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By Diane Kepus
November 28, 2016

Betsy DeVos – Not NO, But Hell NO!

The significance of the charter school/school choice issue is NOT related strictly to educational choice. It is related to acceptance of a communist system of governance where decisions are made by appointed, not elected officials. Appointed officials cannot be removed from office by voters/taxpayers.Charlotte Iserbyt, January, 2011

And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children. —Isaiah 54:13 KJV

When Trump issued the word “REFORM” in the same sentence with Betsy DeVos I knew he was intending to back off of his promise to shut down the Federal Department of Education.

With HUNDREDS of Education researchers in this country he picks the rich Bush Charter/Voucher women who if she cared one red penny about our children she would have refused the offer. If confirmed we will now see the rise in school-to-work education and confirmation that she is not only a supporter of a New World Order but is also a socialist/communist at heart.

How anyone can endorse this woman for the top education position in our country and not know what the true agenda of the Charter/Voucher push is all about is a mystery to me.

Ronald Reagan was elected president of this country not because he was a great man or because he was a movie star, but because he had stated he was going to shut down the Federal Department of Education because in the first place it was unconstitutional.

Then he brought in his worker bees, Terrell Bell, Bill Bennett, Senator Lamar Alexander and others who whispered in his ear and said, you know we really don’t have to do that – all the department needs is some tweaking and everything will be just fine. What most Americans don’t realize is that Reagan also signed no less than 2 treaties with Russia during his presidency which was directly linked to the sharing of education information.

Researchers around this country knew Mr. Trump was going to have to be educated regarding Charter/Choice/Vouchers when he said he supported Choice. With all the names that have been submitted for Education Secretary – he picks the one the least qualified.

Who are the Non-Americans who recommended Betsy DeVos? She has no background experience to hold this position other than the money she has given to ruin our children’s futures. Her kids went to private schools! To prove my point Sen. Lamar Alexander stated on the DeVos appointment “she is an excellent choice”.

As Secretary of Education will the DeVos Foundation STOP and DESIST from the funding of any organization/foundation of which has ANYTHING to do with education or are we faced with another “pay to play” using our children as the collateral? Signing an agreement didn’t work with Hillary in relationship to her appointment and the family Foundation.

Mr. Trump this is one area that you OWE all the hard working Americans and their children in this one appointment – one that is more important than all the others.

By nominating Betsy DeVos, the Trump administration has demonstrated just how out of touch it is with what works best for students, parents, educators and our local communities. Just this one time I agree with NEA President Lily Garcia when she stated, “She (DeVos) has consistently pushed a corporate agenda to privatize, de-professionalize and impose cookie-cutter solutions to public education.’’

DeVos is EVERYTHING Donald Trump stated during the campaign process that is wrong with America – she is an ultra-wealthy heiress who uses her money to game the system and push a special-interest agenda that is opposed by the majority of voters.

How can these people continually get away with dis-honoring the First Amendment when taking tax dollars to fund private/parochial schools? Once they take that hard earned money of Americans they are no longer private schools. How are they making up the deficit and loss in revenue by playing the federal game?

Things You Need To Know About Betsy DeVos:

DeVos has NO background in Education other than funneling money to education causes with the direction and relationship of those wishing to nationalize our education system. The Clinton School –to-Work legislation is not a joke.

Everything you read about Betsy DeVos is about her loyalty to the Republican Party over everything else. How will that fit in with loyalty to what is best for our children?

She attended Private school and earned a bachelor's degree in business administration and political science and was "involved with campus politics.

She sits on the Board of Directors of Jeb Bush’s foundation ExcelinEd which strongly supports Common Core, Charter, Choice and Vouchers for our children?

She also sits on the Jeb Bush foundation Excellence in Education which was the first and foremost leader in the push and endorsement of Common Core.

With her sitting on this board, it tells me she was fully aware of all the backroom dealings that went on to get the CCSS in place along with the Data Mining, National Sexuality Education Standards, standardized testing and the treatment of our children as if they were all Common “Human Capital” and alike.

She likes to explain her support of the CCSS as only endorsing the part about high standards, strong accountability and local control. If this is true than she has not read the documents and heard the speech’s by the likes of Sen. Lamar Alexander and Marc Tucker to name two who are pushing for nationalized cradle to grave control of our children. You cannot have it both ways Betsy. American researchers have told parents and politicians for over 30 years that every “dumb” and “damaging” thing that has been done to the education system was not for better education.

Elected Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party four times between 1996 and 2005.

Having myself realized during the Obama terms in office that there really is no difference in the “D” and “R” parties when it comes to the education of our children the statement regarding DeVos being “a true believer in core Republican issues that leave nobody in doubt on where she stands” rings very true.

She actively supported Marco Rubio for President and during one 56-day period the summer of 2016 she donated $1.45 million to Michigan candidates, state PAC’s and Republican Party organizations.

No American family has donated more money to the Republican Party than the DeVos family having given $2.7 million through the 2015-2016 cycles.

DeVos is the Chair of the American Federation for Children, a group that does nothing but support and fund the Charter school cause. (They have no answers for all the Charter school failures due to lenient legislation, fraud, corruption and unelected school boards).

DeVos belongs to Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is heavily influenced by Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch writer and Calvinist theologian.”

Her brother Erik Prince founded Blackwater, the controversial and now defunct security group that, according to The Washington Times, was a “mercenary firm” that “gained infamy during the Iraq War for incidents involving civilian casualties.

