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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

Catholic Church's New International Views









By Joe Kress

September 14, 2013

The payback for graft, greed and prolific indulgences would embarrass the Ancient Roman family of Julius Cesar. The present crop of political obsequious incompetents in the White House replicates the antics of Caligula who offered the murderous spectacles at the Coliseum; but these mastoids are using methods of continuous war for continuous peace. The excesses within the present serving members of both political parties have now come home to roost at the doorstep of the American public. Forty percent of the voting public succumbed to the bribery offered by Obama and the majority failed to vote or the opposition split into conservative against moderate camps is why a purported Muslim was reelected and is perpetuating the devastation of America’s future.

Our president just placed our nation between the rock and the hard place. His role demonstrates a propensity to open his mouth when he should shut it. For reasons I can only guess, he has the major media outlets covering up or dismissing his lies and his abysmal ignorance of basic economics, finance and presidential leadership.

He now holds proprietorship of the meaning "Rock and Hard Place" and if he proceeds with his objective to drop fire and brimstone on Syria to punish the regime for using Sarin gas on Syria's citizens, what is the difference in using mega bombing of Iraq to soften it up before our actual invasion of that country? The coined term by the Pentagon was "Shock and Awe." That softening up resulted in over 100,000 deaths, mainly civilians. That non-war war never was justifiable, since Saddam Hussein, only four years prior to George H. W. Bush attacked Iraq to protect Kuwaiti oil interests. The dictator was at the time considered a major player that benefited U.S. Middle East interests.

The excuse that Saddam may use nuclear and chemical weapons was never proven and were never located after his defeat among other allegations of absent armament war making capabilities. The difference between what Barry Hussein Obama is now percolating is what George W. Bush used, ie; Iraq as a Judas Goat to placate the public after 9-11. Georg W. Bush was expected to do something to satisfy an angry and shocked public. The difference is that congress approved the action by unanimous voice vote, since it was to do something, anything at all, the same reasoning as the Dufis in Chief. If Obama ignores the no vote of the majority in congress and proceeds to give the order to attack a sovereign nation that is no immediate threat to our nation... he violates the Constitution and has committed one step too far ending in impeachment proceedings.

The use of false flags is not unusual. Lynden Johnson created out of thin air the Gulf of Tonkin crises that caused the massive build up of our involvement in the Vietnam none war war. A complicit congress approved but never declared war. The armament industry probably was a major factor to the president's decision.

Spain's bombing of the Maine. while she was suing for peace, was both illogical and deceptive but that was the ploy for Admiral Dewey to attack the Spanish fleet and gain American interests in the vast Pacific. Congress approved the action by declaring war against Spain. The public at that time never questioned the deception or the integrity of Congress and their president.

Times have changed, during the second term of the Obama Administration. The public, even those who are the recipients of prolific, unfunded bribery for votes in the form of social welfare are awakening to the fact that welfare is not the road to prosperity, rather a permanent dependence on the Nanny State. Confidence in the president has turned to suspicion as the polls indicate. The moral principles that the public mainly possessed has deteriorated to an astonishing degree. High principles, hard work, self reliance and integrity with the hope to exceed expectations once made our nation great. But now the perception is one of defeat and loss of trust in God.

The Department of Education is continuing a course of failure going back to the Roosevelt Administration. Many of the high school graduates are incapable to meet minimum hiring standards The cost of a college education is prohibitive to the average family. As a result, American industrial genius is lacking engineers, chemists, software creators and physicists. Under the onus of Affordable Care, medical doctors are leaving their profession and a great number of medical professional future students are not being produced. What is replacing the loss of professionals and prospective professionals are masses of illegal immigrants that can't speak English, have less than a minimum education and are swelling the medical costs and emergency care furnished by hospitals that are not permitted to turn away even those who are not considered emergency patients. The illegal immigrants are not alone, there are massive numbers of unwed legal citizen mothers depending on having multiple children just to receive government cheques and food stamp assistance. In excess of 70% of blacks are born outside of wedlock. A godless culture has long incubated within a sub class of millions of legal citizens that appear purposefully repulsive as rebels in appearance in dress, mutilation of body parts with metal plug in tongues, rings in eyebrows, shoulder length dredlocks, extensive body tattoos - lifelong makings which label their appearance as losers for only the lowest income jobs. Employers cringe when they apply and slam shut the doors of opportunity before they are allowed to fill out application forms.

