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By J.B. Williams
October 31, 2012

We are one week out from Election Day 2012 as I write this piece. Tropical storm Sandy has ravaged much of the north eastern sea board including New York, New Jersey, Virginia and the New England states. Millions are under water and/or without power. Officials are predicting up to 10 days to restore power and longer than that to get life back to normal in the affected areas.

I’ll come back to this problem in a moment…

The Obama campaign is in huge trouble, dropping 22 points since 2008 in early voting results across the country and running behind Romney 52-45% according to the most recent Gallup poll. If you think that they were not anticipating and preparing for a tough re-election bid after four years of disastrous administrative failures in every facet of the administrations responsibilities, think again.

At this point in 2008, Obama was massacring John McCain in early voting by a 55-40% margin, with 33% of voters voting early in both elections. McCain closed the gap to 3 points on Election Day 2008 and went on to lose by 7 points in the end.

If Romney really is ahead by 7 points at this stage of the race, Obama could lose big time on November 6th. However, there is no way to have any real confidence in the Gallup poll and even more concerning is the methods by which Obama has plotted to win, even if Romney and Ryan defeat him in the national popular vote.

The Plot for Victory

The Obama Camp has a plan that makes it all but impossible for Romney and Ryan to win. That plan includes four primary pieces of an overall strategy that combined, will make defeating Obama very difficult to say the least. Obama can win the Electoral College vote by winning twenty states. Romney will have to win at least twenty-nine states to defeat him. And then, the plot for victory is an unprecedented level of outright election fraud.

1. Massive Fraudulent International Campaign Funding
a) Hundreds of millions pouring into Obama from overseas donors
b) Much of it from stolen U.S. credit and debit card numbers
c) All of it in untraceable small denominations
d) Or through “bundlers” with no clue where the money is actually coming from

2. Suppression of the conservative vote
a) Blocking the deployed military vote known to break 80% Republican
b) Sending bogus letters to Florida Republican voters telling them they are not registered to vote
c) Intimidation practices by Obama groups like the Black Panthers
d) Promoting no-votes or 3rd party votes within the anti-Obama voting bloc

3. Numerous methods of massive Democrat voter fraud
a) Over 2 million new “temporary citizen” illegal alien voters via Executive Order
b) Millions of DEAD and felon voters
c) Temporarily moving Democrat voters across state lines to vote in swing states
d) Foreign observers used to protect the fraudulent Democrat vote
e) Duplicate voting by dual resident college students
f) Thousands of Somali refugee voters with DNC “interpreters” driving them to polls

4. Corrupted voting machines and vote counting
a) Rigged voting machines via SEIU machine maintenance contracts
b) Boxes of fraudulent paper ballots in the trunk of union officials
c) Foreign contracts for vote counting in parts of Europe

In a close race, reported by most polling services as neck-and-neck, any one of these acts of election fraud could change the outcome of the election. Even a dead Osama Bin Laden was able to donate to the Obama campaign, twice.

But combined, all of these tactics will most likely result in a stolen election. Meanwhile, as the GOP has not challenged any of these tactics in court to date, the DNC has hired hundreds of lawyers and brought in foreign observers told to “look out for right-wing election fraud.” They have every news room in America talking about Republican efforts to suppress the Democrat vote (READ: illegal vote)… That’s not all.

The Propaganda Machine

In addition to traditional propaganda from Hollywood, an endless list of left-wing 527 and PACs, the news media, academia and groups like AARP who have been scaring the elderly with false stories of Republicans tossing granny down the stairwell in the wheelchair for years, we have an entirely new level of insanity and evil in the 2012 election.

Take a moment to watch this Obama campaign video, with “greatest generation” retirees using Chicago street thug language to threaten voters if they dare vote against Obama. Or, how about this video of very young children who appear to be doped up on Ritalin and deeply indoctrinated by some form of mind control, chanting a Dear Leader Song. 2012 Obama propaganda tactics have reached a whole new level of perversion. If you wanted to see just how sick these folks are, there you go!

Well-known and once respected public figures like Morgan Freeman are out in force. Pop icons like Madonna are doing their part to sell global Marxism.

The Media

The American press is working around the clock “fact checking” everything down to Romney’s underwear size and old grade school flames. But on the mountain of evidence proving that Obama is not American, not black, not Christian and not eligible or even qualified to be local dog catcher, the media has conformed to or is complicit in a total blackout.

