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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
March 22, 2007

The main factor responsible for the rapidly rising incidence of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer and uterine cancer in women appears to be the excessive exposure of modern men and women to estrogen. If testosterone had anything to do with prostate cancer there should be an epidemic of this disease in teenage males. All persons on planet earth are getting, for the first time in history, steady large exposure to estrogen from inhaled fuel exhaust, plastics, estrogen implants in meat and fed to chickens, herbicides, pesticides and propylene glycol.

All disease arises from metabolic imbalance.[1] When the underlying metabolic imbalance is corrected the disease goes away. If you fail to keep up the correction for the underlying metabolic imbalance (i.e. revert back to whatever created the metabolic imbalance in the first place), the disease will come back. This is called preventative medicine. Cancer is no different--it is caused by an underlying metabolic imbalance that turns normal cells into cancer cells.

How Does Excess Estradiol Cause Cancer of Prostate, Breast and Uterus?

Researchers such as Ercole Cavalieri Ph.D., Director of the Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer at the University of Nebraska have learned that a metabolite or byproduct of estradiol and estrone(the two most potent human estrogens) is destructive to adenine and guanine. These two purines along with the pyrimadines cystine and thymine compose the 4 nitrogenous bases of DNA. The diminished production of DNA permits gene mutations that can lead to cancer. Other estrogen metabolites are metabolized in the liver and excreted in the urine. The dangerous metabolite of estradiol and estrone is found most often in people eating more of dangerous transfats, fewer of good fats (extra virgin olive oil, fish oil) and less of sulfur containing amino acids found in beans, garlic, onions, cauliflower, cabbage.

The normal protection against gene mutation involves maintaining good physiologic levels of progesterone and testosterone. Stress increases the cortisol levels which makes the body resistant to other hormones and increases oxidation which is at the heart of how DNA damage is caused by these estrogen metabolites.

Males develop falling levels of testosterone and progesterone as they age. At the same time the level of estradiol is rising producing estrogen dominance in elderly males. Men with low levels of testosterone[2] are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer than men with higher testosterone levels.

Estrogen dominance activates the oncogene Bel-2 while progesterone and testosterone activate the protector gene p53. In laboratory cultures of prostate cancer cells, breast cancer cells and endometrial cancer cells the proliferation of cancer cells is produced by Bel-2 and prevented by p53.

What Causes Estrogen Dominance?

Estrogen dominance causes more cases of cancer of prostate, breast and endometrium than any other cause. Common causes for estrogen dominance include:

  • Insulin Resistance Males with the highest rates of insulin resistance were compared to males with the best insulin sensitivity. When males with the highest insulin resistance and greatest waist to hip ratios were combined the risk of prostate cancer was increased by 8.21 times.
  • Stress Cortisol blood levels rise in stress which impairs the action of insulin permitting blood sugar values to rise and insulin to be less effective(insulin resistance).
  • Obesity accelerates estrogen production in males because fat cells convert testosterone and androsterone into estrogens which stimulates the growth of the prostate gland. Generally the more fat a man carries the higher his estradiol levels will be. To make matters even worse for males the enzyme aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen. This is less likely to occur when testosterone therapy is taken in cream form(compounding pharmacists make this)rather than by injection. This action of aromatase can also be blocked by extract of passion flower plant.
  • Transfats found in pastries and processed foods promote weight gain, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and cancer
  • Embryonic Damage[3] Excess estrogen exposure to differentiating cells particularly in the testes and ovaries between days 18 and 23 is common and important. This damage results in delayed puberty and infertility in males and miscarriages, precocious puberty and progesterone lack by age 35 in women.
  • Xenoestrogen exposure Males working in factories making herbicides have 9X greater incidence of prostate cancer. Exposure to insect sprays, outgassing from carpets, etc in homes also puts estrogen into the body.
  • Liver Diseases and Alcoholism Impaired metabolism of estrogens leads to excess estrogen and enlarged breasts in males.
  • Other causes for estrogen dominance include sleep deprivation, working nights in bright lights and trying to sleep in daytime, fluoride exposure from water and toothpaste, environmental estrogens(outgases from carpets and home chemicals), sedentary lifestyle, polluted air(vehicle exhaust) and hypothyroidism.

Can Anything Be Done About Estrogen Dominance?

The incidence of breast cancer in the United States is 141.1 and the incidence of breast cancer in Northern Thailand(Chiang Mai Province) is 13.7. Most of the males and females in this province consume a phytoestrogen herbal substance called Pueraria mirifica PM. This plant has a tuberous root which can be eaten. The plant appears identical to other local plants and can only be distinguished from other non-PM containing plants during the 2 weeks annually when it is flowering. Most of the PM being sold is misidentified and has none of the benefits of PM.

