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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
October 14, 2007

All immunodeficiency diseases are associated with an increased rate of malignant diseases including lymphoma, leukemia, Hodgkins Disease. Patients who are immunosuppressed from chemotherapy drugs and radiation can develop Kaposi’s sarcoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, cervical cancer and Hodgkin’s disease. Organ transplant patients and patients with auto-immune illnesses have an increased incidence of cancer because of the use of immune suppressing drugs. The immune system is involved in recognizing and destroying cancer cells.

Several natural substances have been proven to be of value in treating cancer and HIV.

Chrysin: This is a flavonoid derived from Passion Flower that has anti-oxidant capabilities, increases Tumor Necrosis Factor, binds estrogen receptors and inhibits HIV action.

Coriolus Versicolor: This Chinese mushroom has anti-cancer effects, stimulates the immune system, inhibits invasion of cancer cells (metastasis and local spread) and has anti-viral activity.

Diindolymethane: This phytochemical is found in cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage etc) inhibits the adhesiveness, movement, and ability to invade cancer cells and has an anti-estrogen effect on cancer cells.

Resveratrol: This is a non-flavonoid phenol found in grapes which is an anti-oxidant, prevents platelet clumping, blocks resistance to insulin, inhibits abnormal estrogen action and blocks viral replication and growth (HIV).

Tumeric Extract (Curcumin): This is a potent anti-oxidant, strongly blocks inflammation, inhibits insulin resistance, inhibits metastasis in the body and has beneficial effects on HIV viral reproduction.

Quercetin: This is a flavonoid that brings about programmed death of cancer cells (apoptosis). It also has anti-oxidant properties, acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces cholesterol and LDL values.

Green Tea Extract: This contains Epigallocatechin which is a primary anti-cancer agent and anti-oxidant.

L-Selenium Methionine: This organic form of selenium is easier for the body to use. It functions as an anti-oxidant, has anti-cancer effects in the body, stimulates the immune system and helps restore selenium values which are low in cancer and HIV patients.

The parasitic HIV virus consumes selenium in large quantities along with glutamine, cysteine and tryptophan. Lack of these 4 nutrients produces the immune system collapse, dermatitis, dementia, muscle wasting and diarrhea seen in HIV infection. Repletion of these substances restores health and prevents death.

Other ingredients found in LifeOne are pure water, liposomal matrix (Lecithin complex with phosphatidyl Choline) and Ph natural flavors, Stevia, Sodium benzoate and Potassium Sorbate.

LifeOne is a very sophisticated product that took years to develop. The synergism of the products used permits lower doses to be more effective. The liposomal delivery system took three years of work before it was perfected. This system produces higher cellular uptake and prolonged circulation of the therapeutic agents. The company has an outside laboratory analyze all herbs for rigid specifications before they are purchased. The herbs are then placed in a nitrogen environment until used for production of LifeOne. This prevents any deterioration of the herb as oxidation cannot occur in an oxygen free environment. The final product is so complex and the quality of ingredients is so stringent it would be impossible to replicate.

LifeOne as formulated allows the body to recover from cancer, HIV and other immunodeficiency diseases. In the first month of LifeOne therapy it is common for weight to drop and for blood pressure to fall. The weight loss is explained by improved endocrine function with falling levels of estrogen production reversing the estrogen excess seen in most persons. With less available estrogen, insulin sensitivity becomes restored and the body begins to burn glucose normally. This response is made more effective and quicker by dietary restriction of sugar intake and elimination of high glycemic foods from the diet. The fall in blood pressure appears to relate to chronic use of quercetin which lowers blood pressure1 and improves endothelial cell function. This wonderful compound was developed by Dr. X a superb clinician and herbalist.

The mechanism of action appears to be killing viruses combined with healing the damaged immune system which is always seen in malignancies (LifeOne has two U.S. patents as an immune enhancing product). Clinical trials of LifeOne in patients with malignancies and HIV have been carried out in Venezuela and Mexico respectively.

