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By Joe Kress

September 27, 2006

Is our president using double talk or is it Orwell�s �doublespeak�?

His father George Herbert Walker Bush was not the original coiner of the phrase �New World Order.� Besides Hitler, I�m sure that all of us can recall that well-used term, by kings and rascal demagogues going back to the time of Julius Caesar or perhaps that�s what Alexander might have said when he conquered nearly the entire old, known world.

George I�s son, JWB II, the President of the word manipulators, conjures words not found in the dictionary and then mixes his antonyms with his synonyms. President Clinton, although much more articulate was not exactly precise when he couldn�t define what �is� is during his impeachment testimony.

I call it verbal prestidigitation. It makes Bush sense, if you don�t want the United States to have its unique Constitution and if you don�t want the United States to retain its sovereignty. It makes Clinton/Carter sense if you want unelected, non-approved judgeships appointed from Brussels or The Hague by those unconcerned with our system of case law, common law, the principle of innocence until proven guilty and the Bill of Rights.

It makes Bush sense, if you desire one world governance where the central bankers control a one world single currency of their own design and in turn control the economic future of the planet. Incidentally, that already has occurred in the United States when President Wilson signed off on the 16th Amendment (and when the Senate ratified the 1995 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)) which created the WTO and when George I promoted NAFTA and Slick Willie again signed off on that most heinous legislation this country has ever had thrust upon it. The Maastricht Treaty was adopted by the European Union and consequently all the countries therein lost control of their national sovereignty and their borders, but now look at what has happened to our borders.

To accomplish what has transpired ever since McKinley was murdered and his Vice President took over the reins of government, America�s manifest destiny was launched. That ushered this nation into the claws of European affairs. Teddy Roosevelt was up close with the Rothschild banking interests.

As a brief aside: the Rothschilds go back a long way. Alexander Hamilton created the first central bank called First Bank of the United States to finance the debt accumulated from the Revolutionary War. The backer of the bank was the Rothschild controlled Bank of England. When its charter expired, President Madison, desperate to stabilize the currency, authorized the Second Bank of the United States with Nicholas Biddle as its president. That bank was also backed by the Bank of England until President Jackson vetoed its charter. Biddle�s bank later collapsed in 1843.

The Rothschild agent and financier Nicholas Biddle was the main proponent for central banking, but Jackson was aware that too much paper money was being lent out without sufficient gold reserve backing and decided to put an end to it Subsequently, the time between 1837 to 1863 was known as the Free Banking era when banks created their own specie notes using gold and silver for reserve backing; and because of the untrustworthiness of the gaggles of bankers within the states and their numerous failures, the system simply didn�t work.

In 1863, the Rothschilds really had it in for President Lincoln because he created U.S. Treasury issued greenbacks without backing or interest, with a promise to redeem the creation of the paper money in gold and silver after the war. He refused to borrow that part of the money needed to support the war against the South by paying the Bank of England�s high interest rates. Abe probably was more than concerned that the Rothschild interests were surreptitiously financially supporting both sides during the on-going War of Secession (Civil War).

His decision also established the precedent that the federal government would be the only official issuing authority for this country�s currency which resulted in the elimination of the �free banking era.� The 1873 financial panic caused by the collapse of the J Cook bank resulted in further bank reform. This bank financed much of the North�s Civil War debt. Its failure put thousands of businesses in bankruptcy and it took three years for the nation to begin to recover from its devastating impact.

The new system that emerged out of Lincoln�s decision was called the National Bank, which was later found to be also unsatisfactory because its reserves were in both gold and silver. The international bank creditors prefer gold rather than silver any day or night in the week. The bank�s insolvency with great amounts of silver and only a few bars of gold caused the financial panic of 1907. It was John Pierpont Morgan, Sr., at the request of President McKinley, who saved the National Bank from bankruptcy. Pierpont used his bank and other private connections to establish credit to purchase sufficient gold to replace the run on National Bank�s gold bullion reserves, thereby rescuing the nation�s currency until Congress could remove silver as part of the nation�s backing of the dollar. Remember the famous remark by the perpetual candidate William Jennings Bryan about being crucified on a cross made of gold?

Enter the Rothschild interests once again, circa 1910 -1911, to link up with J.P, Morgan, Jr. to form the private central banking cartel, The Federal Reserve System. It was a conspiracy by representatives of the Bank of England, the Warburg banks of Germany; the Rothschild�s banking cabal of France, Germany, and England; and by the corrupted son of Pierpont Morgan who represented Morgan Trust. Senator Aldrich, the maternal grandfather of David Rockefeller, attended the meeting and also sponsored the first attempt to get it passed in 1911. It was called the Jykell Island secret meeting which forbade President Taft access to it. During the early morning hours, when all but a contrived quorum was present during the Christmas break of 1912, the Senate voted to approve the Glass Steagall Act. The stooge of the central bankers, the newly elected president Wilson, eagerly signed it. Before he died, Wilson stated that he ruined his country by placing his country in the hands of a group of unscrupulous men of whom he dare not speak.

