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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Lt. Col. Joe Kress

October 14, 2014

Jack and his brother Bobby, as potential attorney general for the highest positions in the land, were confronted with the need to capture the 1961 electoral college that required a minimum number...currently 270 votes to elect the president and vice-president. Back in 1961, even with the popular vote in the Kennedy clan's pockets, there remained the electoral delegates vote and the red states outnumbered the blue states which could defeat them or cause a rerun of the convention, thus opening the door to other candidates. The dilemma required the help from backroom, old time tactics using the mob (Mafia), unscrupulous politicians and numerous insiders of the government that didn't want to find other positions than what they already filled. Whole agencies had to use whatever fit their purpose and in the balance compromise was needed based on what JFK promised to those most likely to go all out to defeat Richard Nixon. Nixon, also was not immune from using similar tactics, but he didn't have on his side the strongman in the U.S. Senate Lynden Baines Johnson or J. Edgar Hoover the FBI director from 1924 to 1972.

Senate Leader Johnson was an arm twister and at the same time unscrupulous with powerful help from head of the FBI J Edgar Hoover, an institution in his own persona and not adverse to use the agency to dig up dirt on every member of congress and those in other government agencies. His files were his protection and he had Johnson's backing, He also knew that Jack Kennedy was not happy with the way Hoover devoted 98% of the agencies assets towards the defeat of communists and saboteurs while no effort devoted to stop mob activities.

J. Edgar Hoover

Roy Cohn, one of the mobs lawyers, a not so in-closet-homosexual, purportedly possessed pictures of the Director in drag, wearing a fluffy, lace embroidered dress. This, the mob used to blackmail Hoover into denying that the Mafia ever existed. The Mafia also had other proof a of J Edgar as being an in-the-closet homosexual stored in the Mafia's records of young men performing sexual acts with Hoover. The wife, Susan Rosenstiel of Lewis Rosenstiel, Chairman of Shenley Industries, Inc., purportedly witnessed at a party that she attended with her husband, in the Plaza hotel, in 1958 at a time she was still married to him. She witnessed Hoover accompanied with "Young Boys.". Later she said, Hoover and Cohn watched her husband Louis Rosenstiel have sex with the "young Boys."

Ref: "The Biography Official and Confidential "The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover" by Anthony Summers was widely debunked by historians' claims of Susan Rosenstein's poor credibility. She pleaded guilty to an unrelated 1971 case and later served time in a N.Y. city jail. Historian David K. Johnson attacked the speculations about Hoover's homosexuality as relying on guess by association, rumor and unverified gossip." Other authors such as Anthon Theohari Secret Life" and Richard Hack's Puppet Master are not in agreement with David K Johnson.

If David Johnson is correct, then the part of rumored association has at least a molecule of legs and there is no doubt the Mafia did use its mussel. Otherwise, Hoover would have been the point man to destroy the Mafia instead of being its protector who never did move against the Mafia bosses.

Lynden B. Johnson

Lynden Johnson evidently was confidently aware that there were many powerful people and the Senate Rules Committee preparing a thorough investigation of LBJ and the RFK media war on LBJ as he climbed his political ladder. He therefore devised a plan to avoid the inevitability of exposure and his immolation. He would exchanged his power Texas Senate leader seat for a vice presidential bid, based on the assumption that the Kennedy brothers would eagerly go for his proposition because of his vote getting power in Texas politics. His use of enticement was his ability to use his friends in the Texas delegation of the Electoral College representing Texas to carry the vote for the Kennedys. John Tower, a Republican, later replaced LBJ's senate seat.

The Kennedy brothers were aware of Johnson's control of every committee within the U.S. Senate and also those really the bad sides of Johnson developed through his political career; his sexual proclivities were legendary; his abuse of power and belittlement of those who were underlings and his influence with a significant number within the CIA's (Central Intelligence Agency) and Treasury Agents' superiors. For these reasons there was the negative attitude of the Kennedys toward Johnson. JFK, early on, voiced objections to Johnson's bureaucratic influence, especially within the CIA and NSA (National Security Agency). But on the other hand, LBJ could aid JFK's election prospects through his radio and TV networks.