LifeOne has been able to cure an extremely wide variety of cancer cell types. Invitro testing has shown it to be effective on 7 out of 7 cancer cell types tested. They included two types of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and acute Promyelocytic leukemia. Clinical cancer and AIDS trials in Venezuela have led to negotiations to purchase the product for use in cancer and AIDS patients. Therapeutic failures in treating cancer have occurred when therapy was discontinued prematurely or the patient died from organ failure due to initial chemotherapy and or radiation therapy complications. The standard recommended dose of LifeOne is two tablespoons (one ounce) three times daily for 25 to 30 days. The dose is then reduced to one tablespoon (one half ounce) for 11 months. Patients who have not had chemotherapy and radiation may experience a sense of well being and increased energy within 4 or 5 days of starting LifeOne.

Clinical responses to LifeOne are more rapid if the patient has not taken either chemotherapy or radiation in the past. Physicians’, who have been using LifeOne for some time, feel that LifeOne is a stand alone therapy not requiring any other anti-malignancy therapy. There is also a clinical impression that response to therapy may be more rapid in patients who are not receiving other cancer therapies concurrently. Patients who are taking chemotherapy along with LifeOne appear to have fewer side effects than would normally be expected for the agents used.

Patients who have been given chemotherapy or radiation before starting LifeOne often have a slower response than patients who have received neither of these therapies. This slow response can be expedited by a several month course of DeAromatase {a natural product used for hormonal balancing for both men and women} which improves the function of the endocrine system (pituitary gland, hypothalamus, adrenal, and thyroid). Saliva tests for testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, DHEA can be used to monitor the progress of the DeAromatase therapy. Small physiologic doses of cortef or hydrocortisone may temporarily supplement depleted adrenal function and are vital in patients to prevent symptoms in those who have increased intracranial pressure from brain tumors or tumor masses pressing on the spinal cord. If cortef or hydrocortisone are not available or are contraindicated, such as in diabetic patients, pharmaceutical grade DMSO may be rubbed gently into the neck around the carotid arteries and from the base of the scull down the spine to mid-back level a four times daily may be helpful in reducing swelling. This inflammation is a normal effect of inflammation as LifeOne stimulates lymphocyte production that attacks these malignant cells.

The initial phase of LifeOne therapy always causes an inflammatory reaction wherever malignant cells are present. This reaction generally can begin as early as the 3rd or 4th day of LifeOne use. In persons who have healthier immune systems this may last for 14 to 18 days. Individuals who have more severely damaged immune systems may not begin this reaction until 10 to 14 days of LifeOne therapy have been completed. Delayed appearance of the inflammatory reaction can be a clue that a more intensive search for immune damaging problems needs to be conducted. This search should include root canal teeth, teeth containing silver amalgam (mercury) living near electricity transmission stations or lines, exposure to birds in the home (which may transmit fungal diseases and psittacosis) exposure to toxic metals (mercury, cadmium, iron, lead, uranium etc) chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or hobbies in the home or workplace that may produce toxins. Natural doses of Vitamin C, B-complex and Vitamin E from Solaray may also be beneficial.

Clinical Results Using LifeOne in Cancer

Patients taking LifeOne have an excellent chance of recovery. Improvement is much more rapid in patients who have not been treated with chemotherapy or radiation.

Patients who have been treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or who have hormone related tumors (prostate, breast, uterus, ovary) may need to be on DeAromatase therapy for several months to restore the endocrine system to normal function. This need can be determined by obtaining levels of “free” testosterone, total progesterone, free estradiol, total DHEA, free estrone and total androstenedione by saliva or radioimmunoassay. A knowledgeable health care practitioner is a necessity to monitor this therapy.

Case 1 - A 60 year old female had guided needle biopsies of both breasts which disclosed high grade invasive ductal carcinoma. There was a left axillary node and a left rib lesion was found on a bone scan. She was treated with removal of both breasts and immediate breast reconstruction. Six weeks later she received four months of chemotherapy which was complicated by shingles of the left rib cage. A methicillin resistant staph aureus infection of the right breast implant led to loss of the implant. One month later she was started on daily radiation therapy to a site of possible tumor recurrence. After three months of radiation therapy the cancer was visibly enlarging and the patient had become very ill. She was advised that no further conventional therapy could help her so she contacted a physician that was using LifeOne for cancer patients that had not responded to first line conventional therapy. He had initially started using LifeOne as an adjunct, but quickly learned it was most effective used alone.