[To better understand how the money power took this country over, read: "The Coming Battle," and "Creature from Jekyll Island"]

The central banking system we �enjoy� today, is one where the Congress provides the Treasurer of the United States the authorization to issue interest bearing bonds (without hard asset backing which ended with the elimination of the gold standard) so that the central bank can issue federal reserve notes (without hard asset backing) to finance the spending habits of the Congress and the White House. The bonds are competitively sold at discount in the financial markets and the proceeds credited to the U.S. Treasury to pay for government purchases. The central bankers purchase some of the bonds and hold them in reserve (collecting interest) and use the bonds as a part of the backing for their loans to their customers.

The federal government spends the money by purchasing goods and services, weapons and welfare. The vendors and those on the government dole deposit the money into their bank checking and savings accounts. The central bankers then have a steady supply of funds entering into the system, which by law requires 10% of deposits to be held in reserves; 90% of the total may be lent out. As these loans are redeemed, another 10% is retained for reserves and another 90% is lent out. This cycle is repeated up to 28 times before additional created money is required to feed the system. Congress is always ready to oblige. This money creation machine is what is called fractional reserve banking where the banks use none of their own money. United States currency is rolled over numerous times, all of which generates enormous profits for the bankers. In other words, the goose that lays the golden egg is really the Federal Reserve Banking System and it has the legal authorization to create money from nothing and charge interest for it. The system has never had an outside audit.

Bush I and II are members Skull and Bones, a Yale fraternity born from the German Order of the Skull, which was an offshoot of Illuminism, whose tentacles reach into governments and religions. This emblem is what the SS wore on their caps. Clinton, Carter and Ford also accelerated the globalist one-world government process governed by that silent hand of which President Wilson said he dare not speak.

Presidents Clinton and Carter both belong to David Rockefeller�s Trilateral Commission and the Rothschild directed Royal Institute on International Affairs, which is the umbrella organization that guides the one world plan that the Councils on Foreign Relations (CFR) carry out. Through its over 4,000 members in the United States, the CFR is able to implement the process. Ex-President Ford is a CFR and Bilderberg Group (BG) member, the latter of which is a powerful, secret organization founded by the Rothschild, Prince Bernhardt cabal to set world wide policy decision on economics, trade, political, education, labor, major media and finance. Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands chairs the Group. It has a limited number of members who are leaders in all the aforementioned fields of endeavor. There are several U.S. senators and a few influential congressmen who are invited attendees to the Bilderberg meetings � Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Chuck Hagel, Congressman Charles Rangel, Senator Richard Lugar are among the politicians in Congress who attend. George Soros, the currency manipulator and enemy of the United States� system of government, and Henry Kissinger, an infamous government insider and president of Kissinger Associates with hands in near every plot are key participants. President Clinton, before becoming president, was interviewed by the Group and shortly thereafter became a candidate for the job of president.

The plan for globalism really had its beginning when Plato wrote The Republic, where selected elites govern the rest of the population. This idea was followed up much later when Teddy Roosevelt worked hand in glove with the central bankers, mainly the Rothschild/Warburg interests. Teddy betrayed the incumbent President Taft who wasn�t enamored with the idea of installing a mainly European Central bank to run the banking system of the United States and set interest rates based on decisions of the Open Market Committee, outside the control of the United States congress and his Administration.

Teddy, who voluntarily decided not to run for another four year term in 1906, later purposely created the Bull Moose Party with the intent to split the Republican vote in the election by running as a third party candidate competing against Taft and Wilson. It worked; and Taft lost the election and our country lost control of its money system.

The signing of the 16th amendment, the introducing of the graduated income tax (which is taken right out of a person�s pay before he or she receives it) and the 17th amendment (direct election of senators) were the initial manifestations and legacy of Wilson�s era and the infiltration of the un-named hidden power brokers. Teddy�s cousin FDR introduced Social Security, raised the inheritance tax, and initiated the steps towards accomplishing the transformation of America.

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Congress and later, following the traditions of the New Deal, legislated cost of living increases added millions of newly created additional recipients, otherwise not eligible for Social Security benefits. President Johnson merged the S.S. funds into the general treasury funds to balance the costs incurred from his wild social welfare expansion and the Vietnam non-war War. The national debt exploded. Since Johnson�s unconscionable spending spree, the subsequent presidents and congresses discovered that debt didn�t matter so long as the treasury floats un-backed bonds and other nations keep buying them. For part two ckick below.

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� 2006 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon", Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.












The plan for globalism really had its beginning when Plato wrote The Republic, where selected elites govern the rest of the population.