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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
November 3, 2008

For several years the pharmaceutical firm has made aggressive efforts to market the Gardasil human papilloma virus vaccine as a prevention for cervical cancer. The governor of the state of Texas made the administration of this vaccine to young girls mandatory.

What is the truth about this vaccine?

Natural News reporter Mike Adams has uncovered some interesting facts about this vaccine. The FDA has been aware since 2003 that Human Papillloma Virus [1] does not cause cervical cancer. The Gardasil vaccine is unable to eradicate HPV virus from women who have been exposed to HPV(nearly all sexually active women). This makes vaccinating all young women in Texas against HPV virus a very questionable decision.

To make matters even worse it has now been learned that vaccinating women with Gardasil may actually increase the risk that those women harboring a benign cervical HPV viral infection have a 44.6 percent increased risk of having their benign HPV infection converted into a precancerous state by the HPV vaccine administration. Thus women vaccinated with Gardasil not only receive no benefit those who were sexually active before the vaccine administration have become at increased risk for developing cervical cancer.

To summarize some of the facts about HPV and this vaccine:

HPV vaccine increases the risk of developing a precancerous cervical lesion by 44.6% in women .previously infected with a HPV viral type found in the vaccine.
HPV virus does not cause cervical cancer.
HPV viral infections are self limiting and are not a health threat to healthy females.
This valuable information about the etiology of HPV viral infections has been suppressed from public knowledge.
Allowing untruths about Gardasil to be disseminated in public hearings and planting fear have been used to promote sales of this worthless vaccine.

The Evidence for the Gardasil Fraud

HiFi DNA Tech was involved in manufacturing a portable device for testing for HPV viral infection. This company, to improve sales, needed to have their product reclassified as Class II instead of Class III because Class III category products are not able to be sold to the public whereas Class II products can be sold to the public because they are deemed safe enough for public release.

For 20 years the FDA had classified the HPV test as a test for cervical cancer. In 2003 the FDA changed its position advising that HPV virus was not associated with cervical cancer. On Oct12, 2007 HiFi DNA Tech sued the FDA to get their testing device reclassified as Class II based on the knowledge that cervical cancer was not caused by HPV infection .and therefore did not need to be restricted from public sales. The fact that the FDA had already acknowledged in a policy statement on March 31, 2003 that “most infections by HPV are shortlived and not associated with cervical cancer. Most women who become infected with HPV are able to eradicate the virus and suffer no apparent long term consequences to their health.” It is not the HPV virus itself that causes cervical cancer but rather a persistent state of ill health on the part of the patient that makes her vulnerable to cervical cancer. Repeated transient HPV infections even when caused by high risk types of HPVs are characteristically not associated with an increased risk of developing squamous intraepithelial lesions, the precursor lesion of cervical cancer.

This was not revealed when the public hearings over the need for mandatory HPV vaccinations was pushed by manufacturer of Gardasil. The FDA had known for many years that HPV was unrelated to cervical cancer but to have this knowledge disseminated during the hearings would have instantly made the HPV vaccine worthless.

The main push from the drug company has been that we “must save these young girls from losing their lives to cervical cancers.” The FDA knew when these hearings were held that this argument was phony but said nothing.!!!

Does the HPV Vaccine Actually Increase the Risk of Cervical Cancer?

Gardasil vaccine actually increases the risk for a sexually active woman to develop cervical cancer (nearly all sexually active women have been exposed to HPV virus). Women who have already been exposed to HPV from sexual activity and have positive serologies for HPV viral types found in the HPV vaccine have a 44.6% increased risk [2] for developing high grade precancerous cervical lesions after they have received Gardasil vaccine injections. This means that young women carrying a harmless form of HPV viral infection often get converted after HPV vaccine, into a more dangerous precancerous cervical condition. that can lead to cervical cancer.

These patients were made worse by exposure to a vaccine that contained a virus that had already infected them. Thus this evidence reveals that Gardasil increases disease in 44.6 % of patients who already been exposed to the same serotype found in the vaccine. This strongly suggests that sexually active women can become more likely to develop cervical cancer after taking Gardasil vaccine.

This information puts the state of Texas in the position where theoretically the Gardasil should be given only to young females who are virgins (sexually active females have existing HPV infections that may become more dangerous if given the vaccine). Questioning these young women about sexual activity may lead to sexually active girls denying sexual activity in the presence of parents or physician thus leading to HPV viral administration to a female with previous HPV infection who does have an increased risk of developing pre-invasive cervical lesions because of exposure to the vaccine. Thus females denying sexual activity will have an increased risk of getting pre-cancerous cervical lesions which can lead to cervical cancer.

To make this situation even worse the health officials that will be involved in screening candidates for HPV vaccine are heavily involved in promoting vaccine administration (They almost certainly have no idea the vaccine is worthless and capable of causing precancerous cervical lesions). Therefore the truth about the danger of cervical cancer resulting from the vaccine given to sexually active girls will not be given to these young women. This will probably cause an unnecessary increase in cervical cancer.

