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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Joe Kress

February 18, 2012

The reason Pat Buchanan had no chance of being elected was the Republican establishment. He would lead as a thinker and not a stinker. He still remains the one who would have served steak instead of pabulum for the realists and patriots to chew on.

It is so sad to witness the candidates running in the present race to beat Obama; all except maybe one and a half of the candidates. The number one preferred candidate to replace Romney is Rick Santorum who possesses an inherent ethical streak - in a pecking order of first God, then family, then country. HE IS A STEADFAST CONSERVATIVE who may be able to overcome the massive amount of money the Romney campaign has accumulated to vilify using expensive TV ads directed at Newt Gingrich to such an extent that Newt could not reply equally because of a lack of sufficient campaign contributions. The public is becoming fed up with negative assaults between candidates which will ultimately be used as ammunition by Hussein Obama or whatever is his true name.

There still is the opportunity for Santorum to overcome the odds because of his relatively pristine, conservative record while serving as a U.S senator. Aside from that, he and his wife filled their home with seven children. Rick stayed with just one wife in his life in contrast to Gingrich’s rocky, marital past and a spotty record as Speaker of the House where he claims most of the credit for Reagan’s success as president, but coupled with the fact that he was fined and forced to resign because of ethical problems not related to other personal ones.

What is less possible to become the Republican candidate is Ron Paul, a bona fide conservative who advocates getting the hell out of areas that we have no business to be in, such as Iraq, Korea and Afghanistan plus 130 other countries where our military is in the front line defender to save mankind that won’t/couldn’t save them. U.S. military manpower and equipment in a roundabout way belong to the United Nations. Our military wear the U.N. logo on their uniforms.

It was the original advice by President George Washington in his final address, when he warned us not to enter into foreign entanglements; he also mentioned not to be wedded to favorite countries, but treat all with equanimity.

Ron Paul would cull/clean up those sacred cows - Social Security and Medicare and kill the monstrous Obama Care. Finally and more significant, he would authorize an audit of the Federal Reserve using outside government contractors. The result of an unbiased audit kills the Creature from Jekyll Island creates money from a system based on creating debt. The Federal Reserve is not federal and not a reserve to back the dollar. Rather, it is a legal creature composed of foreign and domestic mega bankers who extract wealth by creating debt. They increase it by using factoring, an age old means of collecting interest by re- issuing up to nine times all checks cashed by federal government employees and payments to contractors who receive payment from the Federal Government. Consequently, they collect interest on cashed in checks each time money is loaned out, less the legal 10 % amount central banks must hold for reserves, thus central banks exponentially increases by 9 the circulation of money - resulting in increased debt by borrowers of the re-circulated money. The process begins anew when congress demands additional money which further idebits a treasury that is bankrupt.

Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece copied the U.S Federal Reserve’s printing press. They created their own, resulting in unregulated, out-of-control appetites to spend, yet lacking the ability to borrow like the U.S. government. Both parties in congress and the present and prior administrations abused their power of the purse. They initiated a Ponzi scheme that is now out of clients (suckers) to keep it alive. Obama, prior presidents and congresses are indebted to lobbyists representing unions and a host of other mendicants. Members become wealthy by repeatedly being re-elected. They receive bribes, gifts and tips on stocks in exchange for favorable legislation … tax breaks that transfer the burden on taxpayers. The participants care less how the hoi polloi and future generations can repay the trillions of dollars which ultimately bankrupts any nation.

Ron Paul would limit the trial and error tests on human guinea pigs by the pill industry. He would put clamps on advertising in TV ads for pills whose efficacy are rushed through by a compliant, corrupt agency once created for the purpose of protecting people. Ron Paul, if elected president, would clean out the disgraceful, Marxists/communist/socialist and class warfare political hacks - not the slightest resemblance to ruminants of the Obama administration’s cabinet. He would not appoint Neocons to be a part of his administration such as Newt Gingrich and other CFR, one world advocates. He would challenge the law and the Supreme Court where six political activist judges serve totally the Democrat Party. Only two on the court avoided decrepit party politics and routinely followed the Constitution in adherence to their oath of office. Paul would challenge the lifetime judicial appointments to the Supreme Court.


His position to bring back the military from all those countries caused critics and the major controlled media to claim he wanted to make America an isolated fortress. The simpleton majority of the public agreed. He has the initial backing of the Tea Parties donations for his campaign; a fraction compared to Romney’s billions and his elaborate campaign staff. Ron’s chances unfortunately become even slimmer, although his ideas will be remembered with remorse.


