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By J.B. Williams
October 12, 2012

Whether you know it or not, you are funding the very things you are trying to defeat, Obammunism, American Democratic Socialism, Marxism, or for the faint of heart, progressivism. Most Americans are funding it and most don’t know it.

If people don’t know they are funding evil, they will continue to fund it. What will you do once you know that you are funding evil though?

Of course, if you are an American taxpayer today, you are funding evil through your taxes. That’s an obvious one that most people are aware of on some level, but feel helpless in resolving, since they prefer not to go to an American gulag for tax evasion. It’s called soft tyranny…

But I’m talking about things you can do something about. I’m talking about the choices we all make daily and how those choices have unintended consequences, in this case, funding the very evil you are working hard to defeat.


Americans love their many entertainment choices and since we are now an A.D.H.D. society, always in search of mental and emotional stimulation, we find all sorts of ways to keep our minds occupied.

It’s no secret that Hollywood is the bastion of left-wing nuts and that they use their wealth and power to advance an Americanized version of Marxism. They use their movies, music and TV shows to promote an anti-American agenda and they get rich doing it, thanks to you.

So, why do patriotic Americans continue to watch their shows, buy their music or attend their concerts and movies? Every time we do, we are funding evil. It must stop!


How about professional sports? All of which are unionized despite making millions to play a game, and most of whom vote Democrat and couldn’t care less that the average American cannot afford to attend a game anymore, as they use collective bargaining to drive ticket prices up and up. Why does any patriotic American support these things? Can Americans not connect action and consequence anymore?

I am a lifelong sports fan, however… Every time Americans support professional sports, they support the left-wing agenda. Every time! – I support amateur youth sports.


Are you old enough to remember when network news was commercial free? That’s when news was not a “for profit” venture, but rather an honest attempt at real journalism, used to keep the people informed of events in their communities, across the country and around the world. Sitcoms and variety shows were for profit ventures. The news was something quite different. It was a public service, not a for-profit commercial enterprise.

Today, news is a commercial venture paid for by advertisers and who are those advertisers? We have 24/7 cable news network’s now, all of them for profit ventures and all of them attracting advertisers with a specific bent on the news. FOX attracts a different set of advertisers than CNN or MSNBC, or at least they used to, before a Saudi Prince bought a major stake in FOX News.

Today, the journalist, the on-camera talent and the man behind the camera also belong to labor unions, despite their hefty salaries and as long as Americans tune in, the advertisers will keep buying air time and news will never be news again. Stop it!


Want to know why independent retailers are almost a thing of the past and nearly every product on your store shelf is made in a sweat shop in China or Indonesia? It’s because YOU shop at Wal-Mart instead of your local independent retailer. You bank at “banks too big to fail” instead of small local independent banks, helping the BIG 20 buy up for crush small independent banks.

You shop at Wal-Mart because it is “cheaper” than your local independent retailer. If cheap is what you want, Wal-Mart is where you can find it. But cheap comes at a price too…. You bank where they tell you to bank, at the banks they control.

How about your auto insurance? Did you buy it from that cute little gecko from GEICO? If you did, you bought your insurance from the Government Employees Insurance Company. That’s right, your tax dollars pay government employees so well that they could open up their own insurance company and sell you car insurance.

Why don’t they have a Government Employee Union boss sell it to you on TV? -- Because you will buy from the cute little gecko, but not from the union thugs running GEICO.

How about Progressive Insurance? Don’t you just love Flo? Didn’t the name Progressive Corporation tip you off any? Are you familiar with Peter Lewis, second only to George Soros in left-wing donations? Peter Lewis is Progressive Insurance. Every time you buy insurance from Progressive, you are funding the progressive movement.

That’s right… International leftists long ago learned to exploit capitalism to finance the march of Democratic Socialism in America and around the globe. The use of hedge funds to topple currencies and nations by people like George Soros is only the tip of the iceberg.


Public sector labor unions should not exist at all, but they do. How insane is it for American taxpayers to allow their money to end up in labor unions, used to fund Democratic Socialist politicians and hold taxpayers hostage via collective bargaining thuggery at contract time?

Private sector unions do enough damage to our no longer free-market economy, totally destroying American manufacturing. But allowing public sector labor unions to exist sets the United States on the same suicide path as Iceland, Greece, Spain, France and Italy, all of which are in financial ruin today as a direct result of public sector labor contracts and unfunded government employee pensions that far exceed that of any private sector taxpayer.

Media, Academia, primary education and “union only” government contracting is killing American from within. Through these means too, you are funding the march of Marxism in America and you will continue to do so as long as public sector unions are allowed to exist. End them!

Government employees are the fifth ranked donor group to the Barack Obama campaign, giving over $389,000 so far in 2012. Every penny came from taxpayers trying to defeat Barack Obama.

Note that Microsoft, Google, Comcast, Time Warner and many other tech organizations you contract with for services, are pouring money into Obama too. In addition, notice what happens when you type – completely wrong – into the Google search bar…. Leftist groups funding Obama & Co. are also manipulating search engine results in total control of what content you can and cannot find via search engines.

If you need proof positive that leftists are controlling Internet content and search results, here it is. Even left-wing groups like the Huff-Po have taken notice.


In my last column, I exposed the current massive campaign finance fraud taking place in the Obama Campaign, calling upon the Secret Service and the Federal Elections Commission to immediately launch investigations.

In short, Obama is intentionally taking in hundreds of millions of illegal foreign campaign contributions from undisclosed foreign donors via web sites. You could be donating to Obama without knowing it, as the Obama campaign has opened the online flood gates for international fraudulent transactions coming in small denominations, some of it on stolen U.S. card numbers. Nobody in the leftist press is reporting it, so nobody in law enforcement is pursuing it.

In contrast, the Romney campaign is using every security measure available to block any foreign or fraudulent campaign donations. The Obama campaign has gone out of their way to turn-off all security features, allowing foreign and fraudulent campaign contributions to pour in from all over the world.

Once again, we are unintentionally funding the evil that has gripped our nation. Obama is funded by Ivy League leftists and international socialist thugs. Romney is funded by free-market capitalists. It should be obvious to all by now, even though Americans have been trained like monkey’s to blindly applaud Ivy League radicals and oppose American capitalists.

It gets worse…

We are also now funding terrorism against our own soldiers in the Middle East. The Obama Administration set the entire Middle East on fire, toppling numerous foreign governments through their community organizing tactics now operating inside the State Department, DHS and DOJ.

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Through the State Department, the Obama Administration toppled numerous Middle Eastern governments and placed the Muslim Brotherhood in control of the Middle East. Then they have sent billions in U.S. tax dollars to these Muslim Brotherhood governments and those funds are now being used to arm terrorists killing American soldiers in Afghanistan and foreign diplomats at our embassies.

Last, millions pouring into Obama’s re-election campaign are coming from countries run by the Muslim Brotherhood, funded by the Obama Administration.

It simply doesn’t get any more overt or egregious than what is happening today.

Now that you know how your decisions result in funding the very evil you are trying to defeat, will it change the decisions you are making?

Until information makes you change your habits, there is no defeating this evil. We are funding it!

� 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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If people don’t know they are funding evil, they will continue to fund it. What will you do once you know that you are funding evil though?