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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
October 11, 2010

The volumes of oil spilled have been grossly underestimated from the beginning. Corexit 9500 has been a valuable part of the coverup because it binds to oil and carries the oil below the surface of water where it is less visible. The fact that Corexit is so toxic it has been banned in Great Britain and other European nations has been ignored in the USA.

Investigative reporter Dahr Jarmail reports that Gulf air is so laden with chemicals that it is possible to smell and taste the chemicals in the air. Symptoms produced by this toxic exposure include headaches and shortness of breath which have already been experienced by hundreds of persons. Patients who are known to have bronchial asthma and pulmonary emphysema are at great risk for a flareup of their breathing disorder when exposed to airborne oil.

British Petroleum promptly took several steps to decrease their liability. One of these involved setting up a research project to test victims of the oil spill who are having symptoms. This study has come up with two conclusions:

1- Gulf air is safe to breath.
2- Symptoms are primarily due to mental stress.

Naturally these two medical conclusions would limit BPs liability. In this setting serious questions need to be raised about the quality of this research.

Symptoms known to be produced by exposure to oil and Corexit include itching burning skin rashes with scabies like lesions visible in the skin. Nose bleeding and coughing up of blood can be seen. Another symptom seen in victims is internal bleeding which also occurs in dolphins exposed to oil. Reporter Dahr Jarmail related on Sept 17, 2010(Intel Hub Radio) that whole communities in Louisiana are experiencing vomiting of blood and passing blood per rectum.

Academic Issues About The Gulf Oil Spill

BP wisely planned how to escape as much liability as they could from their unsolvable Gulf oil spill. One measure devised involved offering professors in marine biology departments of Gulf universities monthly retainers if they refrained from reporting potentially deleterious material about the damage to gulf wildlife and maritime flora. As a consequence professors who published the truth about Gulf marine problems would face the possibility of receiving no support from members of their own departments.

Another aspect of this issue is the unfortunate seizure of all scientific research , papers and specimens by federal agents from qualified academics in the gulf. This has happened often enough to raise a strong impression that something very bad needs to be hidden in the Gulf.

Health Problems Related To Exposure To Oil And Corexit Will Be Badly Handled By Conventional Medicine

The average physician has never been exposed to managing detoxification as it is not taught in medical schools. Patients suffering from heavy exposure to oil, corexit, hexane, methane and other hydrocarbons are likely to be told by their physicians that they have a viral infection, bronchitis or influenza. Blood levels of Hexane were measured in Gulf citizens with symptoms and found to be alarmingly high.

It is only when large volumes of patients start appearing in emergency rooms that intelligent MDs will begin to think this appears to be something I have not seen before. Unfortunately some of these patients will end up being treated with prednisone or another synthetic steroid. The steroid drugs are good at covering up symptoms but do not solve what needs to be done. These patients need steady long term removal of toxic substances from their bodies to restore them to their preexisting health status.


Because of the massive numbers of patients who will need detoxification lay persons are going to needed to administer detoxifying therapies to other lay persons if lives are to be saved. Airborne levels of toxic petrochemicals already greatly exceed safe levels in many communities. In the current situation where airborne toxins added to highly toxic dispersant(Corexit) causes overwhelming toxicity the body scrambles to store excess toxins in fat cells throughout the body. In this overloaded situation a multitude of health problems can appear.


Beginning therapy with whatever therapy is available is wise rather than waiting for all needed therapy to get assembled. Delaying initial therapy solutions would potentially magnify the steady deterioration in the patients status. Therefore if all that is available is baking soda and magnesium chloride go ahead and start with them. This is potentially critical if the patient is known to have removed spilled oil without masks, had oil applied to the skin, or smelled oil in the air. Benzene is capable of breaking up DNA producing malignancies. Pregnant women should leave areas of oil exposure if at all possible as fetal injury is facilitated by oil exposure in the mother.

Important therapies to use in treating oil dispersant toxicity include sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, selenium, glutathione, clay, spirulina and chlorella. Minor degree of acidity can impede detoxification. Activated charcoal and purified water improve the body’s ability to excrete oil gases. Charcoal capsules are quite effective in removing benezene. The liver needs antioxidants to perform detoxification. Therefore, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, E, and glutathione precursors are vital. Glutathione precursors like alpha lipoic acid 300 mg and n-acetyl cysteine 600 mg combined with B, E, C vitamins, phosphatidylcholine and taurine are recommended by nutritional researcher Parris Kidd PhD.

Magnesium, selenium, and Vitamin C(Myers cocktail) given intravenously are valuable in patients with serious symptoms. Doses of n-acetyl cysteine 600 mg twice daily facilitate recovery in these patients. Zeolites and oral chelation with Essential Daily Defense facilitate removal of stored toxic substances(chemicals, drugs) and metals(mercury, lead, cadmium, iron, arsenic, uranium) from lymph nodes, fat tissues and liver. Spirulina and chlorella facilitate detoxification, reduce liver and kidney toxicity, and increase glutathione levels. [1]

Ingested clay is a very effective method of removing toxins which works well in oil exposure, salmonella and other infections, severe toxicity subsequent to growth of abnormal flora from antibiotic usage and nuclear fallout. This is readily found in health food stores.

Far infrared saunas activate skin excretion of toxins and could be used around the clock in a situation where multiple person exposure to oil occurs.

Relatively unknown is the fact that workers involved in the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez oil spill suffer from a reduced life expectancy of only 51 years suggesting that failure to detoxify and protect these employees with masks, gloves, etc. can accelerate their deaths possibly often from malignancies.

