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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
September 19, 2006

There are many good reasons to obtain food supplies now. The United States has become a net importer of food for the first time in it’s history. Remember also that the major foods grown and exported by the U.S. are GMO wheat, corn and soy which are very deleterious to human health.

Controlled Weather Is Impacting Food Production

The U.S. government has been able to use HAARP technology to control and plan weather cycles for many years. For decades Russia has also had this same technology, which is based on the research of Nicholas Tesla. This permits governments to use droughts and flooding as ways to create famine and decrease population which is one of the key goals of the New World Order elitists who have had control of the U.S. government since at least 1913 when the Federal Reserve Banking System was implemented. This turned control of the U. S. banking system over to a network of international, powerful, private banks with strong Zionist ties. This goal had been sought since Alexander Hamilton and was attempted during the Presidencies of Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln. There is good evidence that President John F. Kennedy was trying to eliminate the Federal Reserve Banking System when he was assassinated.

Hurricane Katrina was not an accident. The area of massive destruction from western Louisiana to Alabama was most unusual. After very slow federal response some persons thought this might be a form of urban renewal.

Disastrous Agricultural Policies Have Damaged The Health Of U.S. Citizens

In addition, government programs for many years have been carefully directed toward lowering the quality of nutrients in the soil thus causing damage to health, shortening of lifespan and fostering more disease. Among these programs was the removal of the critical nutrient sulfur from the soil by forced implementation of the use of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium fertilizers. This was very lucrative for the large corporations making these fertilizers but it also paid big dividends for the pharmaceutical industry when health began to deteriorate. North American soil is now the most depleted of all the continents on the globe. This ill advised, but probably carefully planned, introduction of poor fertilizer has been associated with failure to provide trace minerals to the soil probably for financial reasons. Since human enzymes only work when the body contains adequate amounts of trace minerals the disappearance of zinc, magnesium, selenium, iodine, manganese etc. has led to more disease.

Selenium plays a critical role in good health as it is able to prevent malignancies and is a key nutrient which helps promote recovery from infections. Persons lacking selenium have a two fold increase in their incidence of many forms of cancer and are very vulnerable to all infections including HIV.

The Impact Of Higher Oil Prices On Food Distribution In The USA..

The rapid industrialization of China and India combined with declining oil production in several nations (Iraq, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Great Britain etc) has led to serious oil shortages and rapidly rising oil prices. Rapid construction of coal burning power plants by these two nations is now annually adding 25 more tons of mercury to the air. This will increase contamination of water and food in a significant manner.

Most of the worlds major oil suppliers are in the downward spiral of their oil production (Russia, U.S., Arabia, Indonesia). When Hugo Chavez turned some petroleum engineering positions over to military cronies Venezuela suffered a 15% fall in petroleum output. There is a real possibility that more middle eastern military conflicts will eventually lead to loss of all major oil production from Iran and Arabia. Both these nations have threatened to destroy their oilfields with depleted uranium explosives if they face a changed government because of outside invaders. These explosives will make these oilfields unusable for 2 billion years i.e. that oil will be gone forever. True prophet David Eels has stated that eventually the United States will attack and conquer every Arab country in the Middle East (yet to be attacked are Iran, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia).

Higher oil prices may ultimately lead to collapse in the delivery of food to supermarkets in major cities. Most supermarkets have very tight control over their inventory. Should replacement food and produce fail to be delivered they are emptied of all inventory in 3 to 7 days. Food riots in major cities might provide a good excuse to implement martial law which only requires a stroke of President Bush’s pen.

GMO Foods Cause Diseases And Are Unsafe To Eat

One of the very dangerous programs that has been instituted in the United States without any valid research is genetically modified food GMO. Huge changes in our food have been made by this new technology. A piece of DNA can be taken from one plant and spliced into the DNA of another plant. Even more alarming, DNA can now be transplanted into different species. Human beings are currently being exposed to new foods from plants containing pieces of DNA from bacteria, viruses, fungi and plants such as petunias. Naturally the incidence of allergic reactions to these foreign strange foods is rapidly rising. World famous geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho states that the insertion of foreign genes into the host gene pool has long been known to have many harmful effects including cancer in the recipient organism.

In the US, at least 80% of corn is now GMO. 80% of soybeans are GMO and 90% of wheat is GMO. There are no labeling laws so the consumer is unknowingly eating GMO foods. Widely disseminated into nearly every packaged food, fructose and corn syrup are certainly contaminated by large quantities of GMO corn. Corn starch, corn syrup, corn flour, corn meal, corn oil and maltodextrin (from corn) are present in numerous supermarket products. Five years ago GMO forms of rice, potatoes, squash, papaya, cotton, rapeseed (canola oil), tomatoes, peppers, garden vegetables and some fruit were already created. Surely this number of GMO foods has grown significantly since then. Remember there is no requirement to identify GMO foods when they are sold. In my opinion U.S. and Canadian wheat, corn and soy should no longer be eaten unless you are certain they are from organic non-GMO sources.

