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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Joe Kress

June 9, 2010

The question can America survive another four years of mistakes and allow another Neocon or socialist New World Order’s advocate marginalize our country to third world puppet status? Survive from what, one may ask? Certainly the United States is not going to survive as a democratic republic because the nation lost that opportunity when in 1860, congress signed off the session sine die without providing a time for reconvening. At that point the United States congress dissolved itself. Lincoln then instituted martial law for the next four years without benefit of a reconvened congress and the northern states lost their rights as the second leg of government. The southern states were no longer a part of the United States.

After 1865, the right to secede, which was written into the Constitution was abolished by presidential order and the individual powers formally held by state legislatures were significantly diminished, replaced by railroad barons in control of ruthless politicians backed by equally ruthless, elite, wealthy northern opportunists/carpetbaggers who exploited the defeated southerners. The families involved in banking, munitions and later oil and the remnants of Tammany Hall were in charge. The new government was formulated. A pseudo congress composed of a Republican majority swore an oath to a government devoid of the right of succession and token representation of the former rebellious states of the South. It was so corrupt that only one man stood up against further exploitation of the South by predatory members of the Senate. His name was Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s vice president, the successor to the president in accordance with the Constitution’s guideline.

Some excerpts following were taken from Wikipedia:

“When Andrew Johnson became president after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, some of the Republicans in Congress most opposed to what they saw as the too-lenient policies of Lincoln toward reconstruction saw Johnson's ascension as a hopeful sign. One of the radical Republicans of the Senate, Benjamin Wade, expressed his support: "Johnson, we have faith in you. By the gods, there will be no more trouble in running the government." Less than three years later, Wade would cast a vote to convict Johnson in the impeachment trial that nearly made him the ex-president of the United States. Wade was one of four members of the Jacobin Club that caused Lincoln fits and was no less a problem for Andrew Johnson.

“There were two contending theories in post-war Washington concerning reconstruction. One theory argued that the states of the United States are indestructible by the acts of their own people and state sovereignty cannot be forfeited to the national government. Under this theory, the only task for the federal government was to suppress the insurrection, replace its leaders, and provide an opportunity for free government to re-emerge. Rehabilitation of the state was a job for the state itself. The other theory of reconstruction argued that the Civil War was a struggle between two governments, and that the southern territory was conquered land, without internal borders-- much less places with a right to statehood. Under this theory, the federal government might rule this territory as it pleases, admitting places as states under whatever rules it might prescribe.” This position was that of the Jacobin Club.

“Andrew Johnson was a proponent of the first, more lenient theory, while the radical Republicans who would so nearly remove him from office were advocates of the second theory. The most radical of the radical Republicans, men like Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner, believed also in the full political equality of the freed slaves. They believed that black men must be given equal rights to vote, hold office, own land, and enter into contracts, and until southern states made such promises in their laws they had no right to claim membership in the Union.” (Republicans also had more practical reasons to worry about Johnson's lenient reconstruction policy: the congressmen elected by white southerners were certain to be overwhelmingly Democrats, reducing if not eliminating the Republican majorities in both houses.)


So what has changed since then? We have Charles Schumer instead of Charles Summer and Nancy Pelosi instead of Thaddeus Stevens, tools of the Obama Administration’s now mature, extreme communist, 1960s radical elements within congress and his cabinet. Three members of the Supreme Court are determined to implement a socialist agenda that within a short time could be expanded to be the majority number in the court. Democracy within our republic form of government increasingly erodes what exited during the worst of those days of the robber barons of the mid 19thth century and only now the erosion is backed by self-interested foreign corporations and banking interests whose goal is to create and control a one world currency within a one world government.

Seduced by cheap goods produced out of country, the dummy-downed hoi polloi were satisified to witness the core of America’s industry pawned off to other countries where labor costs are significantly lower. Our congress and governmental administrations were infiltrated, corrupted and bribed into allowing NAFTA and free trade to become the knives to slit the soft underbelly of our industries and the economy. What was wholly owned American industries are acquired by foreign interests devoid of loyalty to the United States. The Federal Government now controls the auto industry and lending institutions and working hard to eliminate health insurance in order to accomplish its single payment plan for all Americans and non-Americans living in the United States. The Federal Reserve is composed of 12 member banks of which a significant minority represents the largest banks of Europe.

Government control of so wide a swath of what is America cheapens our currency and conversely increased the price of gold, silver as well as core agricultural products, industrial metals and raw materials. This is the Marxist intent to bring the United States to its knees and to incorporate it into the international new world order. Fear of a financial collapse because of horrendous borrowing through reckless government incompetence and cronyism causes banks to decrease their reserves and provide only token lending practices the result of which stifles credit and prevents economic progress.