How do the mega banks benefit from the falling value of the US dollar? They use hard assets - gold, silver, precious gems based on what the world markets prices them at the time. They use the proceeds to purchase the country’s inflated currency at a discount to buy masterpiece paintings, precious jewel collections, small businesses and large corporations, undervalued real property, land, anything of value; the same as the bankers in Europe did in Germany when machinery and the very lining of the populace pockets were picked clean. Using the exchange value of the deutchemark before World War II in 1938, the deutchemark was worth 2.49 marks to the dollar. In 1946, the Deutchemark was valued at 146 marks to the dollar. To bankers, the financial advantages were enormous. Using their financial clout, purchases of hard assets land and anything of real assessable value could be acquired from a 75 to 50 percent discount to the official exchange rate due to the desperate poverty of a once wealthy and the not so wealthy middle class Germans.

The $13 trillion American dollar debt exceeds the entire US gross national product. Is there any doubt that the same greed of bankers will use gold, hoarded in vaults with other assets to fleece impoverished Americans?

What happened to the South after the Civil War, led by two powerful Northern Republicans in congress, it allowed Carpetbaggers and Scallywags to cover the land like roaches and to take the last breath from starving whites. These scum from the North used freed slaves to their advantage…appointing them mayors and tax collectors to do their bidding. The Yankee army protected gangs harboring vengeance - former slaves who used any excuse to attack their former masters and mostly all Southern whites that never owned a slave. There were Union troops at every corner to suppress revolt and to confiscate guns, yet protected the senseless violence of the Northern Scalawags and Carpetbaggers and their stooges.

Our nation began its long slide toward its present state of bankruptcy, beginning in 1912 with Teddy Roosevelt. He introduced his mantra of America’s Manifest Destiny and he was the first identifiable Neocon devoted to world government. Posing as a Republican, Teddy scuttled President Taft’s bid for reelection by creating the Bull Moose Party. It split the Republican voters and ended up with the election of Woodrow Wilson, a friend of European bankers and JP Morgan who was the main American conspirator to create the Federal Reserve Act, the largest scam in all of history.

The Act was passed by a minimally legal forum of congressional co-conspirators near midnight, during the time when the majority of the House and Senate was on Christmas break. After Woodrow Wilson became president, the program for de-constructing America went into high gear. Wilson and his Administration violated what any of our founding signors of the Constitution would never do …establish a federal income tax that fitted neatly with the concept of an all absorbing big government. Conversely, tariffs were used to support a limited government for the minimum needs of the country in 1789. The Roosevelt Administration created a seductive ploy - making deductions from workers paychecks so that they would be less cognisant of just how much yearly is deducted.

The Roosevelt machine’s far left added the automatic Social Security deductions from paychecks followed on by succeeding Democrat/Republican administrations adding Medicare as an automatic deduction and withholding income taxes. This practice bega at the time that the socialist educator, John Dewey, changed public education into public indoctrination for future generations of dumbed down students.

Years later to the present time, several members of prior congresses and Administrations and Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Clinton and Bush #1 and #2 covertly supported the New World Order for globalization. Mainly they belonged to the CFR founded in 1921, the Trilateral Commission, a Rockefeller creation and the Bilderberg Group a creation of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands or all three. These are/were the socialist and Neocons advocates of International socialism and the New World Order that ushered us into the present mess.

The Johnson administration really showed the progressives’ intent. The surplus Social Security collections were deposited into a trust, if needed. Lyndon Johnson and his guru cronies turned over the entire trust fund to be part of the general fund of the Federal Treasury so the administration and congress could use it as seemed appropriate. With the Democrat majority in congress and Lyndon Johnson’s support - they replaced the Social Security trust fund with promissory paper notes deposited in a fictitious “lock box” that, to this day is just an empty space in a federal computer, never to be redeemed.


The Johnson era was named “The Great Society” of institutionalized social welfare. He is responsible for making up a lie that North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked the Maddox in the gulf of Tonkin and opened the flood gates that elevated the intensity of a non-declared, eight year Vietnam War that began when Eisenhower sent teams of advisors to train South Vietnam’s military to cope against North Vietnam’s revolutionary Viet Cong. $500 billion dollars were added to the national debt, but completely ignored by Republicrats and Demoncrats in congress. Their reasoning was not to increase taxes to pay for Johnson’s war, rather to use an obfuscation tactic, the normal tool of most corrupt politicians, and in this case, hid the cost incurred by his Great Society socialist expansion. At the time, an enormous amount of dollars were spent on credit to support government excess borrowing. Bonds with attractive interest to investors were devoured by foreign governments and eager citizens.

The tax increase to pay up or shut up normally would be the appropriate conservative approach, but not while the reckless, flaying, mindless Johnson who needed impeachment on charges of incompetency, exceeding his presidential power and profiting personally from his financial interest in the war; but did not happen by the corrupt, gutless, liberal congress. Lyndon overruled the military general staff’s plans for selecting strategic targets. He set limits on how or where to insulate protected areas from U.S military attacks while the enemy took advantage of his arrogance by moving through the jungle in Cambodia and areas around Thailand. He personally directed the combat operations of war from behind his desk. He was the major stockholder in Brown and Root, the largest construction company doing business throughout the war in Vietnam.

