures inundate us with a constant drumbeat that certain pills will cure our problems, but then proceed to explain during half of their ads just how dangerous they are accompanied by litanies of relative medical conditions that most people are never aware because the condition is nugatory...incomprehensibly loaded with sesquipedalian verbiage. The adds finally recommend obtaining a prescriptions from physicians who were just visited by lines of really pretty, young women with shapely legs mounted on high heels and molded with Brotox injections subsequently adjusted by Hollywood trained beauticians. They distribute satchels of pills and injections and tons of pamphlets for the physicians to cogitate providing they can find the reading time.

Never mind that most doctors are treating an unending line of elderly on Medicare that reimburses service providers (doctors) with wages fit for peons. A plethora of Medicaid patients not eligible for Medicare, but not exempt from supplemental insurance under Obamacare, descend on the overloaded emergency rooms with problems such as insignificant hangnails or cases of sniffles or as serious as thrombosis. Many hospital have closed their doors to free emergency care.

So many physicians (the most experienced ones) our tuning out and turning in their licenses, choosing retirement instead of contributing services at prices below their cost. They simply don't want to work for payments as cheap as salt; fill out tons of government paperwork; and then pay law firms hundreds of thousands of dollars for insurance to shield against disastrous malpractice lawsuits brought on by ambulance chasers who solicit complaints from willing patients at no charge to them. Hidden in the agreements, they receive only a small fraction of the proceeds of what the lawyers receive who skim millions of dollars when winning cases.

Lately, car manufactures are finding out that their employees, who are supposed to be top of the line technicians, who operate sophisticated production machinery and conversely displace hundreds of worker-bees, those who no longer are able to use their pliers and screwdrivers in competition with automated machinery having mind-boggling mechanical fingers. The output of thousands of cars is so fast that once a problem arises when the tech's screw up, the straw bosses cover up the problems, even the foremen and the last to confirm are the top bosses in their corporate offices.

This is an example of lost integrity endemic throughout industry and its capitalistic excesses gone amok; add the political abstruseness of the mindless lemming members of the Demoncrat Party which infects society as a whole; with the lefts' lugubriousness for Marx and Lenin in preference to a free society portends disaster. They openly promulgate Orwell's book "1984 (big brother in steroids} that totally controls people with the ominous hammer of big government.

One could attribute the affliction as gutless fear and stupidity in disbelieving the catastrophic financial excesses and debasement, the lack of morality that follows government attacks on the constitution; they promulgate religious belief as insignificant; they discriminate by class gender and race; they have a preference for abnormal sexual behavior including the murder and sale of developed fetuses; they condemn police in the face of rioting, and encourage illegal aliens to cross our borders, they weakened or in reality opened our borders to drugs, foreign slave prostitutes and terrorists; they perpetuate the political votes of the dead and facilitate false voter IDs for illegal immigrants and create bills to prevent photo IDs for certain class citizens.

Congress is impervious to the real facts of unskilled alien labor (including terrorists) added to a plethora of the legally, born-in-the-USA-Americans who have already become the majority on the proverbial doll. Millions more drop off their search for jobs entirely and are no longer on welfare, but living beneath bridges and defecating and urinating on city streets. The fact is evident that at least 51 percent of Americans, in addition to unskilled aliens, are permanent demographic fixtures. Can science and invention supplant the enormous, outmoded, non-working labor forces? Hoping for a solution appears beyond the realm of reason.

Of the Democratic House minority, 177 members, in lock-step with Nancy Pelosi, voted not to defund the barbaric practice of aborting living fetuses and their dismemberment for the purpose of selling body parts.

Why is the USA about to fall? Well, just review the miserable actions or lack of actions by our congress, the president and the political views and decisions of the United States Supreme Court in order to satisfy that question.


The Commander and Chief Monkey Wrench sits in the Oval Office of the White House. He, in 2008, declared throughout his campaign that he would change America using an egalitarian mantra, consisting of promises and reforms. One could say, he told us the truth as meant to him to exert his own narcissistic views of religion, racism, militarism, world-government, climate, Sharia Law (in which he was early-on indoctrinated). More insidious is his dedication to converting the United States into third world dependence, no longer a beacon- light to save mankind to attain freedoms from oppression. Rather, during the past six and three quarter years, his legacy is a radical form of revolt against the laws of nature, of God and nationalism.

The Republican right in 2014, won the majority seats in both House and Senate raising expectations that it would halt what the Monkey Wrench inflicted. The leadership and a large part of the members of the House and Senate chose not to use their vast power to overwhelm the veto proof power of this President. Instead, they felt comfortable in not offending their campaign contributors thus splitting their majority's effectiveness. It was obvious to anyone who wished to upset Obama's near dictatorial goals, what was needed is for Republican legislators to stand up and cry foul, using the same propaganda tactics of the left. They need to employ huge demonstrations and assemblies of protesters in every town and village; they need now to use the airways, deluges of e-mails revealing who the Demoncrats are and what and where they stand on religious freedom, marriage, the 2nd Amendment; loyalty to country and not their fixations on every element of indecency as did the Communist whose decadence led Russia down the world to perdition.

On the other hand, Obama as coordinator agitator and mouthpiece, and with Nancy Pelosi as the present minority leader in the House, along with Senator Reid, former Senate Leader, steadfastly maintain control though obsequious federal employees, and cabinet sycophants in firing or forced retiring of the most loyal General Officers who objected to the Monkey Wrench's defeatist Middle East deployment objectives.

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The solid phalanxes throughout leftist party-loyalists, that consist of coalitions mainly dependent on freebees at the sole discretion of the Monkey Wrench, whose hand-outs demand obedience or severe penalties on these future slaves. Through the use of executive orders, he mocks our nation in bypassing congress, but go unchallenged by his attorney general or the corrupt legal system. Just one order worthy of impeachment is his quixotic declaration to open accesses across our borders allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and terrorists from Middle East countries to be welcome. He did this without obtaining concurrence from Congress, obviously meant to embellish his goals toward forcing the nation's destruction.

This nation cannot afford to allow our president to continue this role to hell. He must be charged for failure to follow his oath of office.

2015 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon," Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.





The Republican right in 2014, won the majority seats in both House and Senate raising expectations that it would halt what the Monkey Wrench inflicted. The leadership and a large part of the members of the House and Senate chose not to use their vast power to overwhelm the veto proof power of this President.