One of the strangest phenomenon of the pending collapse of the nation’s wealth is the growing chasm between the rich and the underclass including the middle class, the latter the backbone of America’s consumption economy. According to Forbes Magazine, 793 billionaires have joint wealth and assets estimated to be $2,600,000,000,000 (two trillion six hundred billion dollars). In 2005/6, the number of billionaires rose by 102 and their joint wealth rose eighteen percent (Figures taken from Adrian Salbuchi’s Through the Looking Glass.)

To have any idea what this means in relative terms – the combined wealth of the 793 billionaires equals 25% of the Gross National Product (GNP) of the United States, or 12 percent of the world’s GNP. Between the G.W. Bush and Obama administrations, the rising Federal debt from the first term of George W Bush and the end of March 2010 reached the 13 trillion dollar mark and financiers estimate that if the debt continues on the same track, it will have attained the astonishing 32 trillion dollar level once the baby boomers of the 60s generation are added to the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and illegal aliens added to the welfare rolls and the Obama medical care debt. So what will happen to the wealthy billionaires who have access to the best lawyers and financial minds here and overseas? Obviously what will happen to the middleclass who even now is disintegrating won’t happen to the extreme wealthy. They will, through complex tax evasion avoid legal restraints that are pertinent only to the non wealthy who can’t afford to bribe our representatives, export their wealth or use gold to purchase pennies on the devalued dollar what’s left of any real value. Of course, in order to accomplish this, the cooperation of the American communist nomenkultura (hierarchy) will share the spoils.


Our country in its beginning stages was weak and in debt at the time the British left Washington in ruins in 1813, but soon the spirit of an independent people caused the nation to prosper and to progress until the Civil War began. It ended with a devastated South abandoned and humiliated - never really recovering until the 1950s with the introduction of air conditioning. The northern states, however, soon revived their industries at the expense of the South after 1865 and picked up a head of steam of prosperity because of exporting high quality industrial products and building numerous railroad lines. The Homestead Act opened up the western plains for oil, agriculture and industrial development from Oklahoma to the Continental Divide and a flood of settlers continued on to California. The gates of the United States opened to Europe at the end of the 19th century and millions of foreigners filled the gap for a cheap labor force. Among the masses was a major influx of Jews from Eastern Europe who centered in New York in the garment trade, stock brokerage houses and investment banking.


There were glitches of long lasting negative consequences in the process of tumultuous growth; the major impediment was the money system. Duel metals, silver and gold, backed the dollar’s valuation. The ratio of the value of gold caused the silver part of the reserves to be less desirable and a run on the U.S. gold by foreign countries holding drafts redeemable in gold destabilized the value of the dollar and with it the ratio of silver to gold. A financial panic ensued in 1893 that motivated Grover Cleveland to approach Pierpont Morgan for help in saving the country from bankruptcy.

Here is an excerpt of Ron Chernow’s book “The House of Morgan”:

“There were only $9 million in gold left in the government vaults and Morgan told the president that he knew that there was a foreign government’s draft for $10 million in gold to be presented to the treasury that very day. “’What suggestions do you have Mr. Morgan, the president asked?”’ Pierpont laid out an audacious scheme.

“The Morgan and Rothschild houses in New York and London would gather 3.5 million ounces in gold, at least half from Europe, in exchange for about $65 million worth of thirty year bonds. He promised that gold obtained by the government would not flow out again. Questioned whether this was legal, he dusted off an 1862 Lincoln emergency statute that granted the Lincoln administration emergency powers to buy gold during the Civil War.

“The scheme worked temporarily and the bonds paid interest of 3½% considered extremely high at par and sold out in the first hours at $112 profit on each $1,000 bond purchased. By the end of the day, the bonds were priced at 119. In just 22 minutes, the bankers had booked $6 to $7 million in profits. The Populist uproar was furious and laced with anti-Semitism because of the Rothschild participation.

“They labeled President Cleveland a tool of Jewish bankers and the New York World described the syndicate as a pack of “bloodsucking Jews and aliens.” In his vehement denunciation in Congress, William Jennings Brian asked the clerk to read Shylock’s bond from The Merchant of Venice.” [1]

The reason our plutocracy grew so rapidly, faster than other nations from 1865 up to 1903 is that it stayed the course of independence, free enterprise and isolationism. This was possible despite the efforts of the modern “Robber Barons”: the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Gould, Schiffs, Carnegies, Harriman/Bushes. American isolation policies of the United States were predicated on the Monroe Doctrine. It declared that all foreign influence within the Americas would be regarded as an act of hostility against the interests of the United States. The Spanish occupation of Cuba fell into that category and Grover Cleveland proceeded to threaten Spain to remove itself from the hemisphere.