Calgene has a Flavr Savr tomato that blocks the gene that causes food to rot. When scientists fed rodents these GMO tomatoes, they refused to eat them. Farmers report that deer, raccoons, and rabbits will walk through a field of GMO corn to reach a field of conventional corn, which they continue to eat. Farmers have learned that feeding animals GMO corn will cause them to lose weight because GMO corn has a 20% lower protein content than hybrid corn. Eating genetically- engineered potatoes (lectin) caused rats to have damage to their immune systems, thymus glands, kidneys, spleens, and intestines. Chickens fed GMO corn in a 1996 study had twice as many deaths as the chickens eating conventional corn. Children in orphanages in India were supplied GMO wheat by Monsanto. The Indian government wisely decided to monitor the health of these children. Within a couple of months several children showed changes in their blood counts suspicious of early leukemia. This GMO food was immediately removed from India which lost confidence in GMO foods. My guess is that if an honest experiment were done with animals fed only GMO foods, they would lose weight and die.

The GMO soybean created by Monsanto contains genes from a virus, a soil bacterium, and a petunia plant, none of which previously had been eaten by humans. These gene additions made the plant resistant to the herbicide glyphosphate (Roundup) which can now be sprayed on fields in larger quantities than previously were safe to use. Of course, humans are now eating more glyphosphate than previously when they consume this soybean product.

The FDA states that genetic alterations may transfer new proteins from one food to another, triggering allergic reactions. Trypsin-inhibitor, a major allergen, was found to be 26.7% higher in Monsanto’s RR soybeans. A 50% increase in soy allergy occurred in 1999-2000. Soybeans are the most common GMO food and they became a top ten allergenic food for the first time. This new allergic problem almost certainly relates to GMO changes in soybeans which always were a food that needed lots of processing to become edible.

One of the most evil insidious aspects of GMO technology is the development of Terminator Seed Technology.This involves manipulation of seeds so they are unable to reproduce. Traditionally farmers retain seed from the preceding years crops to produce next years crops. When the Terminator program becomes widespread farmers will be at the mercy of Big Agra for the price of next years seed. To insure that this program has maximal financial benefit Big Agra is buying seed companies right and left.

Gene pollution lasts for an eternity. In 1994 a genetically engineered bacteria developed to aid in the production of ethanol produced residues that caused the soil to become infertile. New crops planted at this site grew to three inches and then toppled over dead.

Because pollen from GMO crops blow into other fields it will become harder to grow organic non-GMO food in the future.

All soy, corn and wheat that is not organic non-GMO should not be eaten. Nearly every patient with chronic illness has been found to be allergic to soy.

Beware Of Kosher Food

My idea that kosher food was carefully inspected and could be considered safe to eat was exploded by evidence that the kosher food inspectors are approving genetically modified foods . Obviously financial interests are taking precedence over integrity about health.

Ocean Algae Are Vital To Human Health

The depleted uranium bombs and shells that have been used in Iraq twice, Bosnia, and Afghanistan create radioactive uranium dust that is carried in clouds over great distances. When this radioactive dust settles in oceans it kills the algae which are the first link in the fish food chain. This will eventually lead to loss of the commercial fishing industry as the high fuel costs to obtain skimpy yields of fish will not be warranted.

As we progress further into the end times more acid rain will be falling on crops resulting in crop failure. Persons who foresee this and construct a greenhouse will still be able to have safe edible produce by using non-hybrid seeds.

Additionally, the algae in water are the source of 80% of the oxygen in the air. As these algae become depleted there will be a slow steady decrease in oxygen levels in the air. This will certainly adversely impact persons with heart and lung disease and will make all persons more vulnerable to new diseases because of the decreased levels of oxygen circulating in our tissues.

What Foods Should You Buy?

Before getting into what foods to purchase it is important to know that when martial law is implemented persons who have stored food may be considered hoarders and could be subject to arrest. For this reason food purchases should be carried out in a discrete manner so as to not excite suspicion by your neighbors.

The safest food to eat will be food grown on your own soil under your supervision. This requires non-hybrid non-GMO seed. Sources of such seed are Boulder Altan Alma Organic Farm 1-303-437-1288, Pinetreee Garden Seeds 1-207-926-3400 and Organic Seed Co. 1-413-926-0919.

Pesticides take 50 years to remove from soil. However, the use of EM (Effective Microorganisms) enables a grower to rapidly purify the soil by supplying the land with beneficial bacteria many of whom have photosynthetic properties. These bacteria are able to digest metals, pesticides and chemicals. This permits EM to renovate toxic waste sites.

Obviously you will need to avoid all GMO foods. Frozen food is fine until it’s shelf life expires if you have a back up generator as power supplies are certain to become unreliable. Some families may wish to add freezer space Use of more exotic grains such as spelt, buckwheat and barley should be of value in making baked goods and will provide variety to meals as long as they remain free of GMO changes.

Dried organic non-GMO fruits will be valuable. Canned tomato packed sardines will serve as a good source of omega 3 essential fatty acids and are nearly free of mercury because of their short life span. They also contain abundant nucleotides which are used to create DNA. Avoid oil packed sardines as they almost certainly will be packed in dangerous transfats. Freeze dried foods should be fine but are expensive. Buying the equipment needed to dehydrate fruit and vegetables could be a wise investment.

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Organic non-GMO brown rice and beans will be good sources of nutrition. Buying the equipment to vacuum pack food should prove very worthwhile as the removal of oxygen allows these foods to last for long periods of time. Learn how to sprout as the embryo plant needs proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and oil which sprouts provide. As the New World Order implements more of it’s population depleting programs citizens who have stored food will be more likely to survive.


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© 2006 Dr. James Howenstine - All Rights Reserved

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The U.S. government has been able to use HAARP technology to control and plan weather cycles for many years. For decades Russia has also had this same technology, which is based on the research of Nicholas Tesla.