Betsy DeVos supports clean energy/Climate Change/Sustainable Development through their group the Windquest Group which invests in clean energy, technology and manufacturing. In 2011, DeVos and her husband, via the Windquest Group, invested in Energetx Composites, a wind energy company.

DeVos was appointed by President George W. Bush to the board of directors of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2004, and served until 2010. While she was on the board, she and her husband funded a center to teach arts managers and boards of directors how to fundraise and manage their cultural institutions donating $22.5 million in 2010 to continue the endeavor, which was given in the name the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. At the same time, DeVos was informed by Kennedy Center official Michael Kaiser's observation that millions of dollars are invested "in the arts, and training artists," but not in "training the leaders who hire the artists and run the organizations." The DeVos' gift was intended to remedy this oversight. "We want to help develop human capital and leverage that capital to the greatest extent possible.

All of DeVos’ attention to education has been through Charter/Choice/Vouchers. She has NO education background whatsoever nor does she know by experience what it is our children need to RETURN to the 1960’s and before excellent education our children were enjoying.

DeVos served as chairwoman of the board of Alliance for School Choice and she heads the All Children Matter PAC which she and her husband founded in 2003 to promote school vouchers, tax credits to businesses that give private school scholarships, and candidates who support these causes. Over the years, DeVos and her husband have provided millions in funding for the organization. Strange don’t you think that she wouldn’t consider supporting parents who home school their children yet still pay into the tax base which funds public education?

DeVos’ other activities toward public-school reform have included: membership on the boards of directors of the Advocates for School Choice, the American Education Reform Council, Education Freedom Fund, chaired the boards of Choices for Children and Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) She described GLEP as being "focused on supporting candidates who share a commitment to the issue of meaningful education reform," and CFC as being an "education reform watchdog organization" that is "focused on raising public awareness as to the merits of education reform."

In 2013 DeVos was quoted that she was more optimistic than ever about school choice noting that in 2012 “the number of students in educational-choice programs grew by about 40,000." She has offered no explanation as to the fraud and corruption involving the Charter school system nor has she offered what the difference between traditional and charter public schools will be when all schools are to be charter with un-elected school boards and to remind you is “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”.

She shows no support for teachers – only her money funding the education she sees as being fit for our children.

DeVos and Joel Klein noted in 2013 how great the Main education was going in regard to performance because they had reverted to the use of the “easy-to-understand” report cards using A, B, C, D, F designations. They argued the system truly motivates parents and the community to get involved by simply taking information that education officials have had for years and presenting it in a way that is more easily understood."

I would like these 2 to explain to the country how if at all, the GOING BACK to the ABC’s of grading increased the community involvement or that of the parents.

Parents across America soon found out how bad the Common Core Standards were and to what end they would go to be able to gain control of our children’s futures: where the money came from, money deals with friends, the lies, politicians wallets and campaign coffers being filled, years of back room long-time manipulation with the states being forced to play the game when the state legislatures were in recess. Yet Betsy DeVos stated that her being a member of Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education whose stated goal is to “build an American education system that equips every child to achieve his or her God-given potential" totally supports her idea of education.

The Foundation’s "guiding principles" are that "All children can learn," that "All children should learn at least a year's worth of knowledge in a year's time", and that "All children will achieve when education is organized around the singular goal of student success."

But all children are NOT learning Ms. DeVos, especially those that are now being schooled in your supported Charter schools with the Charter School Management companies in control, H1B and HB5 visas coming into the picture supplying foreign teachers and dollars for funding. There is BILLIONS of dollars of fraud being shown in the recently released report by the Office of the Inspector General of the Federal Department of Education AS THE RESULT OF MASSIVE FRAUD AND MANIPULATION and this report does not cover the fraud and corruption debt by all the Charter schools.

Additionally, they are not learning because men and women who know NOTHING about education are continually meddling where they have no business being.

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I defy anyone supporting Charter/Choice/Vouchers to show America where there has been this level of corruption in traditional public schools. This is YOUR money America.

Betsy DeVos is NOT eligible for this position and America needs to be sure to let their Senators know this is NOT their choice for the leader of their children’s education.

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© 2016 Diane Kepus - All Rights Reserved

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Diane Kepus – Parent, Education/Human Trafficking, Researcher, Speaker
Diane’s background is not one of an educator, but as an Auditor showing her a love of “digging”. In 1980 when she took up the hobby of Genealogy as the TV commercial says “she was in deep”.

Diane has witnessed the decline in the scholastic achievement levels of our children brought about by the interference of the Federal DOE and individuals/businesses who choose to use our children as “human collateral” for their own financial gains. In the process they are leading them into a Communist agenda/NWO to be overseen by the UN.

Diane actually began her Education research regarding the “International Baccalaurate” (IB) program and that has branched out into all aspects of education - foreign and domestic (Gulen Charter schools & UN) and now includes Charter Schools with their “unelected” school boards to embracing Home Schooling.

She no longer supports any political party seeing them as George Washington did as a division within the country that is never going to be repaired if we continue on this path. Diane considers herself mostly conservative and a strong constitutionalist and Christian who believes the work of our founders which was touched by God has served us well.

Diane maintains several web sites and blogs and she also loves spending time with all the “great-grand babies”.







When Trump issued the word “REFORM” in the same sentence with Betsy DeVos I knew he was intending to back off of his promise to shut down the Federal Department of Education.


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