Tropical storm Sandy is dominating the airwaves a week ahead of the election, when in fact, Obama’s acts of treason in Benghazi is the most important story of this generation. Other than Fox News, not a single news room in America is even the least interested in reporting the flood of overt administration lies surrounding the massacre in Benghazi, a massive scandal of administration treason, treachery and cover-up that makes Watergate look like a picnic in the park -- Which brings me back to the topic of Tropical storm Sandy and the impact it could have on the outcome of the most critical election in modern history.

Storm State of Emergency

In the next day or two, I expect the federal government to announce an interruption in the scheduled 2012 election, due to ongoing power outages and flooding in the North East which will make voting in the storm affected areas difficult if not impossible.

This could take one of two forms. Either an all-out delay of the election, which would be very difficult to pull off with more than 90% of the nation unaffected by the storms; or, an extension of voting time frames for the storm affected areas, delaying the outcome of the election long enough for Democrats to figure out just how many votes they need to win, and where they need them to secure an Electoral College victory.

Now, in fairness, who could argue against giving people in the affected areas a chance to vote?

Under the circumstances, it seems perfectly fair and logical to extend the voting deadlines out past the date when they can reasonably get to the polls and cast their ballots.

We are talking about the bluest states in the country. Frankly, most of the storm affected states would go blue for Obama regardless of how many manage to actually cast a vote. But again, in a close contest, every strategy is important and when pursuing global communism, nothing can be left to chance.

Obama told his people to get out there, get in people’s faces, do whatever it takes to win and that is exactly what he meant, whatever it takes. There is nothing Obama will not do to win, including ramping up race riots, class wars and even another 9/11 if need be.

Left wing-nut Frank Rich writes that “The Right will Rage if Obama wins,” as well they should. But it is left-wingers who follow Obama and Rich, openly threatening to “burn cities” – “kill white folks” and “assassinate Romney” across the web.

Obot’s claim that the GOP is trying to “steal the election by suppressing the DNC vote” -- when in fact -- it is easily proven that “right-wingers” only hope to suppress illegal fraudulent votes. Of course, since today’s democrats couldn’t possibly care less about the law, every vote is equal in their twisted minds, legal, illegal, live or dead voters, welcome all.

How to Stop It

If we still lived in a Constitutional Representative Republic, congress, the FEC, the DOJ, DoD, Secret Service, the FBI or the courts would have already put a stop to all of it long ago. None of them are doing anything to stop any of these crimes of high treason.

But since we now live in a temporary Marxist Democracy based upon left-wing mob rule under a third world legal system that would make Castro blush, the people will have to solve this problem themselves and they have only two ways of doing that today.

The people can simply overwhelm all of the fraud they cannot stop in this election, peacefully remove Obama & Co. from power and immediately begin to hold them accountable for their many acts of treason and treachery until all of them rot in a cell at Club Gitmo - (or) - they will have to do it via their Second Amendment Rights at some point before Obama & Co. show up to confiscate their weapons and ammo, sending them off to a re-education camp for people who simply cannot accept progress.

More than 40% of Americans will legitimately vote for these criminals. There is no way to guess how many illegal and fraudulent votes Obama will receive in addition to legit votes, and there is no way to know exactly what impact foreign vote counters will have.

Still, the only play for the American people right now is to do all that they can to overwhelm it all by such huge margins that if Obama chooses to steal the election anyway, it will be obvious to the entire world and what happens next will be completely justified under Constitutional Rule of Law.

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Americans must understand what they are dealing with here, or they have no chance of defeating it. They MUST spread the truth about Benghazi, the real economy and Obama’s jihad against America from the Oval Office and they must preach truth to someone other than the choir.

They MUST vote heavy to remove Obama and then get directly involved at the local and state level to make sure that the many strategies for leftist voter fraud and suppression of the right vote are minimized, challenged on the spot.

No matter the outcome of this election, we are headed into deep uncharted waters here. It’s best that we enter those waters united and ready to meet the challenges, whatever they may be. – It’s best that we prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

� 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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The Obama Camp has a plan that makes it all but impossible for Romney and Ryan to win. That plan includes four primary pieces of an overall strategy that combined, will make defeating Obama very difficult to say the least.