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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Joe Kress

October 29, 2006

Luke Skywalker didn�t have the problems with Darth Vader that the real conservatives now must face in the coming months and years, given the fact that their own party sold them out. Sold out? Well, not really. They just lost their collective souls because they had too many incompetent, lazy and immoral wretches accepting bribes, lying, cheating, fornicating, pediastering, romancing young pages of the same or opposite sex, just like their opposite numbers within the Democrat Party that don�t consider their problem as serious as in the Republican Party.

Most members in both parties never even read the bills that they vote on but depended on the party leaders for instructions. They managed to increase the national debt to $8.6 trillion dollars and growing every minute of every day. They raised their salaries and pensions befitting the millionaires they became since entering office. Much of the money is spent for purposes that the federal government has no business funding. When members of the Senate and House leave office, they become lobbyists working for powerful law firms whose purpose is to serve whatever client pays the most.

The infestation of the conservative Republican Party came about when the neo-cons moved in and gave their peculiar advice to their presidents including President George W. Bush. Many of the neo-cons have Zionist objectives, working for Israel�s strategic interest. There is a retinue of liberals, posing as Republicans who congregate in the halls of the Capitol; in congressional committees and participate in W�s cabinet deliberations. They are capable of switching their loyalties easily from Democrat to Republican and back again within a blink of an eye.

All this corruption has made my country weak as it did Rome beginning at the end of the 2nd Century A.D. With the murder of Commodious (AD 192) the disintegration commenced. The evidence of deterioration of the Roman Empire was the change in its morals. During the early Julian period, the pagans had a sense of morality and the appropriateness of keeping the marriage vows. Homosexuals were considered mentally flawed. The social critic Juvenal wrote demeaning comments about homosexuals in Roman society. The acceptance of homosexual practices as normal human behavior is an affront to the dignity of mankind. Homosexual practices satisfy lustful cravings, but have no redeeming purpose. By degrading themselves as human beings to a depraved condition, unworthy of the race, not even befitting the lower animals, they are likely to flaunt their abnormality to convince others that what they practice is normal.

Once this depravity was accepted by Rome�s general population as normal � other practices fell into line. Lethal gladiatorial combat took place between prisoners who would chance dying for the opportunity to gain freedom by fighting opponents to the death for the crowd�s entertainment. That spectacle then devolved into slaughter of Christians being eaten by wild animals; the grimmest tortures became entertainment for the plebs the laboring class, as well as those classified as former slaves or Freedmen, most of whom were captured during battle and had little love for Rome, its laws and its government. Slaves performed duties in the name of their owners even in their owners� public houses as bartenders or as linguists loaned out for payment as were those who had medical skills. Some were afforded freedoms nearly that of legal citizens, especially the Greek slaves. In time, Rome comprised of so many foreigners, speaking different languages and having different cultures that being Roman meant little to those who comprised the majority of the populace. The Roman army soon became the most powerful political entity.

Most Romans reveled in the debauchery of their mad or nearly mad emperors. While Roman was being entertained and given free food, its legions were being defeated throughout every part of Rome�s far reaching empire. Marauding hoards of uncivilized tribes were driving back Rome�s finest armies. Corruption and chicanery within the Senate became so common that the �games,� the spectacles held in the Coliseum, were used by the emperors to placate the turbulence within the ranks of the hoi polloi. The competitive games soon degenerated into live pornographic spectacles, including bestiality tolerated by the obsequious Roman elite, their political generals and the emperors� Praetorian Guards. Until the emperors threatened the interests of the most powerful of the sycophants, the entertainment debauchery continued. When the emperors overstepped the line set by the most powerful of the elite, their relatives and wives, they were soon conveniently dispatched by the sword or by poison and replaced by those equally despicable.

What makes the United States today any different?

Instead of attending the orgies in the Coliseum, the public is addicted to sports as the main topic and purpose of life for many men; soap operas on TV for women; and pornography on the internet used by pedophiles to attract youngsters � a vicarious, undermining form of mental drug calculated to separate a large portion of the mostly male population from their morals. It is as damagingly and addictive as hard drugs. They are vicariously reveling in scenes of debauchery the Romans never envisioned.

In other areas the viewing public is being immunized to violent murder, mayhem, depravity of all sorts and savagery which is acted out daily throughout our country by those who lost all sense of the difference between what is on the tube and reality. When that happens decency is beyond their reach. Homosexuality is touted even in our schools as normal aberrations similar to those who have physical deformities. They try to convince us, without actual proof, that the majority is born to be women or in the case of women they are really males in mind and spirit, but have women bodies.

Rejecting this opinion there are numerous examples that all but the smallest segment of the homosexual society are born with aberrant sexual proclivities. It is also not written in stone that the majority acquired the deviant practices because of societal contacts, rape by pederasts, lack of male fatherly exposure, excessive female exposure and influences when they were young by degenerate religious pedophilic predators and/or depraved fathers and mothers and teachers. The gay community is prone to use these examples as the reason they are homosexuals, which contradicts the premise that their filthy practices are an accident of birth. By their own excuses of their behavior is proof that their deviant practices can be acquired and consequently able to be treated.

