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Has Thuggery Invaded the Republic?

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By Joe Kress

September 2, 2006

The 20th Century may go down as the bloodiest era in history, but I doubt it� given the recent announcement by the Federal Drug Administration whereby the morning after pill can now be sold over-the-counter to anyone over the age of 18. If younger, but not under age fourteen, the child must have a doctors certificate. Yheee gads! Is there no end to the depths the 21st Century promoters of easy sex will reach to turn the human race against itself?

  • World War I killed between 9 million and 10 million people
  • Another 59 million died in World War II.
  • 16 smaller conflicts (not considered wars) throughout the last century cost more than a million lives
  • six other wars claimed between 500,000 and a million
  • 14 wars additional wars killed between 250,000 and 500,000.
  • In all, between 167 million and 188 million people died because of organized violence in the twentieth century- as many as one in every 22 deaths in that period.[1]

Yet, the 21 century is well on its way decreasing entire population counts though the good graces of the pharmaceutical industry. I. G. Farbin�s experiments under the Nazis to purify the races, although its cartel was forced to be dissolved after WW II, reemerges now as the giant Hoechst AG with new drugs that are accomplishing the same objective.

A hypothetical Mary Smith, single, loves recreational sex, but doesn�t want to become pregnant. Last year, before Baker Labs received approval by the FDA to market the morning after pill, her boyfriend assured her that she needn�t worry because he purchased a gross of rubbers. So they went to it. What her boy friend failed to tell her that between the first and thirtieth coupling, one of those �damn safeties� broke. About two months later, Mary missed her second period. What to do? Her boy friend, having no intention to make her an honest woman, searched the yellow pages until he found the most prominent ad with the oxymoron heading �Women�s Health Center.� Mary, with predilection to choose the wider road, once her boy friend told her he would take a walk if she didn�t have the abortion, came out of the clinic lighter by a few ounces. Problem solved.

Maybe not. Mary might regret her decision and have pangs of conscience when, for some unfathomable reason she loses a child that she really wants. But that is the untold story of regret that many women and men, may I add, carry with them until death.

Ever since Dr. Alfred Kinsey wrote � Sexual Behavior in the Male followed up with Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953) and still later Alex Comfort wrote the �Joy of Sex,� (1972), all too many of their readers forgot about morality and gave themselves up to hedonism. The 60s generation set the standard of youthful behavior from then on and as that generation aged their progeny learned how free and wonderful was the Age of Aquarius that their parents enjoyed. They gleefully emulated their pot smoking, Bacchanalian reveling parents. Of course, there is the other side that never seems to be found in Hustler and Playboy magazine sex promoters. Stories of sexed up, clapped up AIDS up druggies who graduated from pot to heroin to cocaine to chemical drugs landing up finally with crack cocaine� a real bummer, much more addictive.

Added to those self-induced afflictions were an increasing number of births out of wedlock �over a million legal abortions reported every year for which a whole industry thrives and for which the Federal Government condones. When drug addicts have sex, prevention is out the window. Who knows how many non-reported abortions take place, but estimates range as high as 250,000. Rounded off, year in and year out, the reports state as a yearly average over a million and a half abortions take place, but then what about RU-486, the chemical abortion pill? Are these miscarriages reported as abortions? If not, then millions of chemical abortions are taking place in addition to those that are reported.

There were millions of underweight births and hundreds of thousands of mentally retarded, deformed children cropping up all over the United States because of self-induced attempts to abort unwanted babies. Added to the list of the on-going tragedies, we need to only go back to a time when the Chemie Gruenthal Company developed a thalidomide treatment of the cutaneous manifestations of erythema purported to be also a mild sedative or tranquilizer, depending on dosage.

The German Manufacture applied for FDA approval to sell it in the United States. According to Morton Mintz who wrote about the tragic story of FDA incompetence, wrote that had it not been for Dr. Frances Oldham Kelesy, a food and drug Administration medical officer, who refused to be hurried into approving an application for marketing a new drug - a great tragedy would have occurred. Those in Congress, primarily Republicans, even at that time, had strong links with the Pharmaceutical industry and were pressuring the FDA to approve the drug.