After assumed the office of the vice presidency, McKinley was assassinated. Teddy force-fed his manifest destiny role by interfering in European affairs. During the era of Wilsonism, the long road of interdependence - a result of regime-run presidents that embraced internationalism, dollar diplomacy and a messianic belief in their duty to lead the world, but not towards adopting the ideals of democratic republics. Contrary to high ideals, they would prefer to force unworkable democracies or setting up dictatorships and monarchies favorable to U.S. interests. Involvement in European foreign affairs began when President Teddy Roosevelt (1901-1909), sold out to the banking interests at the behest of the British who schemed to create a war against Germany because the German productivity and quality of products by an economic juggernaut that threatened the economy of the British Empire and the Rothschild banks.

The United States was also producing high quality products that infringed on British exports because of Great Britain’s lower quality products and higher costs. Plans by the British also were in the making to undermine the U.S. economy as well, [2] but that is another part of the intrigue left for another essay. Let it suffice to be stated here that Britain expected the United States to become bankrupt once it funded the cost of the First World War. The British government and that of France did in fact borrow the money from the U.S. Treasury needed to finance their part of the war. They never intended and never did repay the debt.

Today, dollar diplomacy and the central banking, fractional reserve system began in America during the second decade of the 20th century [barely 114 years after Washington’s death], and systemically destroyed the value of our currency in favor of debt-created paper, now worth 1/100th of its value in 1913. Further contribution to the dollar’s collapse was WW I, WW II and all overt and covert future engagements, and non-war wars that the congress and future presidents refuse to declare but proceeded anyway. The debt would be financed by debt created paper without the bother of having gold or silver or any other kind of backing.

Teddy, as president became the tool of the Rothschild Bankers et al and used the U.S. treasury to purchase all goods and production from those countries that had traditional barter agreements as the preferred method of exchange with Germany. The purpose was to economically isolate Germany as a first step towards WW I. The British financially supported the buildup of the Japanese navy and funded the subsequent Russo-Japanese War that destroyed the Russian Navy and decimated its army. It was meant to weaken Russia, put a halt to the Siberian railroad into Manchuria, which eliminated future economic competition in the region and would later cause the Tsar to be dependent on British geopolitical support in a military alliance against Germany. France was given Morocco in exchange for support in the planned future war to complete the encirclement. Once again, Teddy Roosevelt was notified by his European backers to negotiate the treaty [The Treaty of Portsmouth] between the Russians and the Japanese. For his efforts, he received the Nobel Peace prize in 1906.

After he declined to run for another term, Teddy expected his successor Howard Taft, a Republican favorite to follow his lead. However, Taft did not and the Rothschild interests were deeply disappointed that Teddy’s replacement also was not enamored with the idea of turning over the U.S. money system to the central bankers.

Taft was not a puppet of the banking interests who were hell-bent to introduce a central banking system in the United States; one that could control the issuance of debt-created money as then existed in Europe. Therefore, the Republican pseudo Neocons of yesteryear turned on him. The odd fact is that Theodore Roosevelt himself blocked what he labeled the Morgan trust cabal.

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Why did he fight to block J.P. Morgan so vigorously and yet support the international banking interests and their phony money system? J.P. Morgan was the most powerful non-Semite in the banking world and that was intolerable for Teddy’s backers itching for the Federal Reserve Act to be passed at any cost so that the mainly Jewish controlled central banks of Europe, headed by the House of Rothschild, could gain inroads to the American money system. To prevent Taft from winning a second term as president, Teddy formed the Bull Moose Party as its presidential candidate for the sole purpose of splitting the Republican vote and thus ensuring the election of the Democrat Woodrow Wilson, the friend of the international warmonger bankers located mainly in London, Paris and Frankfurt. At that point the Republic came to an end and the new era of banksterism began.


1, The House of Morgan by Ron Chernow
2, American Manifest Destiny and The Holocausts. A historical and Sociological Encyclopedia of Domestic and Foreign Affairs Copyright 1979 Conrad Grieb Collecting Documentation; Examiner Books, New Work, N.Y.

� 2010 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The question can America survive another four years of mistakes and allow another Neocon or socialist New World Order’s advocate marginalize our country to third world puppet status?