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By J.B. Williams
June 10, 2012

Let me begin by saying that I really have nothing against Marco Rubio. Many of our nation’s immigrants make our best citizens, having experienced some form of socialism or communism in their home country and thrilled to live in the so-called land of the free and home of the brave.

I am not anti-immigration, the great-grandson of immigrants myself, albeit only legal immigrants.

But I am very much pro-rule of law and U.S. Constitution and like millions of other decent honest American citizens -- I am fed up with corrupt federal politicians on both sides of the aisle acting like none of these things matter anymore.

It’s no secret that Barrack Hussein Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen of the United States, even though everyone in a position of power is pretending to not notice while working around the clock to alter the definition of the term via precedent.

Because Marco Rubio has a résumé almost as blank as Obama’s in terms of actual accomplishments, I must conclude that the primary interest in running Rubio on the ticket with Romney is nothing more than one more attempt to forever alter the definition of Natural Born Citizen.

Members of Congress have tried on at least eight occasions to officially alter the definition of Natural Born Citizen or eliminate the requirement from Article II of the Constitution altogether.

All of those efforts failed. However, allowing a foreigner like Obama to hold the highest office in our land for one full term is setting a precedent that anyone from anywhere in the world can be president of the United States, and nobody in the United States is going to do anything about it. Putting another foreigner with dual or divided loyalties in the White House would seal the deal.

Marco was born a Cuban to two Cuban parents living in exile. Marco Rubio is NOT a Natural Born Citizen of the United States, although many of his Tea Party fans either don’t know or don’t care about that. No matter what else people may think or believe about Marco Rubio, justified by his accomplishments or not, he is NOT eligible for the office of president or vice president according to the U.S. Constitution.

Therefore, placing Rubio on the ballot with Romney for the 2012 election would cause a backlash from American Constitutionalists who know exactly what a Natural Born Citizen is and still want only Natural Born Citizens to hold the highest offices in our land, in accordance with Article II requirements.

Romney faces enormous challenges in overcoming the distinct Obama advantage in November. He will need every voter he can possibly muster and driving away constitutionalists already angry over the blatant disregard for our founding principles and values would end his bid for the White House, insuring the re-election of Barack Obama.

Rand Paul, libertarian son of libertarian candidate Ron Paul just endorsed Mitt Romney. If Ron Paul follows suit early enough to be a factor, well ahead of the GOP convention, this would signal party unity in opposition to the Obama-Clinton Regime headed into November. But Rick Santorum is promising to upset the GOP convention, keeping the door wide open for Obama.

Romney’s pick for VP will be a critical moment in the Romney campaign. He can only win with the right VP on the ticket with him, someone who completes him, fills his weaknesses. There are numerous good options available and I won’t speculate on that until a later column. However…

Marco Rubio may be a great person and even a great member of congress. He may even be able to hold other vital positions in a Republican Administration. What he isn’t is eligible for the White House, and after four years of unprecedented efforts to right the wrongs of 2008, constitutionally grounded voters simply will not tolerate an ineligible candidate on their own ticket.

Placing Rubio on the 2012 ballot, as one ineligible candidate running against another, would guarantee failure for the Romney campaign and likely destroy whatever political future Rubio might otherwise have. Placing an ineligible candidate on the GOP ticket is a sure way to cause a massive GOP defection in November.

Many are speculating that Romney was chosen as a sure loser to Obama to begin with. Placing Rubio on the ticket with him would only confirm those suspicions. Does Romney really want to win or not?

In the interest of removing the worst administration in U.S. history, we cannot join them in order to defeat them. We must offer voters an ethical and constitutional alternative to Obama and Clinton.

At the end of the day, there are only two legitimate reasons to place Marco Rubio on the ticket with Mitt Romney and neither of those reasons is good.

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1. To forever eliminate Article II Natural Born Requirements for the office of President and Vice President.
2. To pander for the illegal alien vote, who are not supposed to vote in the first place, but do.

There is no other reason to place Rubio on the ticket. There are no more accomplishments on Marco’s résumé than there is on Barack Obama’s. Neither is eligible or qualified.

People deeply concerned with the loss of their Constitutional Republic would boycott a ticket with Rubio on it, and they should. Do it and you can count on the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama.

� 2012 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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I am not anti-immigration, the great-grandson of immigrants myself, albeit only legal immigrants.