They seldom admit that this condition is correctable, although there are hundreds of thousands of incidences that refute their arguments. It appears they are more likely to recruit children or meet prospects in bathhouses than seek psychiatric help. There are millions of sexually abused children who go through life afflicted by horrible, prolonged periods of sexual abuse but they are not medically gender-mutated because of their experiences.

Most of the U.S. population is treated on the boob tube to a continuous stream of mind dummying programs and propaganda that the five major media moguls deem appropriate for commoners. An American child is expected to mature at a certain age, but now its maturity is extendable to infinity because most never really mature mentally, but go through life in a state of symbolism. Young Americans are indoctrinated into believing, because they are Americans, that they are superior to the rest of the nations of the world - deserving of freedom and can ignore obligations and responsibility by allowing others to bare their obligations to protect our country and society. The school system is key in indoctrinating future voters who will, after sufficient exposure to Communist and Nazi indoctrination techniques, become the willing tools of a Godless society that will follow lemming-like the dictates of the unelected elites of the new world order.

It has become mainly a society composed of give me [es] or �Me First (ers)� who look only to government for solutions, expecting special treatment for their peculiar wants and desires. Corporations are head of the feed line, with the working middle class evaporating between the greed for profits and the greed of the �green stamp crowd.� Also, add those illegal aliens who are using or violating our laws, draining the welfare system, overwhelming our hospital emergency rooms, the public school systems and prisons. Their role in America�s demise is significant.

Self-reliance is a not a word in Hillary�s dictionary. In other words, the nation has lost not only its moral compass, but its civic responsibility protective compass. It verbalizes religious beliefs and patriotism, yet partakes in unrestrained materialism at every level. A society afflicted with gluttony; with cell phones glued to their ears and the latest fad game gadgets in their hands and the general society tolerates the taking away of its Constitutional rights which made the United States unique among the family of nations. Progressive collectivism is the by-word today. It has allowed government leaders to adopt the mantra of manifest destiny, the savior of the world at the expense of our own liberty, sovereignty and quality of life. It has, at the Supreme Court level, expunged God and permitted the abortion of millions of unborn human beings - the nation�s future legal citizens. Moral principles are the very basis of why this nation grew and prospered. Its leaders have accepted globalism minus national borders and a future justice system that will be operating in Brussels or out of The Hague.

Now, that China and India and other parts of the third world have progressed into various stages of prosperity, they no longer look to the United States as an ideal example to emulate. These few friends the U.S. has on the world stage doubt our tenacity and reliability and lack of will to protect even their vital national interests and are now increasing their defense capabilities, including the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons. The U.S. appears as hypocritical, self-serving and materialistic. All of our warts are being broadcast throughout the world. The shining beacon by the sea has a dark cloud, of our own making overshadowing it.

This nation must again install its backbone of righteousness. We�re now in a real war, a war between religious beliefs, of age old animosities stemming back to the Crusades; a war for access to oil on which our economy depends; a war of principles of Western Society vs. entire regions of Moslems who believe in annihilating non-believers and creating 12th century theocracies. This is a war that, if lost, could affect our survival as a nation. Yet, ever since WW II, our national leaders refused to ask approval from the congress for a declaration of war because any of the non-war wars as war would require the government to justify them. It would demand from the nation great sacrifices and the nation�s treasures to achieve the ultimate goal of victory. They are afraid that the public would not tolerate sacrifices expected from those who experienced WW II.

Our people have gotten used to the idea that if the non-wars last too long or become too expensive or too many military families lose their loved ones, we can just walk away without suffering the consequences. There is no doubt that attacking and invading Iraq was a major blunder, especially while there still remained an engagement in Afghanistan and while our own borders were/are being overrun by illegal aliens, saboteurs, drug dealers and the MS-13 gangs of thugs. The problem is which war takes priority, the one that violates our nation�s borders or the Middle East Wars? Do we have the manpower to fight ground battles or are we to apply the nuclear option? Are we to forget that our borders are being violated just so one or the other of our political parties can benefit from the population explosion?

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Although the Korean non-war has never been settled, the enemy in the north is poised to begin anew its aggressiveness. Russia again supports our enemies with arms and technology and is reinvigorating its military defense and offense strategies. The Chinese hold a financial noose around our neck. They have technology and the scientists for developing star wars laser systems to knock down satellites and are building a world class navy.

It�s as if we�re watching Nero fiddle while the U.S. burns as our politicians maneuver for the best seats to watch it.

� 2006 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon", Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.











In other areas the viewing public is being immunized to violent murder, mayhem, depravity of all sorts and savagery which is acted out daily throughout our country by those who lost all sense of the difference between what is on the tube and reality.