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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Joe Kress

January 2, 2010

It is fitting that a snow storm launched President Obama’s visit to Copenhagen to mediate the warming of the climate debate and transfer billions of America’s taxpayer money to third world countries. He left at the commencement of a snow storm of monumental intensity as it enveloped Washington, D.C. Man and false science have joined hands to replace the creator’s handy-work and the snow storm was appropriate for such an auspicious meeting which turned out to be a snow job of equal intensity.

In the absence of the “Leader for Change” and his entourage of secret service agents, several attendants, writers, advisors and major media sycophants using Air Force 1 and other support jet aircraft to haul several vehicles to support one of his many unnecessary trips. He was absent when the rogue led majority composed of staunch advocates for socialism decided to ignore the Constitution. Majority Leader Reid in the Senate, and Speaker of the House Pelosi, both advocates for world government and International Socialism, used strong-arm tactics reminiscent of Stalin to force through Senate Bill S 313. They rushed it to conclude by a predetermined date the execution of the orders of their traveling messiah. The dead-line was December 25, 2009 for passage of a 2,000 page health care bill previously stuck in the senate finance committee for a final vote. Significantly, the celebrated date of the birth of Jesus Christ, there developed a massive snow storm that could be interpreted to be delicate flakes of frozen tears born of sorrow for the American people who are to give up their freedom in favor of socialism and eventually Godless communism. Government by outlaw is to end all determinant of our democratic republic and consequently usher in its death knell.

The usurpation of the Constitution was accomplished by not permitting the 2,000 pages of the bill to be read by the Republican minority until just a few hours before requiring the vote to be taken.

If this procedure does not violet the Constitution, what does? In it, on page 1027, future congresses are to be prohibited from amending major parts of the bill. Forced payment for health care is imposed on not only the highest taxpayers, but the middle class to be collected immediately before the bill actually goes into full effect in 2013. This is advance in payments is supposed to help lower the estimated $3.4 trillion dollars that will be added to the enormous debt already incurred by the Obama Administration to cover the cost of medical care for everybody including illegal aliens and their children who were born in this country. Unions are exempted from paying the increases, a special exemption. Small Business is to be forced to carry insurance on employees which will either reduce wages or force out of business. An annual fine of $750 is imposed for each employee not covered which means the cost of the fine is less than the cost to cover the medical insurance.


The rumor that Senate Bill S.2099 would require that gun owners would be required to list their guns on their 2009 1040D Federal Tax Form, pay huge fines and imprisonment and in addition pay a one-time fifty dollars fee for each weapon in one’s possession is false. But Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island introduced a bill, February 24, 2000 that was called the Hand Gun and Registration Act of, 2000 with similar propositions. It only had two other sponsors and failed to get out of committee.

This demonstrates that as early as the year 2000 gun grabbers were in the Senate, but compared to today, the entire Democrat body was willing to sell out the country to further what can only be described as a copy of a failed social welfare experiment in every country that uses it. Each winter, there is a migration of patients from Canada and from Europe to the United States to receive treatment that in their own countries require too long a waiting period or refusal to treat heart, kidney and hip replacements because of the age of the patients or because the patient is too young and not productive in their new age society.

Bribery by the senate leadership, urged on by the messiah TO FORCE THE BILL THROUGH BY ANY MEANS resulted in closed door meetings of the Democrat majority in the Senate. Later, the truth was revealed that the trading of perks and funds to benefit hold-out senators within the secret meetings, where Republicans were denied the right to participate, resulted in another Constitutional violation of the right for open deliberation. The meeting consisted of trading perks for the hold out senators with nothing less than bribery to reach the magic 60 Democrat majority vote to bring the matter to the floor for a vote by the entire senate body. This most certainly is a violation of the Constitution where some states receive benefits that other states do not enjoy. Bribery is the name of the game in Washington, not unlike the Roman Senate prior to the collapse of that empire.

The Republican former representative Henry Hide, a member of the Council on Foreign relations, stated as fact that the Constitution of the United States is an outdated document only appropriate for historical archiving. Naively, the public discounted that remark at the time it was made in the well of the House of Representatives as a statement from just an old man ready for retirement. Today, we now see before our eyes in the 2009 Congress a rampant diminishment of the U.S. Constitution aided on by the partisan 9th Court of Appeals of California.

The weakening of our founding father’s legacy really began when Teddy Roosevelt decided to be involved in world economies and misadventures involving wars and treaties. In 1904, as president, he launched our country on the road to internationalism when he negotiated the Treaty of Portsmouth, September 5, 1905, and the defeated Russians recognized Japan as the dominant power in Korea and turned over the leases of Port Author and the Liaotung Peninsula, as well as the southern half of Sakhalin Island, to Japan. Both warring powers agreed to restore Manchuria to China. For his involvement as the negotiator, Roosevelt was awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1906. The result of the treaty ended with Japan entering the 20th century as a world recognized imperial power and the United States as an international player in world politics. The finance to support the new, powerful Japanese Navy came from the central bankers of Europe and the United States.

