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By J.B. Williams
October 17, 2012

Barack Obama is the most generous White House resident in U.S. history, when we are talking about your tax dollars and it suits his political ambitions. Not so much when it is his money we are talking about.

But when it comes to campaign time, these folks make Bernie Madoff look like a saint! There is quite literally nothing they won’t try to retain power. Obama cares so much about our soldiers that his insane Rules of Engagement have gotten more soldiers killed in the last four years of wind-down in Afghanistan than all eight years of Bush’s wind-up and peak operations combined.

Obama cares so much about the military that Mitt Romney is forced to sue just to protect the military vote. Yet Obama pretends to be a friend to the military and their families. Hogwash!

In yet another blatant attempt to manipulate the pro-military vote that has voted Republican ever since Democrats became publicly anti-military in the 60s, the latest pre-election (and debate) headlines read – “U.S. manufacturers to train veterans for factory jobs!” – Hurrah for King Obama!

And since just about every manufacturing job left in America is a “union” job, you would think that reason enough for Obama & Co. to move young men and women leaving the military into union jobs, so that their union dues will funnel right back to the Democrat Party.

Obama is much smarter than that though and he is after much more than the military vote here, which he cannot get after four years of decimating the military in every way possible. The DNC is actually trying to block the military vote. It is pro-military voters they are after and any con that works will do.

The story reads –

“Four of the largest U.S. manufacturers on Monday unveiled plans for a new group committed to train military veterans to work in the manufacturing sector. General Electric Co, Alcoa Inc, Boeing Co and Lockheed-Martin Corp said they would provide financial support to the "Get Skills to Work Coalition." It will initially aim to train 15,000 veterans, who will be hired by the four companies or matched to other jobs.

"I look at this as a catalyst," said GE Chief Executive Jeff Immelt at an event unveiling the group in New York. "We're looking for other manufacturers to join us."

Imagine that… 24 hours before Obama’s last chance to win a debate before the November 6th election and all of a sudden, four huge government contractors announce that they are worried about work for soldiers leaving the military, aiming to “create 15,000 jobs” beginning when? --

Right, next January, after Obama wins re-election.

Who are they promising jobs to? Right, soldiers based in swing states like Virginia. Where will tax dollars pay for this new jobs initiative? Another swing state, Ohio -- And who will get the benefits? Right again, the companies Obama stopped from laying off more than 100,000 workers just ahead of the election.

Obviously, since they intend to train soldiers for manufacturing jobs with government contractors, it will be union jobs at taxpayer expense. But that’s the good news…

The Truth

Among the four companies is huge government defense contractor Lockheed Martin. Lockheed was set to layoff thousands of employees at the first of October. The Obama Administration could not afford to have that happen just ahead of Election Day, while they were trying to trick voters from all walks, into thinking the economy was improving.

From the Washington Times report –

“The layoff notices, required by law, would have gone out to dozens of employees in Northern Virginia, a hotbed for defense contracting in a state Mr. Obama took in 2008 and wants to keep in his win column on Election Day. Democrats were worried that sending out a slew of layoff notices in the state just days before voters went to the polls would have suppressed the vote for Obama.”

So, the Obama Administration contacted Lockheed (among others) and promised that American taxpayers would “cover their losses” if Lockheed would hold the layoffs until after the election, so that voters would not know just how bad the economy really is until after Obama secured re-election.

So, how is Lockheed Martin going to “create jobs” for soldiers leaving the Military, while at the same time laying off thousands of workers due to massive defense cuts under the Obama regime?

But that’s not all. As Obama & Co. are famous for saying, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Many of those layoffs would have come in key swing states like Virginia, a must win state for both Obama and Romney. Voters in those states would have revolted against Obama had he not stopped those pre-election layoffs until after the election. But they are coming after the election…

Guess where the first “training for union jobs” will begin? In Ohio, another key swing state that both Obama and Romney must win in November, also battered horribly by the Obama economy over the last four years.

“The program will get its start in January at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in Ohio, near a major GE Aviation factory, and be rolled out to nine more U.S. cities over the course of 2013.”

So, Obama stopped Lockheed from laying off thousands of workers in key swing states until after the election, by promising that American taxpayers would “cover their losses” after the election, then setting up a bogus military jobs training initiative to justify the bailout coming after the election, all allegedly to benefit voters in key swing states, or so the report goes.

“Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who has repeatedly warned about the economic and national security fallout of the pending defense cuts, labeled the Obama administration's latest attempts to stop the layoff notices a purely political attempt to win the election at the expense of job security for employees in the defense industry.”

Less than three weeks ago, Obama was scrambling to stop massive layoffs by defense contractors. 24 hours before his last debate with Romney, he has those same contractors announcing a new “jobs program” for “military” personnel.

Do you buy it? If you do, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

In case you are wondering, like I was, yes, all four companies are in downsizing mode. Breitbart said it exactly right -- Obama is bribing these companies with taxpayer money, temporarily stopping layoffs to benefit his re-election campaign.

And now, Obama is bribing soldiers and military families by promising jobs that simply don’t exist and won’t exist as long as Obama remains in office. When will voters face the facts that investors not governments -- create jobs, and investors do not invest in “wealth redistribution?”

Obama hopes to run from one major reality that sooner or later, he cannot run from. Those jobs are being promised by defense contractors currently laying off far more workers than they are promising to train and hire.

Further, a second Obama Administration promises even more cuts in defense spending to buy more Obama phones. According to Democrats, it is Military and Defense spending that is responsible for Obama’s record deficits, even though Obama’s social spending dwarfs Defense spending by more than a 5-to-1 margin.

And, don’t forget that Obama’s plan for solving the $16 trillion debt problem that he created, is to tax the life out of the very people who create real jobs in America, private investors, those greedy capitalist pigs that never invest in Marxism, or progressivism for you folks who don’t like that word.

Combined, Obama and Biden are the best con artists in U.S. history and sadly, millions of Americans still buy the con.

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But I bet the military doesn’t. They have been burned by this administration for four years straight. It’s ignorant civilian voters that are most likely to fall for this line, like they fell for the AARP con telling them that Republicans want to kick granny down the stairwell, and that we can spend our way to prosperity while driving businesses and investors to foreign lands. It just don’t work that way and it never did.

If Americans are foolish enough to buy this line, they deserve to live under boot and they will. Think Candy Crowley will ask King Obama about any of this at the debate? Beautiful ocean front views from the middle of Arizona, I promise!

� 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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Obama cares so much about the military that Mitt Romney is forced to sue just to protect the military vote. Yet Obama pretends to be a friend to the military and their families.