God knows how many children would have been born with flipper-like arms and legs. The tragedy wasn�t avoided, however, because the William S. Merrell Company gave out 2.5 million so-called experimental thalidomide pills to physicians causing infants to be born with horrible deformities especially to the limbs some had no forearms with a flipper attached to a shoulder, to the pelvis or both.

Going all the way back to 1938, it was Senator Estes Kefauver who fought to amend the Food and Drug Cosmetic Act so that it would substantially enforce more clinical studies to ensure the safety and effectiveness. He also wanted the prevention of price gouging, but it all came to nothing because the Pharmaceutical industry had at that early date powerful friends both within the Republican and Democrat Parties.[2]

When the story about the outbreak of deformed babies came out as news, it created a rush to pass the Kefauver-Harris Amendments of 1962. The senate only enacted the proposals to assure safety and efficacy, but not proposals for competitive pricing. For awhile, the FDA enforced the Kefauver-Harris amendments, but complacency set in with succeeding congressional oversight committees. The decline of overseeing the FDA began in the late �80s and gradually got worse until it went into a free fall in 1992. By 1995 oversight was non-existent. Elli Lilly�s anti-arthritis drug Orafax and Hoechst AG with its antidepres-sant Merital had known about many deaths, yet failed to report their cause. For ten years prior to 1992, 13 dangerous drugs were withdrawn from the market because of the number of deaths attributed to them. The wrongful death suits revealed that these drugs caused lung disorders, heart-valve damage when it was discovered that mixing certain drugs in combination resulted in these fatalities.[3]

Has the oversight of the Pharmaceutical industry finally become stricter? Well, let�s look at what RU-486, now known as the abortion pill was then, when first introduced the �morning after pill;� morning after not to prevent conception, but to kill that which was conceived. The FDA�s approval, according to Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation declared, �At long last, science trumps anti-abortion politics. Gloria Feldt, president pf Planned Parenthood, proclaimed RU 486�s U.S. arrival marked the �beginning of a new era� for American women.

Yeah, it sure did when the two-drug abortion procedure required the patient to have administration within one hour of an emergency room because of substantial risks that could result in death. Now, most of the FDA�s restrictions have gone by the wayside because of pressure from the abortion industry. The FDA has even refused to confirm whether RU-486 is being manufactured in China. China, the communist country that allows only one child to a set of parents; two, if the second child is a female, is now helping to wipe out our population which is already in rapid decline because the white race is hardly replacing itself either here or throughout Europe. Except for the new hoard of illegal immigrant replacements from south of our border, who haven�t yet discovered the pill and still adhere to Catholic prohibition of abortion, there will exist a large class of poor, under-educated, minimum wage earners, with several different languages and hardly any loyalty to their new country, many of which produce large families and are so far, regularly dependent on emergency health care.

On August 23rd, 2006, the FDA announced the approval for the new, non-lethal �morning after pill to be sold over the counter which will in effect make sex truly recreational and without consequences. WHOOPEE! How about that! The playgirls and playboys can really indulge to a point that by the end of this generation a baby will be an oddity. Old people can look elsewhere for someone to pay for their Social Security or health benefits. The drug companies will still be selling new cure alls for those new, mutated venereal diseases that are sure to crop up as a result of all those free-lance assignations.

One thing for sure, the price for the drugs will not be cheap as long as those in congress have their own assignations with Pharmaceutical predators.

There may be a great risk for the young girl or older woman who unknowingly becomes impregnated and takes the new morning after pill. Could it kill the living fetus or maim it in some awful way? What complications are the fun lovers going to experience using this pill? There are always unintended consequences when one fools with Mother Nature.

The 21st century with all it impending wars to spread American style democracy, coupled with the losses resulting from babies not being conceived or worse� aborted, can only result in the creation of our own national apocalypse. Maybe that is the reason President Bush and the feather merchants in the U.S. Senate are not enthusiastic about closing the borders. Think of it, who would otherwise pay for their government pensions and yearly pay raises without a large number of foreign skilled and unskilled legal and illegal immigrants willing and able to replace all those babies?


1. The Next War of the World by Niall Ferguson, pg 61, Foreign Affairs, September/ October issue.
Morton Mintz on collapse of congressional oversight, presented at a meeting of Nieman fellows. (Showcase, May 2, 2005)

� 2006 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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Yet, the 21 century is well on its way decreasing entire population counts though the good graces of the pharmaceutical industry.