Our borders are still unprotected and hand-picked commissions fail to correct the problems with their proposed unaffordable and illusionary solutions because of fear of losing their careers in the voting booths. Never mind that elected officials never were meant to make a long career serving the public. They were never meant to receive extravagant perquisites or special tax exemptions and fore knowledge of deals an stock market tips from foreign and domestic lobbyists , tips that the general public can only dream of having.

There are about thirty staunch Tea Party advocates within the House of Representatives who stirred the core of the imbedded old guard within the Republican establishment that existed since the days of Presidents Cleveland, Taft, McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt who did not purposely play the public as suckers and didn't bed with the Democrats as do the present Republicans who use facades to cover their perfidity that would make Lucifer blush. The fact is the old guard Republicans were not NEOCONs or RINOs, rather they were pro- internationalist for the reason that they were convinced it was impossible for the United States to remain isolationist. They took the wide road to hell with the New World Order international socialist Democrats who followed in lockstep with Franklyn Roosevelt followed on by a succession of utopian, irresponsible administrations to the present with this president President, a narcissist, a dangerous puppet of the international, socialists breed, with experience only as a neighborhood organizer, whose mentors are the European old governing elite and the international bankers who strive for a single, world-wide currency of which they solely control. To them it doesn't matter who is president; progressive, leftwing, rightwing, Muslim, Protestant or Catholic, so long as selection can be controlled by these elite puppet masters who sit in the catbird seat overlooking America's destiny.

The Royal Families: the Windsors, the Bourbons, the inherited wealth from Spanish, Swedish, Danish monarchs are part of an international force backed by the Rothschild cabal of international investment bankers... such as the Warburgs, Schiffs, Morgan and Rockefeller trillionaire dollar tax exempt funds dedicated to world government - not to exclude the industrial mega corporate and major media mogul involvement. The international news outlets with their pseudo conservative spokespersons such as O’Reilly, a master pin head who claims to author several new books within a one year period that would take years to complete. Joined with him on FOX is clueless Sean Hannity who waves the flag and mouths against the national media's propaganda of which Rupert Murdoch (CFR), the CEO of FOX, Yet, he is restricted to ever mention the real power behind manipulation of our political system. The same can be said of Rush Limbaugh who ridicules those who mention conspiracy theories and refuses to acknowledge the relationship of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group with less than 150 governing members. The power of AIPAC (the American Israel Political Activity Committee) as being linked to forces against the interests of the America. Even mentioning AIPAC negatively is too hot a potato that nobody in the media touches because of its power to eliminate careers.

Murdoch, a dyed-in-the wool member of the Bilderberg Group, founded by that old rascal Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, whose single purpose was to keep the Royals and the money interests in a position of power. The Weekly Standard is a rag headed by William Kristol (CFR), (RINO) and head publisher for the NEOCONs and RINOs positions. He is featured as a member of FOX's TV talk shows. His father was a rabid supporter of Stalin and still remains active in far left socialist causes.

Besides these European elites, America’s enemies within, many of whom left congress but their venom continues: Senators Richard Lugar and Dodd (now recently retired), Barney Frank is the disgraced, retired Democratic chairman of several key House committees, such as the House Finance and Commerce Committee and coauthor of the DODD FRANK law, a travesty of the first order that restricts market and lending ability and thus growth, The new crop of liberals replace the old with even further-to- the left, radical nihilists.

Diane Feinstein, influential, ultra California Zionist/ socialist, promotes her anti-gun legislation, pro-marriage mantra between members of the same sex, is influential to lead her cause for homosexual constituents within the armed services. She is but only one of many active feminists in congress who support contraception (prevention of pregnancy by pill that encourages free love) and abortion (the killing of unborn babies).