But Teddy chose not to run for a second term and left politics for just a short time when he conflicted with President Taft’s policies, although he previously supported Taft winning the first campaign for election to the office of the president. At the end of Taft’s first term his campaign for winning the next inauguration had a glitch even though it then appeared that the Republican president was a shoe-in to be reelected. Teddy, an internationalist, where Taft was not, formed the Bull Moose Party that split the Republican majority and allowed Woodrow Wilson, the tool of international bankers to become the next U.S. president and he approved the banker’s dream by placing the central banks in charge of the nation’s money supply (The Federal Reserve Act of 1913) and also the Federal Income Tax law.


At that point in our nation’s history, the United States of America openly changed course. On advice by Teddy, the Republican, and Edward House, Wilson’s closest advisor, both joined Wilson, the Democrat. in waging war against the Germans at the behest of the British who were losing the war. Paul Warburg of the Warburg major central banking family in Germany left for the United States and became an American Citizen. He coalesced in the issue of War bonds by the Federal Reserve with marketing of Liberty Loans and procurement of capital for the infant war industries which he chaired. He was one of the bankers who met at Jekyll Island in 1910 to plan the Federal Reserve System and was one of the first members of the Federal Reserve Board of Trustees.

The key operator within the Wilson administration was the wealthy Edward House, a representative of the Rothschilds’ Bank of England as well as their central banks in France and Germany. House was one of the members attending the Jekyll Island meeting ostensibly representing the political interest of the yet to be elected Wilson era, but in reality he was the agent of the most powerful of the central bankers, the Rothschilds. Wilson was a very sick man at the end of 1920 and unable to attend the negotiations of how to divide up Germany and its former territories, so Edward House, his most trusted right hand man was his representative sent to be a part of the negotiations. From it, the League of Nations was formed whose intent was meant to weaken the sovereignty of those members belonging to the League. Fortunately, the nation was represented by a senate more loyal to the United States than the one we are enduring today. They voted to pull out of the League.

In 1921, Edward House then became the first Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) whose purpose is to create a new world order. Today, many in the CFR hold key positions as chairmen of committees both House and Senate; key cabinet members; members are within the highest ranks of our military; and members are at important decision levels of departments throughout the government, including all but three of the U.S. presidents are/were CFR members, with one, Gerald Ford, belonging to the Bilderberg Group, the secret conclave that meets with world leaders, their representatives, the leading bankers and members of the controlled media who then send their recommendations to the CFR for implementation.

Not until the advent of Teddy’s cousin, Franklin Roosevelt, did the influence of those who dreamed of a one world government, free trade and a single monetary system, run by an all powerful Federal Reserve, which is not federal and has no backed reserves. The nation’s central bank has now grown so powerful that congress turned over its authority of the purse to this Central Bank of “Amerika” (The Federal Reserve), the single purpose of its being is to satisfy a corrupted congress led by a socialist president (messiah). The Secretary of the Treasury is nothing more than a puppet of the FED. Thus the present administration uses its reckless spending to usher in the concept of international socialism where everyone is equal except the special few who will dole out benefits to an exploding population of illegal-immigrants and an increasingly number of despondent, unemployed mendicants who will become willing contributors to the final collapse. Afterward, there emergences a welfare state similar to what existed in the Soviet Union and its KGB nomenkultura who shall control dissidents with an iron fist, trials with predetermined verdicts by party members handing out sentences of life in a Gulag or more merciful, a bullet in the back of the head.

We the people for a better union, need prayer and guts, which I perceive is removed because of the indoctrination provided by the far left’s control of public schooling, those most liberal publishers of undermining text books and too many college, Marxist professors. At graduation time, the majority of students, in the past, have been trained in a concept of a one fits all, yet not to understand the subjects incorporated in the “No Child Left Behind” dictum by President George W. Bush. Only recently, has the concept that not all students are college material and need technical schooling, but first, children must not be passed on at graduation unable to read or write a complete sentence as was so often the case with Latino legal and illegal residents and many black pupils.

The “new” concept is now early labeling those more suited to be trained in skills rather than higher education. This concept, brought on by Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany in 1846 -1890, is one whereby an elite class (the Junkers of Prussia) would lead and save Germany because of their concept of powerful government the majority of the population serve in a capacity whatever the state wishes it to be.

One thing for sure, whatever evolves in our future, there is meant to be a big brother to insure that the general populace will receive the “proper” indoctrination either the one for dummying it down so that loyalty to one’s country will never be tolerated and the other, to form education to make the underclass tools of the state to meet the demands of the state with a rigid system of selectivity that has for generations existed in Europe. The line was drawn with + ten exams and unfortunately, the late bloomers fate is sealed for their lifetimes.

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The New World Order will consist of world Government run by unelected gurus located at The Hague and those of a single, all powerful central bank. A perceived tower of Babel unlike its predecessor is about to be created, a reformatted United Nations so weakened to the will of The Hague that an elite class of central bank money changers can cut out or dispense and manipulate the worldwide monetary system. It can strangle the flow or the value of money of any region’s U.N. representative who casts the wrong vote that represents a region that is disruptive to world government. This is not but my theory alone, but one that before our eyes is being played out.

� 2010 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon," Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.











The usurpation of the Constitution was accomplished by not permitting the 2,000 pages of the bill to be read by the Republican minority until just a few hours before requiring the vote to be taken.