Those of his administration, the lefts’ progressives, turned on him as soon as the public became aware of cost in lives and accumulated debt of the prolonged war that took its toll, reported nightly on TV. The nightly news soon created and audience that concluded that the war is intolerable. This resulted in a political brouhaha within the Administration - exacerbated by riots and marches in public protest to force its end. The student’s revolution against the draft and the war became the noose around our active duty military’s neck, even though in every battle the Viet Cong lost - suffering huge casualties of several hundred thousand combatants compared to the US military’s hundreds of combat deaths. The media’s nightly TV reporting, using the ugliness of battle, fit neatly with Hanoi’s leaders’ war winning objectives, using American sympathizers of the left within the U.S. to accomplish what couldn’t be done on the battle field. Thus, these circumstances resulted in our country’s ignominious defeat.

On the Republican Neocon side, Presidents Nixon, a Council on Foreign Relations member and his VP Gerald Ford, a member of the Bilderberg Group, (both globalists extraordinaire), unleashed an economic monster – the trade agreement with China. This fit in neatly with the international bankers, industrialists and many foreign investment interests having global objectives. Little did our public realize the transfer of our industries and lost jobs to China would happen in just a few years.

Nixon insured that gold would never again back the dollar. This maneuver opened the door for both Demoncrats and Republicrats in congress to dip into what was left in the Treasury. The dollar had printed on its face the word promissory “note,” but now there is no promise printed, nada, zilch. Once there was printed gold or silver certificate wording on the nation’s currency. Few existing voters remember the words “silver certificate” on the dollar bill - the safest haven for world’s depositors based on the dollar’s backing. Now it is hardly respected by foreign governments - the major purchasers of U.S. Treasury debt. Foreign leaders expect soon to see the day that the US Government admits that it no longer has a viable currency because of insurmountable debt and the bonds are just bogus, useless, un-redeemable promissory notes.

This brings up the crimes dictators and the elite bankers/mega corporate government partners commit by supporting continual, undeclared wars for political gain and for profit…the military industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. They want to eliminate their worst nightmare: a sound, dependable, constitutional government. Dictators, even a few in democratic and pseudo democratic governments plan and desire to implement the New World Order for International Globalism. They choose the right to allow murder in the name of defense of country.

I suggest a book, well-documented, by Mark M. Rich: The Hidden Evil. This expose is meant to enlighten those who are unaware of the means governments use against civilian populations learned from the Stasi of East Germany and the Shutztaffle, Nazi Germany’s dreaded “SS” and by the Soviet’s Communist rulers. The book describes the modern use of crowd control and surveillance to penetrate through walls using sophisticated electronics, high intensity pitched sound, lazars, tazers, subliminal messaging - all with devastating after effects.

The use of sound can change behavior patterns resulting in extended internments in mental institutions from which, when released, the victim becomes unemployable, a street person having an official mental record worse comparatively than those having prison records. Those who report wrongdoings by governments and blow whistles on mega corporations are the main targets, although experimental tests are performed on all who may be considered renegades labeled as terrorists or possible terrorists Terrorist is used as an all encompassing, euphemistic substitute term to obfuscate the real purpose by out-of-control governments. Labeling is a useful means to destroy a subject’s life such as character assassination, by spreading the rumor for example, that a labeled person is a sex offender.

We should be alert of our own government’s Patriot Act which is really given authorization to interference in the daily life of citizens under the guise of terrorism. The Domestic Security Enhancement Act (Patriot II) greatly expands Patriot I’s sweeping powers such as holding persons without a warrant or hearings. FEMA owns compounds with razor wire installed to prevent escape from within. It could be internment to those the government wished to hide.

Domestic Security Enforcement Act authorizes no limits as to the length of time of incarcerations. Citizens caught up in this situation can literally disappear from the face of the earth. Without the protection of the courts, this Act is a direct assault on the U.S. Constitution.

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The Patriot Act I dramatically expands the ability of states and Federal Government to conduct surveillance of American citizens. The government can monitor an individual’s web surfing records, use roving wiretaps to monitor phone calls made by individuals “proximate” to the primary person being tapped, access Internet Service Provider records and monitor the private records of people involved in legitimate protests. Added to the abominations of Patriot Act I and II, are impingements of freedom contained in Obama’s medical care that primarily forces Catholic hospitals to commit abortions, provide prescriptions and advice as part of sex health for preventive pregnancy both before and after pills; demand counseling patients to include offering condoms and other methods of birth control in violation of Catholic religious belief and violation of the First Amendment. It also decrees that hospital employees be forced to use private insurance companies that include these services as part of their policies.

Can the Stazi and SS be far behind?

� 2012 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon," Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.












There still is the opportunity for Santorum to overcome the odds because of his relatively pristine, conservative record while serving as a U.S senator.