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By J.B. Williams
August 13, 2012

Weeks of speculation over who would become Mitt Romney’s 2012 running mate ended with a bang, as the Romney Campaign announced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan standing on the deck of the WWII battleship USS Wisconsin.

Human Events named Ryan Conservative of the Year for 2011. On one hand, with so few real conservatives in congress these days, he didn’t have a lot of competition for that title in 2011. But on the other hand, Ryan’s steady record of core conservative values and the backbone to pursue the right solutions for America in the House, well-earned Ryan that title, as Human Events chronicles.

Ryan seems to have the right stuff -- an intellectual grasp for the details and still a Midwestern common sense understanding of the most basic American concepts, like saving America from fiscal bankruptcy, economic stagnation and a European-style Marxist entitlement state.

“Just look at what happened across the Atlantic,” Ryan told Human Events in a year-end interview. “We have to avoid that. We must reclaim our founding principles of economic freedom and free markets. We must preserve the American Idea.”

No one in government today has worked as hard as Ryan to develop a detailed and realistic Path to Prosperity. No one in government has demonstrated the backbone Ryan has, to stand toe-to-toe against the international socialist Obama regime and call them out for their con-man accounting and fuzzy-budget propaganda used to trick unsuspecting citizens into voting for national bankruptcy.

As a result, over 500,000 Drudge readers gave an overwhelming approval of Paul Ryan as VP running mate for the 2012 GOP ticket, with over 82% of respondents supporting Ryan enthusiastically. Drudge has a broad cross-section of readers, which makes that poll of over 500,000 very significant, as opposed to polling data from hardcore right or left web sites.

Romney has struggled with the conservative base of the GOP. But Ryan brings to the ticket the kind of conservative values GOPers had hoped for in a Romney running mate. With 82% approving, only 10% opposed and 7% uncertain, no GOP candidate since Reagan has received this kind of support from American voters.

Ryan is likely one of only two people in America today who could have pulled this much support from American voters, the other also being from Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker, who has turned Wisconsin around in short order with tough choices and put down numerous assaults from left-wing labor unions while doing it.

That good ole fashioned Midwestern conservative backbone is exactly what our nation is in dire need of today, when Americans of all political stripes are frightened of their future, and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Moreover, voters have already grown sick of Obama’s left-wing agenda that has driven our great nation to the brink of catastrophe, and his endless excuses for the legendary list of policy failures over the last four years.

The fact is Obama-Clinton is a failure on a scale never before seen in America. Not only were his leftist notions of wealth confiscation and redistribution doomed to fail from the start, as those concepts have left many nations around the globe in ruin, he is not even popular with his Marxist core anymore.

Even the people who foolishly elected Obama to destroy America for their personal gain are unhappy that he has not totally destroyed America yet, listing his many broken left-wing promises online for all of the left-wing brethren to admire.

Not since Carter and his self-inflicted economic calamity, gasoline crisis and Middle East disasters, has any administration been so unpopular across all political divides. Even the left-wing labor unions that put Obama and Democrats in power have pulled their funding from Obama and Democrats heading into the 2012 election. Obama has far surpassed Carter in terms of total failure across the policy spectrum, driving America into bankruptcy and placing the Muslim Brotherhood in charge.

Despite all media efforts to prop up the Obama regime with false economic and unemployment reporting, the people can feel the pain created by left-wing policies aimed at propping up left-wing causes at the expense of prosperity that can only come from individual economic freedom.

Like most American conservatives, my first choice for GOP presidential candidate was not Mitt Romney. Had Romney chosen a running mate who was more moderate like himself, or even worse, someone ineligible for office like Obama, I could not have cast a vote for Romney in November even though I know that four more years of Obama would most certainly end America as we have always known her.

While Romney and Ryan may not be as sexy on the campaign trail as the current Teleprompter-in-Chief, they are very real men with very real convictions towards turning America in the right direction, away from international Marxism and towards good ole fashion American sovereignty, security and free-market prosperity.

The 10% of voters who supported Ron Paul are not happy with Romney or Ryan, and they wouldn’t be happy with anyone who does not wear the modern secularist libertarian label.

However, I do recommend that Ron Paul be named to the Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve.

82% of Americans seem the think Ryan was just the right pick for Romney and the last 7% will likely come along as they get to know more about Romney-Ryan 2012. I agree…

Americans who stand for God and Country will stand with Romney and Ryan. Leftists will continue to hope that Obama will change and hardcore libertarians will always want it their way or the highway.

Most importantly, Romney-Ryan represents a very real contrast to Obama-Clinton. (Biden is just an old DNC village idiot who never added any value to Obama or played any significant role in Obama’s administration. It has always been the Barry & Hillary show. Biden is around just to make Obama look smarter than he actually is...)

In stark contrast, Paul Ryan took Obama head-on and exposed him for the lying fool he truly is. While Obama’s Democrats dive deep into Washington D.C. political sludge tossing, Romney and Ryan take the high road, speaking simple truth to the American people and promising to lead America back to the principles and values that once made America the greatest nation ever known to mankind.

There is a clear choice now for the American people, two private and public sector success stories compared to an empty suit with a blank résumé and a history of failed policies and broken promises.

Are Romney or Ryan perfect candidates? There is no such thing as perfect politicians because there is no such thing as perfect human beings.

At a time when I was almost without hope for a GOP ticket I could support with enthusiasm, I find that the combination of Romney and Ryan strikes the right balance for not only a successful GOP ticket in 2012, but a solid administration to begin reversing the damage done to my country by Obama and Clinton over the last four years.

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That’s something I can get excited about….and 82% told Drudge the same thing!

I don’t endorse candidates because my endorsement is meaningless. But I will be in the voting booth on November 6th, casting my vote to remove Obama-Clinton from power and right after that, I will spend every day that follows, lobbying Romney and Ryan to bring criminal charges of treason against Obama, Clinton and many more, who have worked around the clock for the last four years to destroy my kids future.

Join me in that worthy cause!

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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Ryan seems to have the right stuff -- an intellectual grasp for the details and still a Midwestern common sense understanding of the most basic American concepts, like saving America from fiscal bankruptcy, economic stagnation and a European-style Marxist entitlement state.