The Texas Oil Interests

The Texas billionaire Clint Murchison was a major contributor to LBJ's election bid to the U.S. Senate in 1948. The oil depletion allowance needed to be retain where it once was 5% to where it became 27.5%. untaxed dollars. Other donors to LBJ's reelection campaigns every 6 years assured him of unlimited funding. These donors included Amos Carter of Fort Worth, of west Texas Hunt and J Parton of Huston and Clint Murchison the largest donor. Murchison owned the Del Charro Hotel in La Jolla, California where he hosted visitors like Richard Nixon, John Connally, J Edgar Hoover and Lyndon Johnson. He also hosted Meyer Lansky, head of the Jewish segment of the Mafia. Others of the Mafia included Santos Tranfficante, Johnny Rosseli, Sam Giancana and Carlos Marcello. Twenty percent of Murchison's oil lease company was owned by Mafia boss Carlos Marcello. Murchison used his influence to convince the bosses that J Edgar Hoover was their friend and will allow illegal things to continue. J Edgar was their buddy. (Re: The Man Who Killed Kennedy)

During the 1960 campaign, Jack Kennedy gave support to the depletion allowance. Two years later, he and his brother, the Attorney General, decided to take on the oil industry and backed the Act to remove the distinction between repatriated profits and profits from abroad. The oil industry was hardest hit as its untaxed profits were reduced from 30% to 15%. President Kennedy on January 7th 1963 proposed to remove entirely the oil depletion allowance which would result in the loss of $300 million a year to Texas oilmen.

The JFK Major Failure:

Jack at first turned down LBJ's insistent proposal to become his VP. LBJ panicked for he would lose everything and possibly land in prison for past deeds. The mob wouldn't like it either, if J Edgar were to become the first bureaucrat fired by Bobby.

The whole Kennedy campaign possibly could be upended if those scandalous records held in Hoover's files of Marylyn Monroe's adulterous trysts with both JFK and his brother and other copious reports of J. Edgar's assigned agents were to be exposed, It therefore became imperative to prevent the Kennedy scandals from being publicized and reason enough to allow Johnson to be on the ticket.

According to the Kennedy family's notes, LBJ came back with tears in his eyes, proclaiming an undying loyalty and support for Jack's campaign and iterated how great his connections to insure the defeat of Richard Nixon. LBJ's wife's Claudia known as Lady Bird, portfolio, there were major financial interest and her pseudo control of several media outlets in Texas radio and TV stations that would be used to elect her husband and JFK.

JFK finally bought into LBJ's plan and set the stage for his own execution.
In 2003, Phil Brennan wrote an article for Newsmax confirming that the Kennedys were going to use the media once elected to politically execute Vice President Johnson. At the time, Brennan worked on the hill and was writing a column for the National Review under the pseudonym Cato. [Ref. The Man who Killed Kennedy by Roger Stone and Mike Colapietro]

Thirty years later, subsequent to the Warren Commission's cover up of the facts, those doctors and a witness that were alive and present at the autopsy and who examined the body divulged the fact that the entry wounds to Jack Kennedy's head and neck came from the front and blew out the back of his skull. This was just the opposite of the Warren Commission's reported. Also, the shot that hit John Connally, who was seated next to the driver, was not credible. The Warren Commission claimed that a single bullet entered Kennedy from the rear then entered Connally in an impossible trajectory.

There were obviously more assassins than the suspect Lee Harvey Oswald swore that he was eating in the cafeteria at the time, four stories beneath where he was fingered as the shooter. It also turned out, that Oswald had a number of impersonators visiting Mexico, California, Louisiana supposedly identified by the FBI as being Oswald which made it an an impossibility because the time line of so many incidences reported happening to be credible that didn't fit media reporting and therefore couldn't be the same person. The shooting of the Police Officer Tippit by Oswald was confirmed by eyewitnesses. There were however critics who seriously doubted that Tippit was killed by Oswald and asserted he was shot by other plot conspirators. The alleged discrepancies in witness testimony and physical evidence calls into question the Commission's conclusions regarding the murder of Tippit. According to Jim Marrs, Oswald's guilt in the assignation of Kennedy is placed into question by the presence of "a growing body of evidence to suggest that [he] did not kill Tippit." [Check the film interview with Jim Marrs, award winning journalist on the internet now available through Google that links LBJ to the assissanation.

Then there is the question how Jack Ruby knew the exact time Oswald was being transferred from his jail cell to another location in order to murder him? It is really strange that Ruby incarcerated because of his crime soon developed what can only be described as a galloping cancer from which he soon died, thus ending the possibility of further exposure of his part in the huge conspiracy.

The New Frontier under the Kennedy Administration

This Kennedy program changed this country and affected every person. JFK's plans and programs launched the greatest contribution to socialism since Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, all within Kennedy's short term in office. More legislation was actually approved and passed into law than at any time since the thirties. In 1961, 33 out of 53 bills that Kennedy submitted to Congress were enacted. A year later, 40 out of 54 and 1963 35 out of 58 must bills were enacted.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963 - 1969

Upon president Kennedy's death, Lyndon Johnson pledged to press forward the "New Frontier." The increase in Social Security benefits, those previously considered ineligible, such as those with permanent injuries and unable to work were added to the roles, other exceptions followed to include a massive food stamp program and opened the door to multiple welfare programs that later caused Social Security tax collection to be placed in a Lock Box, a subterfuge ploy to allow other administrations and congresses to raid as they see fit.