The FDA Is A Badly Flawed Agency

The FDA is administered by 12 officials. Three of these 12 persons are automatic appointments given to the pharmaceutical industry. If there ever was a situation where the fox is in charge of the chicken house this is it. It is common knowledge among these 9 selected officials that if they play ball with the drug industry they will be moved up to high paying positions with drug companies for their final working years. Very few appointed officials will have the character, with these temptations placed in front of them, .to make honest decisions. One can be certain that no one who had a healthy skepticism about the pharmaceutical industry would ever get appointed to the FDA.


It needs to be understood by the general public that the FDA is an effective arm of the pharmaceutical industry and has nothing at all to do with public health. Anyone who doubts this statement need only look at the record of scams condoned by the FDA:

1 - The original director of the FDA, Dr.Harvey W. Wiley, resigned in disgust when he realized in 1912 that pressure from the food and pharmaceutical industries was preventing him from abolishing nutritionally worthless white flour.

2 - Flouride was added to the water in both Germany under Adolf Hitler and Russia under Josef Stalin to keep the populace “dumbed down and easy to control.” There is scientific evidence that fluoride actually increases cavity formation [3] so the cover story about the virtue of fluoride decreasing cavity formation is fraud. Most US cities place fluoride in their water and this does increase the incidence of cancer by 10% when compared to cities not using fluoride in their water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified fluoride as more toxic than lead but less toxic than arsenic. U.S. Congressmen placed spring water in their offices when faced with the danger they might be forced to drink fluoride containing water.

3 - Aspartame excites and kills neurons along with causing seizures.. This toxic substance is now found in most packaged foods and beverages. Aspartame causes neurologic symptoms that mimic Multiple Sclerosis and brain tumors. These symptoms disappear when aspartame intake ceases. FDA approval for this dangerous substance was obtained despite some serious health concerns. by responsible health oriented experts.

4 - Monosodium glutamate MSG (Accent) is an excitogen that increases the appetite leading to repeat food sales and weight gain. This substance is added to a multitude of foods with no labeling. MSG causes Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, mimics neurologic diseases (M.S.,. A,L.S., Parkinson’s Disease, headaches, and seizures), hypoglycemia, learning disorders, hyperactivity, and Attention Deficit Disorder

5 - Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizer has made North American soil the poorest of all the seven continents. Poor quality foods grown from these depleted soils obviously damage the health and mental capability of the unfortunate citizens living in North America. This fertilizer was approved over strenuous objections by knowledgeable academic agricultural experts. Much US soil no longer contains the critical element selenium(cancer risk increases, infections spread).

6 - Genetically modified food has never before been consumed by humans. World famous geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho states that “insertion of foreign genes into the human gene pool has long been known to have many harmful effects including cancer in the recipient organism” The results of safety testing on GMO foods have never been released to authorities and the FDA does not require GMO foods to be labeled so the public is unable to avoid eating these dangerous foods..

7 - Salk polio vaccine was given to 10,000,000 persons even though FDA leaders knew that the vaccine contained Simian Virus 40 and other dangerous viruses which can cause leukemia, lymphoma, HIV and other significant health problems. Sloppy animal isolation techniques .were the probable cause for this problem. The whistle blower was admonished for discovering this important contamination because “it was beyond the scope of her job description.”

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8 - Federally mandated nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer has resulted in making North American soil the most depleted soil of the 7 continents tested. The critical elements selenium and sulfur are now missing from large amounts of U.S. soil.

9 - Codex Alimentaris, now implemented in parts of Europe (Norway, Germany), will probably soon become law in the USA. This will change valuable nutrients like vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, and CoQ 10 into drugs requiring prescriptions which will raise the cost of these valuable substances. This impending lack of less expensive supplements will damage the health of the American people. Supplement makers may be forced to sell .their companies to take it or leave it type pharmaceutical company offers.

10 - Vaccines cause major health problems(autism, 4000 deaths in children admitted in the first year of Hepatitis B vaccine{only 10 % of adverse reactions get reported. etc.}. Pharmaceutical firms have been exempted from lawsuits by Congress for vaccine damages which are common.

Health problems created by a malfunctioning FDA are wonderful for the pharmaceutical industry because they increase the sale of drugs.

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The drug company involved in the sale of Gardasil is caught in a torrent of lawsuits caused by the failure to warn the public that a widely used arthritis drug they had marketed was known to commonly cause deaths from heart attacks. This company has a sordid history of price fixing, tax avoidance, biopiracy, collusion with the FDA on how to discredit critics, purchasing negative evidence for its drugs and other activities that could be considered criminal in nature. Their product Gardasil should obviously never be given to any woman.

© 2008 Dr. James Howenstine - All Rights Reserved


1, FDA News Release March 31, 2003
2, FDA VRBPAC Background Document: Gardasil HPV Quadrivalent Vaccine May 18, 2006 VRBPAC Meeting
3, Howenstine, James A Physicians Guide To Natural Health Products That Work pg 76. 2008 Source Phone 1-800-416-2806

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Gardasil vaccine actually increases the risk for a sexually active woman to develop cervical cancer (nearly all sexually active women have been exposed to HPV virus)