Former President Clinton, former President George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush (he was never invited to attend the Bilderberg meetings), former President Jimmie Carter (CFR, TLC), former President Jerald Ford CFR TLC, BLDBG) former President Richard Nixon (CFR) , former President Bill Clinton (CFR, TLC, BLDBG) and his co-conspirator wife Hillary, a wanna be candidate for 2016, and former congressional members of the Rockefeller funded Trilateral Commission are contributors to Bilderberg think tanks. Very important members of the Bilderberg Group are the elite few multinational Industrialists and their corporate heads, They attend/ed) the Bilderberg secret meetings whose purpose is to “advise” who shall be the next president of the United States and set the policy for their puppets to follow. In the House of Representatives and Senate a treasonous corruption is embedded by a number of ideologues whose wish is to destroy the Constitution and disarm the hoi polloi.

Both political parties have active membership in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission (TLC) . The CFR members are agents representing the Bilderberg as well as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, an offshoot of Cecil Rhodes original plan to reincorporate the American Colonies within the sphere of the British Monarchy and the Hapsburgs of Germany. He willed his vast fortune, garnered from gold and diamond mines in South Africa to be administered by Lord Rothschild to carry on his dreams, but soon that dream was changed to the Rothschild and David Rockefeller’s dream of the New World Government.

The purpose of the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller, is to collate political entities and corporate heads of the U.S, Europe and the Far East, especially Japan to incorporate and benefit through their interests toward world government This powerful monolith are well equipped against their enemies representing nationhood and independence not world-wide government centered at the Hague. The central bankers wield the power to control a universal currency and therefore all who subscribe to their agenda are automatically subservient to the "Lord of the Flies." " He who controls the king's purse, controls the king." That's why the Rothschild dynasty remains the bedrock of international intrigue. It has been its practice since the early 18th century to invest making loans at substantial interest to both sides of any conflict, especially armaments and funding large armies.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve, not federal and not a reserve, realized the central bankers utopian dream whereby they have the ability to print money with- out backing and charge interest on the money they loan out. The United States is under the economic power of the Chairman who is the agent of the aforementioned international banking institutions once described as the largest scam in all of human history.

What the international establish selected is promoting Obama may have caused the golden goose to quit laying golden eggs. I am convinced that he really believes he is a potentate that can dictate terms and ignore the constitution and get away with it. Why not? So far, he has a corrupt, complicit, inept majority in congress who value their careers first and their perquisites, never the moral or ethical when there is a choice.

Our President had early training in tactics right out of the text book of Sal Alinsky's lesson plans and the use of the Delphi effect to recruit factions, of deceptions, dissect and reform. It closely resembles Hegelian dialectics that pits one side against another 'til both sides are weakened by exhaustion and willingly come together in what he states as the synthesis. In the battle between the right and the left both reach a compromise that ultimately falls within the purpose of illusion and insures success for the designer of the plan whose final objective is to implement the original real plan.

With the help of RINO Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain and those who advocate the New World Order, also includes John Boehner, Speaker of the House and Harry Reed, Senate Leader both of them plan to fall in line with Messiah Obama who really has no exit or end goal or escape to avoid another Sarajevo (the murder of Arch Duke Ferdinand), the incident that caused WW I.

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The President really believes he is a potentate and uses his position no other president ever approached in abuse of power. At $100,000 dollars an hour of air time for Air Force One, our president continues an unending campaign. Sometimes he includes family and friends on excursions to resorts around the globe called them necessary, but really they are vacations for wife, kids, relatives and friends. His wife, not content to travel with her husband uses separate airliners at government expense along with an entourage of staff, security, and daughters. Each trip by the president involves other aircraft such as C 17s for his limos, a spare chopper, advance parties to make arrangements for his visits, a large number of security personnel and administrative staff. His many visits to cities within the United States require extensive services at local and state expense to meet his security and special requirements. Traffic is disrupted and city and town police escort is expected. It appears that every time a crisis looms, he is absent and flying around in the air and insulated from blame by his czars at every level within the White House and by the press.

In the case where he draws a line in the sand, he now states it really wasn't his line but the congress and the United Nations line. It's always someone else or some other cause. In this attempt to launch what could be a catastrophe, he insulates himself from responsibility, by delegating it to congress to choose up or down on approval or disapproval of his initiative, thus again escaping any blame if not approved, rather it will be the fault of the people and their representatives.

Enough is enough! Impeach!

� 2013 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon," Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.










With the help of RINO Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain and those who advocate the New World Order, also includes John Boehner, Speaker of the House and Harry Reed, Senate Leader both of them plan to fall in line with Messiah Obama...