In his second year in office, while the national debt was exploding in welfare benefits, the destroyer, USS Maddox, had a run in with North Vietnam in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin, August 2, 1964. The North Vietnamese Navy engaged its torpedo boats where one American aircraft was damaged, one 14.2 mm round hit the destroyer, three North Vietnamese torpedo boats were damaged and four North Vietnamese sailors were killed and six wounded; there were no U.S. casualties.

It was originally claimed by the National Security Agency that a second Tonkin Gulf incident occurred on August 4. 1964, but instead may have involved Tonkin ghosts (false radar images) and not actual NVN torpedo boat attacks. The result of the first encounter and the last false encounter launched Lyndon into his Commander in Chief's role which as Chief he ignored the generals and set restrictions where and when to use US military, worse he restricted bombing Hanoi. He was able to do this because of Congress' hasty votes to give Johnson the authority to assist any Southeast Asian Country whose government was considered to be jeopardized by "communist aggression." The resolution served as Johnson's legal justification for deploying US conventional forces and the commencement of open warfare against North Vietnam.

It turned out that USS Maddox did confront a number of torpedo boats on August 2nd, but Captain Herrick ordered the gun crews to open fire if the boats approached within 1,000 yards. Three warning rounds were fired before engaging the enemy, but the Johnson Administration never reported the incident, rather it insisted and stated that the Vietnamese fired first. The real point of the first and second incident is that the first incident happened and the second never happened and was used to get us into the worst debacle, the most wasteful in lives and treasure in the nation's history.

Worse yet, all the time the non-war was being fought no reduction in superfluous expenditures or increase in taxes took place, so that the nation was well on the road to insolvency but for the US Treasury's ability to issue bonds to back its currency printing presses to be used by the Federal Reserve's member banks to pay bills to satisfy government creditors. The Federal member banks would then loan out any excess held funds not spent to cover interim debt at interest, less 10% for emergency reserves used in case of a crash in the money supply, a government sponsored Ponzi scam.

Although the nation was in the midst of war, there was one individual among many like weapon manufactures and their stockholders who benefited enormously. Brown and Root, Inc was acquired as subsidiary by Halliburton Corporation a multinational oil that controlled other manufactured products and raw material. The company's headquarters is located in Austin Texas. Lyndon, through his political connections over the years owned several thousand shares of stock in Brown and Root, the largest contractor in South Vietnam. As such, as the war dragged on, so too did Brown and Root's stock value increase exponentially.

Radio and Television Stations

Lyndon and his wife shared several enterprises, accumulated during Lyndon's political career. Most of the interests were in Lydia's [Lady Bird] name. Lyndon claimed that Lady Bird bought the radio station KTBC in 1943 using her inheritance. Robert A. Caro examined the roots of the Johnson broadcasting fortune stated that Johnson used his political influence in both the White House to obtain the license through the Federal Communications Commission, which reviewed all broadcast licenses and was close to being abolished. Johnson had major contacts within the agency and didn't want the agency to disband, for he would lose a great opportunity to get into the broadcasting business beginning with Lady Bird's bid to purchase the station. With the help of legendary Democratic fixer Tommy "The Cork" Corcoran, the KTBC application was pushed up and down the line.

Asked in an interview whether Johnson's status as a member of Congress helped his wife's application (and killed the disbandment of the FCC) Corecoran said, "How do you think things work? These guys [the FCC staffers] have been around. You don't have to spell thing out for them."

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Once Lady Bird completed her purchase of KTBC, according to Robert Caro, "the five years of delays and red tape, and unfavorable rules from the FCC that had stymied the previous owners vanished... and slowness was replaced by speed. Where programs could be heard in 38 surrounding counties, soon through arm twisting, and promises to prospective advertisers and links with CBS Director of Research, Frank Stanton, who approved Johnson's request to be affiliated with "KNOW in Austin. KTBC quadrupled its broadcast throughout Texas." That was just one station which made the couple hundreds of thousands, but Johnson's apatite was only wetted and he soon owned Texas television stations that made him millions.

Lyndon Johnson was a shrewd, self serving, ruthless politician who became extremely powerful and landed as Senate Leader, more powerful than any Senate Leader before him. He finally twisted the Kennedy Machine into making him the Vice President two steps ahead of a congressional investigation that would have put him in jail.

To be continued in Part 9

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� 2014 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon," Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.





If David Johnson is correct, then the part of rumored association has at least a molecule of legs and there is no doubt the Mafia did use its mussel. Otherwise, Hoover would have been the point man to destroy the Mafia instead of being its protector who never did move against the Mafia bosses.