She was very fatigued and depressed. Her appetite was poor and she was unable to work. Her white blood cell count was 1,800 (normal above 4500). AMAS blood test for cancer was 243 (upper normal 135). Therapy was initiated with LifeOne and she began to slowly improve. Her AMAS test has returned to normal and she is working full time. This patient has recovered from bilateral breast cancer that had spread to a rib. After failing to recover with intensive chemotherapy and radiation she made a complete recovery using LifeOne therapy. She is still healthy and shows no signs of cancer 7 years after starting LifeOne. Case 2 - This 75 year old male presented with a history of metastatic colon cancer, bladder cancer and probable lung cancer (biopsy refused by patient). He was frail, weak and despondent. With start of LifeOne therapy he became more energetic with improved health and mental status. A new biopsy of the bladder disclosed no cancer. Colonoscopy was normal. He remains well 6 years now and has recovered from metastatic colon cancer and bladder cancer using LifeOne therapy.

Case 3 – A 79 year old female diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the right lung involving the right paramedical region, right hilum and particularly in the right upper lobe anteriorly. There is also a suspicious area of nodal uptake in the right precarinal region. The disease was verified by biopsy and CT scan. She was told that chemotherapy would not be beneficial at her disease stage. Her immune system was so depressed that she was unable to produce antibodies to malignin so her first AMAS test on 9/17/02 was 120 which is considered borderline for cancer. Her immune system began to respond and by 1/9/03 her AMAS had elevated to 166 which is positive for cancer. It also meant her body was recognizing malignin secreted from the cancer cells and was producing antibodies to it in normal fashion. By 5/7/03 her AMAS was a normal 91 which indicated she had become healthy and no longer had active cancer. About a year and a half after starting LifeOne therapy she was extremely healthy showing no signs of active cancer. She and her husband have since moved to another state.

Case 4 - A 45 year old female presented with fatigue, depression, frequent urination that prevented sleep, and uncomfortable weight gain. Cervical biopsy had revealed a cervical cancer. Her energy level improved after starting LifeOne therapy. Steady loss of fat tissue was observed. Her depression improved and her urine frequency resolved. Three months later repeat cervical biopsy showed no evidence of cervical cancer.

Case 5 - A 62 year old female presented with metastatic cancer throughout her liver and jaundice from an earlier pancreatic cancer. She had survived a Whipple operation to remove the pancreatic cancer. Her liver was much enlarged and she had abdominal pain. Her skin was jaundiced. She had been unable to eat for two weeks. Ten days after starting LifeOne her liver functions tests showed considerable improvement with disappearance of jaundice. Skin color had returned to normal. The enlarged liver decreased by 80% and her abdominal pain was markedly decreased.

This woman had far advanced pancreatic cancer with jaundice and a very large liver. LifeOne therapy brought about resolution of her jaundice and enlarged liver which was full of tumors. She lived comfortably for eight months, and then died of complications resulting from her pancreatic cancer surgery.

Practical Aspects of LifeOne Therapy

If a patient taking LifeOne to treat a malignancy and fails to improve dramatically after several weeks of therapy needs to consider the following:

  • The patient’s cancer diagnosis may be wrong. Fungal and yeast infections can create tumor masses that can mimic cancer masses. These masses are often misread by radiologists. Bacterial infections2 inhibit good results in cancer until they are healed, as the immune system regards them as more dangerous than viral infections or cancer. Errors can be made in interpreting pathologic slides.
  • There may be fundamental problems with the immune system that block recovery (mercury or other toxic metal exposure, root canals, mercury amalgams, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, lack of dietary omega 3 fatty acids, abnormal intestinal flora is common{intestinal dysbiosis} poor diet, etc.).
  • Endocrine system dysfunction may be hindering recovery (poor control of blood sugar, adrenal gland failure or adrenal insufficiency).
  • Be certain no morphine or morphine3 derived therapy is being used as many cancers have morphine receptors that speed up the growth of cancer when morphine or its derivatives are used to treat pain. Efforts to find and eliminate the cause of the pain may be valuable.

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Resolving these obstacles enable LifeOne to work effectively and should enable more persons to fully recover from malignancies.

LifeOne can be obtained from Natural Health Team by phoning 1-800-416-2806. It can also be ordered through

© 2007 Dr. James Howenstine - All Rights Reserved

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Several natural substances have been proven to be of value in treating cancer and HIV.