Can the Enormous Health Problems in the Gulf States be Permanently Hidden?

My initial reaction was that the U.S. administration would be forced to evacuate the residents of the Gulf states to areas more than 200 miles from the coast in order to preserve life. A tentative date for the FEMA evacuation was put forth as late August. My current thinking is that evacuation may be able to be avoided. Failure to evacuate guarantees that massive numbers of Gulf citizens will die from oil, hexane and methane exposure. Exposure to Aromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from oil are capable of damaging every organ in the human body.


The media plays a huge role in whether a coverup like the Gulf spill succeeds or fails. The media in the United States has fallen under progressively greater insider control since the 1880s. The Federal Reserve Banking System and the Income Tax were foisted on the American public with scarcely a whimper of discontent in the early 1900s. The media is now so compliant that numerous vital issues have never been discussed and never will be discussed:

President Obama is unable to produce a birth certificate and is certainly a Communist oriented devout Moslem.

Genetically Modified Foods have never been able to pass any safety testing which is irrelevant to such a powerful company as Monsanto. Fortunately Europe has retained its sanity and has refused to allow GMO foods and flouride products to enter Europe.

Toxic Chemotherapy Drugs and Radiation continue to flourish despite their inability to help more than 5% of persons treated with these therapies. Has the media ever said a word about this appalling futility of very expensive therapies associated with massive loss of life.?

Codex Alimentaris The food supplement industry keeps many US citizens healthy without use of drugs. This has now been terminated by President Obama by signing Executive Order 13544 on June 10, 2010. My guess is this would prove to be very unpopular so it may be hidden until after the November election.

Everyone in the media is tiptoeing around talking about a recession when the massive debt burden suffered by state and federal government combined with a collapse of the housing market, widespread bank failures, and enormous unemployment(perhaps 25% when you factor in those who gave up seeking employment years ago). In a true free market economy this can be resolved by permitting banking, business and personal bankruptcy to proceed unimpeded. Government bailout of insolvent entities prolongs the inevitable and promotes national bankruptcy with a valueless currency. Huge spending by our current legislators in Washington combined with a steady flow of programs from our president that are actually intended to increase unemployment insure collapse of the USA in the worst depression in US history.

Recent Gulf Drilling Rig Fire

In the early period of the BP Gulf Oil Spill warnings were issued that if the Gulf Oil Spill was not able to be controlled one of the dangers of an ongoing spill would be rising levels of methane in the air in the Gulf of Mexico region. Methane is known to cause fires and explosions when high levels are present. This appears to have occurred on September 14 when a fire was detected by a surveillance aircraft on a Mariner Oil Production Platform. All 12 employees were able to be safely evacuated. Fires and explosions can be expected to increase as methane levels increase. Eventually a complete shutdown of Gulf oil production appears likely.

Aerial Surveillance of the Gulf Spill

From the onset of the Gulf oil spill the Gulf region has been closely monitored by FEMA, other government employees, along with persons employed by BP. This caused the only sources of information about the spill to be obtained from federal officials and persons employed by BP. Flying over the Gulf area was forbidden. A major possibility for not permitting flying over the Gulf could be that the airplane occupants might see things that conflicted with the official story that all is well and the spill is contained. One courageous pilot and a photographer did fly over the Gulf. They reported seeing extensive areas of water covered by reddish oil along with large numbers of dead and struggling dolphins and some whales that were in distress.

What Is The Likely Outcome Of The Gulf Oil Spill?

My initial thinking about this issue focused on the thought that the severity of the health problems being generated by the oil injury to the health of Gulf citizens would lead to a forced evacuation of the Gulf States to save lives. A tentative guess for the FEMA forced evacuation had been set for the end of August. Since that date has long since passed I am not certain the government is forced to do anything. If the number of persons dying in Gulf States from illnesses arising from exposure to oil keeps steadily rising there is no reason to think this rising death rate would force FEMA to do anything. The steady increase in deaths will not get publicity, some people will voluntarily move away to a healthier state and the Gulf States will steadily have a lower number of citizens.

One of the goals of the New World Order is to drastically lower the world population by up to 90%. The Gulf Oil Spill fits nicely into this plan without the need to spend massive amounts of money transporting, feeding and housing 40,000,000 evacuated Gulf State citizens. Certainly more than 90% of those moved would be permanently unemployed as there is no significant new job creation currently occurring or planned for the future in the programs of President Obama.

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The steady elimination of foliage and inability to grow food consequent to oil and Coerexit damage to crops would clearly be likely to reduce food production in the Gulf states. However, this may occur at a time when the death rates are steadily rising so fewer persons will need to be fed. Whether oil pollution will become so bad that no humans will be able to survive in Gulf states is unknown at this time but is certainly a possibility.

Political Factors May Be Influencing Management Of The Gulf Oil Spill

A forced evacuation of millions of Gulf state residents could possibly be quite damaging to the November election results for President Obama’s control of the Congress because it would expose the media coverage of the Gulf oil spill as managed falsified information certainly known from the beginning by the President. This may be a contributing reason why no evacuation has occurred despite steady worsening of Gulf air quality.


1, Hanna H et al Spirulina species as a source of carotenoids Biotechnology, Vol 2, Number 3:222-240, 2003

© 2010 Dr. James Howenstine - All Rights Reserved

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British Petroleum promptly took several steps to decrease their liability. One of these involved setting up a research project to test victims of the oil spill who are having symptoms.