PM contains a valuable phytoestrogen named miroestrol. Miroestrol is similar to the safest human estrogen estriol. Miroestrol is 3000 times stronger than the estrogenic activity exhibited by soy isoflavones(genistein). PM has more than 1000 times the estrogenic activity of red clover. In addition to miroestrol PM contains substantial amounts of other phytoestrogens including daidzein, genistein, puerarin, and mirificin.

When miroestrol enters an estrogen receptor it modulates the effect on the receptor. PM supplements when the estrogenic activity is low and dilutes if the receptor estrogenic activity is high. Miroestrol has no effect on estrogen levels in the body as it only influences the estrogen receptor.

In a clinical study on menopausal women in Thailand miroestrol lowered hot flashes 11 fold and night sweats 4 fold within 30 days. Most women start to notice relief of symptoms within one week.

Approximately 70% of Japanese women taking PM noted an increase in breast size. This was more apparent in younger women than older women.

The dosage of PM in females was 2 mg. per kilo of body weight. In the first month of therapy for menopausal symptoms 3 mg can be taken. Each pill of Beyond Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT contains about 80 mg. so taking 3 pills would supply this. A U.S. woman weighing 70 kilos should take one pill 80 mg. twice daily. In the clinical studies in Thailand doses no toxicity was noted even in doses 2000 times the usual dosage. Traditional Thai usage has menstruating women skip the therapy during menses.

Therapy With PM In Males

The dosage in males is one half that of women (1mg. per kilo of body weight). Males have not noticed any increase in breast size. Both males and females in this region of Northern Thailand continue to be physically active and retain their black hair into their 80s. Elderly women have firm breasts and youthful appearing skin. Elderly men continue to be sexually active. Their memories are good and they have not been ill. One man in his 80s was surprised when asked if he got up to urinate during the night. He replied “No one here wakes up to do that.”

H.R.T. Plus

Dr. Gary Gordon’s company Longevity Plus has formulated a new sublingual product that contains Pauraria Mirifica phytoestrogen complex along with Methylcobalamin and Nutri-Folate which has all forms of folic acid.

Methylcobalamin became available in 1998 and quickly gained recognition for it’s ability to regenerate nerves. Research has shown that sublingual Vitamin B12 in this product Methylcobalamin MC was nearly as effective as injections of B12. Additionally protection can be obtained against the development of diabetic polyneuropathy, reversal of Bell’s palsy, improvement in chronic depression, reduction in the frequency of disabling headaches and improvement in neurologic conditions. This form of B12 has improved testicular function allowing some patients to again become sexually potent.

Some patients in psychiatric institutions have been restored to normal life when their B12 deficiency is corrected. B12 therapy can also stimulate return of normal growth patterns in children, Patients who are pregnant, using birth control pills and all vegetarians are at risk for B12 deficiency.

Deleterious high homocysteine blood levels are quickly reversed by MC therapy which may also help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, aging, cancer and arteriosclerosis. Folic Acid deficiency is very common currently. Alcohol destroys stores of folic acid. As many as 50% of pregnant women are at risk of folic acid depletion which can cause spina bifida, cleft palate, brain damage and impaired learning in the newborn child.

Folic acid depleted individuals are vulnerable to viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Nutri-Folate contains all the forms of folic acid including natural 5’MTHF. Vitamin B6 can reverse carpal tunnel syndrome, helps prevent problems caused by excessive sugar intake and improves utilization of protein.

The dose of H.R.T. Plus is one or two tablets taken sublingually daily. Swallow after the tablet has dissolved. This therapy provides the valuable estrogenic substance PM along with Methylcobalamin and all the valuable forms of folic acid.

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This product, H.R.T. Plus or the other P.M. product Beyond H.R.T. might help males shrink the size of their enlarged prostate glands. Both these products supply PM so they might help males suffering from enlarged prostate glands in view of the apparent lack of symptoms of enlarged prostate glands in Chiang Mai province. There do not appear to have been any published studies of PM in males at this point. I think that taking one or the other of these products for 2 months in a dosage of one tablet of Beyond H.R.T. daily or one sublingual H.R.T. Plus sublingually daily for 2 months might prove beneficial and is safe. Beyond HRT and H.R.T. Plus can be purchased from Longevity Plus 1-800-580-7857 and from Natural Health Team 1-800-416-2806. For part 2 click below.

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1, Lee, John Hormone Balance For Men What your Doctor May Not Tell You About Prostate Health and Natural Hormone Supplementation Copyright 2003 by Hormones Etc P.O. Box 84900, Phoenix, AZ 85071 (800) 528-0559 pg. 9
2, Morgentaler A, et al Occult prostate cancer in men with low serum testosterone levels.JAMA 1996 Dec 1;276(23):1904-6
3, Colborn Theo Our Stolen Future

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All disease arises from metabolic imbalance .When the underlying metabolic imbalance is corrected the disease goes away. If you fail to keep up the correction for the underlying metabolic imbalance (i.e. revert back to whatever created the metabolic imbalance in the first place), the disease will come back. This is called preventative medicine.